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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


26 October 2008
Puchong Utama

A small gathering for all of d relatives..organise by d younger generation..
Ben is d leader..can say so..haha
a BBQ for all of us..
most of us were there except Kuen because he have to work..
around 30ppl there..
  • Yik family - 3pax
  • Ben family - 6pax (include 2leng lui)
  • Eric family - 4pax
  • Veronica family - 3pax
  • Yoke Keng family - 5pax
  • Yoke Ching family - 5pax
  • Fook Sang, Fook Keong, Fook Sin - 3pax

for this BBQ we spent rm651 overall..food & beverages..included beerssss...at 1st d teenagers plan to cover all d expenses..but since there were beers..so d expenses is out of budget bit..so

THANKS to the elders who paid..thanks for sponsored d beers..

each of us paid rm50 for all...even elders paid rm50..thanks to

  • Yoke Ching
  • Yoke Keng
  • Fook Sang
  • Fook Keong
  • Fook Sin

teens..pandai pandai la siapa yang bayar..haha..thanks guys..

this BBQ not bad..we should organise this kind of gathering once a while..we gather and chat..meet every1..dont want our relationship to drift apart as we seldom meet each other after grandma passed away..

realize every1 of us are growing..d kids getting taller..my cousin getting mature..my aunt getting older..as time flies human change..hope all d changes is positive..Keng gu is so worry Earn..hope d bad things that we scare will never ever happen..

4suk is so humour..when every1 looking at him and ask how come d fire grow bigger suddenly and he look at d sky..he make a look full of '???'..im sure he ask d sky..'whats that??!!'...thats my uncle..old dy but stil so funny..

4suk plan to open a shop maybe..a shop that sell dessert or whatever..he ask Keng gu do it..I totally agree..but Keng gu not so because she not interested in it..I love what Keng gu cooked..when they talk bout this..it remind me when I was a kid..stay with them..I always eat what Keng gu cooked..love everything she cooked..soup that she boiled..noodles that she prepare for us..cake that we made together..

Stil remember after I moved out from Cheras Mas..I stil will back there often and Keng gu will prepare nice dinner for me..she will cook tofu because I love it..she will make something special for me to eat..I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH~~!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


for the 1st time I go shopping with a very ugly attire..
t-shirt, short pant, rm3.90 slipper..haha

so ugly la..

went The Curve with Choi Ei..
at 1st we plan to go market after fetch mom to work..
mom say no need so mafan wo..just buy those BBQ stuff at Tesco..
so we lepak at The Curve, Ikano, Cineleisure

Morning both of us had breakfast at Ikano - sausage bread, currypuff, XXL fried chicken, mee sua
noon we ate our lunch with mom at Ikea - salmon, meatball, fish & chips

whole day walk walk walk...window shopping at this 3 shopping mall..kinda tired..but it never stops us..
from being EVE model..haha..
we tried many many dresses..
we love all the dresses..
plan to buy it..haha..
after tried all those dresses we camwhore...haha
but terpaksa stop..
we had to go Tesco buy groceries..for BBQ...

plan to buy this red dress

rm200 for d red..mahal..?

same dress..

Friday, October 24, 2008

Toaster * Vitagen


Toaster available at U6A1...every1 is free to toast their bread..what u need to do is bring ur own bread and jam..this is what we did in class today..there were 18 students only..others..ponteng~~ for sing k maybe..

that toaster is Keat got on graduation..lucky draw..he is so lucky..so he contribute to our beloved class..haha..he keep it in class..inside the cupboard..haha..kaya also..later I want to buy peanut butter and keep as well..

saw d bread and kaya.. ngek ngek

prefect also lidat la..biasa la..haha


big bottle of Vitagen

went Vitagen Factory with budakzz..Rainbow KinderLand budakzz..
there were 5 'big budakz'..
  • veronica (me)
  • choi ei
  • chee yun
  • hui siang
  • chee shen
After school 5 of us rush to the kindergarten..meet other kids..
Start our journey..eat lunch 1st of course..MC DONALD..I'm Lovin It..Fillet-o-Fish 1set..yummy yummy..not really full...but at least I can eat what I wish for since fall sick last week..

Lunch done..heading towards Vitagen Factory..at PJ..but the driver..bring us 'long gai'..make a 'big round'..Finally reach Vitagen Factory around 3pm..its late..

we watched a video about Vitagen..after that we went to the factory where those products produce..I had an economis theory here :

firma Vitagen mengamalkan intensif buruh..pengangguran akan berkurang tetapi..pekerja yang diupah kebanyakannya buruh asing..bagaimana pun..pengangguran di Malaysia tetap wujud walaupun intensif buruh diamalkan..

haha...that's what can I conclude..haha..after visiting the factory we back to a room and have some refreshment..a bit kedekut..they give each of us 1bottle of Vitagen only..jelly also a small cup..anyway..maybe there is lot group like this so they have to cut budget..

At least..each of us got a pack of Vitagen back home..hehe..overall the trip is ok..not bad..it just bit funny when 5 'big' children join a bunch of 'small' children..

kids waiting for Vitagen

Monday, October 20, 2008


Pengakap Titiwangsa ke-19
Owl Scout Group

suddenly found out that I did not post any bout my lovely SCOUT CAMPFIRE~~!!!!
I've 4got when..
but for sure..
im totally proud of this batch..applause~~~!!!!!!!
they won for sport day..2nd (if not mistaken)
they won d NGO..2nd (if not mistaken) ...really 4get dy..
they manage to organize campfire and did a GOOD JOB....WELL DONE~~!!!
they had a good leader..
  • Edmund Lim - TL (leng zai) for year 2008
and of course his back up..whole committee..lazy mention their name..pandai pandai know la..haha
yet..our pemimpin also very important..which is
  • Oliver Lim - Rover H dai dai lou (Edmund bro..sebiji)

thanx to them our CAMPFIRE is so successful..I do proud of them..salute!!!!

this is what they had build for campfire!! cool..


Upper Six Arts One
U6A1 aka 6AA1
17 - 10 - 2008

Darul Putri

Upper6 & Form5

A very grand day (should be)
but..held d graduation at a very ugly stupid cheaplak place
is so humiliating..memalukan..men-sia sui-kan
for me..
this year graduation is just a normal occasion..
I didn't put much effort in

choosing my attire, set my hair, make up
its so simple
OL theme..most of us..
me..white blouse - black skirt - black panty hose - white shoe
simple and nice..haha..
some so over..well..they just being special..
traditional costume..
sari, cheong sam..nice..not bad..as mentioned.."special"
not much photos i took..
just few..


graduation had passed..
I really have to study..
there is no more excuse for me to lazy..
I must study
from now on~~~!!!!!!


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Promise myself will study hard after Raya holiday..
but after Raya..d whole week I busy chatting busy talking in class..
busy goin out as well..busy watching tv busy on9..sleeping d whole nite..

in a week i went to TS for 3times..
-tues with siawwei
-fri with waihow watched a stupid boring show *flying of dead living*
-sat wit ewon miko zakee edmund then waihow mok they al..watched *the house bunny* nice show..not bad..funny as well..

everyday stay in class chat chat talk talk gossip..
hate it..
others always study and prepare for STPM but I stil relax..enjoy my life..OMG..
I should do that..study~~!!!

friday class had a gathering at Tan Cha Ok..not bad..
actually..it stil d same inside class..got their own gang talking..
who know nite ce ewon bh pm go out yc..same place again..
is ce who need ewon they al to accompany her..haha..
meet an old fren ma..which bh's secondary school fren..haha

saturday went to BP's house for jamuan Hari Raya..
aiyo..stupid la..they use toilet water to serve us...
they make orange juice..those syrup mix with toilet water..yucks..
but if I dunno I stil will drink it..so nvm la..

after that went to TS meet ewon miko..
long time didnt meet miko..she getting leng lui..
and at least v talk more than last time..haha..

today is Sunday...
after today..
I MUST start new life..
is a MUST...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Port Dickson


4th October 2008


4th Raya

Yi Xuan Bday

PD here i come~~!!!!!!!!
after delayed for ages..finally...d day had come...BBQ at PD...wakakakkakak...

Participants :

  1. Eu Jin (who plan this and bought those groceries)

  2. Terenz (driver)

  3. Kin Fon (driver)

  4. Danial (the singer)

  5. Julian (the comedian)

  6. Oscar (the noisiest)

  7. Nevin (the mat salleh)

  8. Yuva (the big bro)

  9. Peggy (leng lui)

  10. Veronica (me ar..cute lo..lol)

oopss..my mappet..swiss roll aso followed.. (^.^)

can u see d sea.. (guess not)

Its only 2gals..totally different with baobao gang..which alwax gals more than guys..here..alwax guys more than gals..clubbing yumcha also guys more than gals..used to it dy..if Peggy din go..im the only gal mayb..Jingle sick so cant join us..

guess who..

We supposed gather at Ejin house 3pm but..haha..malaysian timing..4pm we left his house heading towards PD..reach there ard 6pm..we find a nice location to begin our dinner..d BBQ~~!!!!!

Ejin bought lamb (think so)..chicken wing..sausages (should get more)..drinks..pringles..twisties..well..it seems like not enough..but..all of us quite full..and all of it were MEAT...it shows we are carnivores..hahaha..

BBQ damn waste time..spent most of d time on d fire..checking out d meat whether cook not..dun even have much time to enjoy and play..but I did enjoyed this trip..though din really take photos..at least we got some nice shots..only me&peggy..haha..

Ard 10pm+ we clean up the place and prepare back KL..its been a tiring day..at 1st plan for 'go kart' but it closed..next time maybe..

When we're on d way back..a bad idea suddenly pop out in our mind..make d tissue wet and throw to Terenz's car..it was Julian idea..last time he did once to Ejin's car..duno what brain & mind he got til he can think out this stupid silly idea..haha..

After we throw d wet tissue (we failed..d tissue doesn't stick on d car) ..Terenz's car member -Oscar Julian Yuva Nevin - looked for tissue to revenge..they are so funny...they dont have tissue in car..they want to revenge so they took a plastic bag and full it with water and throw..omg..if u can imagine d look when they open d light searching for tissue..is DAMN FUNNY..haha..

We reach KL at 12am+..so so tired..some of them went yc..but i chose to back home my body is so sticky..covered by sand..smoke..oil..omg..cant stand it..

I love this trip so so much...go PD for BBQ~~!!! haha...love it..hope there is another trip like this..i wana eat seafood..lets plan for it...Kuala Selangor mayb...haha...

oh ya..that morning i went to Hafiz house(5B classmate) ..plan to meet up some old friends..but me&kf left quite early..we missed d chance..too bad..nvm..we'll have d chance someday..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

19th Birthday~~

Date : 30th September 2008
( after 15days only got celebration from u guys )
Venue : Fun OK ( balik rumah )

  • Tommy
  • Aaron
  • Json
  • Leon
  • HowL (evonne's boy)
  • Kang (howL's friend)

  • Veronica (me ME me)
  • Ee Wei
  • Susan
  • Sook Yan
  • Annie
  • Evonne
  • Peggy
  • Lee Yee
  • Janice
  • Qing Yi
  • Yen Lee

1st time went to Fun OK.. nice place..they really have the back to the own house feel..got washing machine as table..got garden..not bad not bad..

!st time HowL join the big family..he damn smart..he ask his fren out to accompany him..

I love my fren damn lot~~~!!!!Even though just a simple celebration..but..they know what I want the most...waakakaa..this year bday present from them is...$$$$$$$ CASH $$$$$$$$$$....and Bday card..YLee bought me a cup..

we chat lot..bout our relationship..our past..Long time din gather and chat..love this kind of feel..Finally..we know 017 dy..at least know some bout 017..haha..

After celebration..eat..cake al those thing..we had separated into 2groups..of course evonne janice they al 1group.. we ourselves 1group..

Leon Json Aaron Tommy me Peggy YLee continue the nite with a horror movie..4bia..at the special 'hou zhak'..Peggy house..d movie quite nice..not bad..at least is those ghost horror movie..not those stupid damn borin movie..haha..

This year bday quite special..got many presentss..er...not really la..but got simple celebration from all..my classmate bought me 1slice of NewYork cheese..wHow giv a bunch of lolipops (sweetz)..Nyuk auntie and 'da pak leong' give me rm50 each (but i paid d damn maxis dy) ..mom bought me a pant..Danial baked a chocolate cake for me (damn delicious) ..mooncake from waikitz..keychain from sHsen..a hp holder from cEi..i tink thats al..