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Friday, March 29, 2013


The past make who we are now
So is either become better or remain the same
I hope all of us improving daily
Few times I didnt appreciate what I own
I give up because I thought I am not deserved to get good things
I give up by thinking this is not what I want
I give up for the so call better future waiting me ahead
I dont know how will it be if I hold on
I dont know how my life if I didnt give up

Behind this smile there is always tears
Behind this smile there is always hatred
Behind this smile there is always disappointment

But because of this smile I will continue to survive
I will walk my life thru all the hardship
Behind the rain there will be rainbow
Everything will be fine at the end
If it is not okay..the is not the end yet
Because I know in the end of the day
I will smile happily like this

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What am I doing?

Well my life is just so normal..
it may seems lifeless staying at home online and surf the internet
but I actually working..because I work from home
sometimes I still need to go out and work, just most of the time I stay home =)

and I do go for some training
it may sound sad but when lunch time
yuhoo~~~ happy!!!

My favorite dessert..
 So this is one of the most exciting part haha
lunch time and of course is buffet style
our training is inside hotel so the food not bad though
at least my favorite sweet stuffs always be there waiting for me to chew

and we have the chances the wear pretty pretty
doll up ourselves and enjoy the night
I have some pictures
and dinner beside than doll up of course food again~~~

 Allen & Doanne got recognition that night thats why they are so pretty and handsome
smart rite??!!
well, if I know them 2years ago I wont use the word so pretty and handsome to describe haha
because they dont look this good at that time
Allen was so so skinny!! He also having gastric problem for 15years
Doanne is slim but after gave birth to 3 princess she facing most asian lady crisis
having a big lower body which is big and round butt and thigh!! scary rite..

and of course they are so so different now as you can see
Allen look fit, no more gastric problem
Doanne look so pretty and she eat ALOT also look slim


Eric and Kym from Sarawak
they are nice nice people
all the way from Sarawak to Singapore to Johor just to look for better opportunity better job
lot people travel leave hometown just to have a better future
and yes they did get a job and work look well

just after they get this opportunity
they decided to grab it!!
They help people to become more healthy to change people lives
they just doing simple thing, keep it simple, have fun from it and magical things happen
instead wasting time travel to work between Johor and Singapore they choose to spend more quality time together in this business

Strike to the max when you are young

Kist was my senior in university
after graduated he didnt send any resume neither go any interview
and in this business for 1year 3months he already earning rm13k last month
crazy rite??!!
I really cant imagine when only I will be earning that much
graduated from university and I am so so lazy whom always stay home
I guess this is why I am in this business for now
if you ask me will I be working only this in future? my answer will be I dont know
but what I know is with me so lazy to go out and wake so early
in this business I actually earn rm5k last month
feel grateful and surprise..still this really happen

so if you ask me what am I doing?
I only help people to become better, change their lives in terms of health and maybe also improve current situation
help people to get their dreams come true
other than that, I stay home
surf the net
watch drama, series
that's all..

and now I have to think what am I going to do in the next 90days
I feel that I am so so lazy...
strive to the max when I am still young and capable of doing so
dont wait till I am old enough to realize I missed a lot of chances and wasted a lot of time

so to you who still young, think what do you want and make your dreams come true
also your family dreams of course
and if you think 'nah, i am too old to have a better life'
then you are wrong..if you want it..never too late to change and be better!

by the way, if you want to see how ugly was I and also the others before transformation..email me or leave a comment..
also if you want to know what opportunity i am talking about..comment or email me at 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reason or excuse

Sometimes...i should say everytime....
Every single time when I know something I did isnt right my mind wil rationalize it telling me why I do so
So that is a reason to explain why I did it
Or it just an excuse to cover why I do so?
Been telling myself there is no point continue doing so
And when I telling myself I am actually doing the thing I questioned myself
My life is not easy.
Everybody facing lot difficulties
I am not those who will spill all out
I am those who keep to myself and settle it then only complain a bit
To remain harmony I rather keep my mouth shut.
Many things I didnt say it doesnt mean I dont know or I dont care
I just hope that I wont know the ugly truth
I just hope that I no need to clean up the shit
I just want to know the final answer final decision
I just focus on what to do next and the honesty I will get

Hence...to me..
Dont find a reason to cover an excuse
See the ugly truth, digest it and make it better

Monday, March 11, 2013


If u know me then u will ask where u?
At KL?
Well until now I still always travel around kl jb..
U will think why dont i need to work?
Basically i am working already and not stay at home do nothing
It just that i got much freedom in my job
When i work i also enjoy my life
Last week back to jb
Consider went back to attend a handsome giving speech
It also consider work trip
But whole week i stay jb feel that having fun like a holiday more than working
Chit chat with people at De Green Hut
Go out for lunch and dinner although im on a slimming program

And last Friday is the best day ever so far
Sleep till noon and doll up myself bit
Go out enjoy whole day!
People always shout T.G.I.F right after finish work at 5pm
Then will plan where to hang out
But i started my friday once i wake
Went for lunch and movie and shopping
At my age..23+ yrs old should be working my ass out in the office
Or maybe dreaming where to hang out or what to do coming weekend but still stuck in office while dreaming haha
I can actually do it and not dream it

Wondering why am i so free?? Shouldnt i need to work? Where i got money to spend?
Thats the interesting part!
I didnt worry much about money when i spend
Because i really got a work and i can survive with the amount even more
Working as a personal wellness coach is easy..got freedom..
1st month working and company paid me rm2000 only
And 3rd month got rm3000 which mean increasement rm1000 in 2months.
Thanks God for the strenght he gave me to work and blesses from Him..
Last month is only the 4th month in this job company paid me rm5000!!!

Time freedom..health freedom and wealth freedom...

These are what im going to get now..
If u ever think of wanna earn some extra income without affecting current job email me at

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