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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Human himself is a walking problem

since the day I start working I had no time and feeling to blog
maybe because of those works that seems never done
maybe because of plenty problems and secrets I have to keep it myself
maybe because my life no longer that interesting that I can share more
maybe because I have no more chances to snap pictures and tell about it

I dont know I just busy and didnt blog
now take out some time and write how I feel after working for 5weeks
working inside a locked up place isnt easy
really NOT EASY
cut off from all the connection is was so so suffer for me
I never really leave my phone and didnt really leave the internet since got a phone

well everybody got something they cant stand off
something that always be a problem to someone
but for me..
problem is not because of a matter but because of human
wherever there is human there is problem
if want out of problem
then stay somewhere all by yourself 
but I dont think there will be no problem because we, you, me still a human no matter where we go
as long as we live, problem will be there waiting for us

it just depends how we can solve the problem 
how we can control our emotions
if you say dont want any problem anymore
sorry, there is no such thing
only thing we can do is change ourselves, the way we see things

Monday, July 9, 2012


I need to change
I need to adapt to new environment
make new friends, stay new place
hmm..not easy but need to do so..
I got no choice
a new environment a new me have to deal with all the changes
no matter how I wish I can stay like it used to be
how I owned what I got
how I feel what it was so on
I just have to let go and adapt to the new stuff, new place
lately feel that my life kinda boring
I need to find some new hobby, some new activity
today start with a book,
'Starting Over : A practical guide for finding love again, after a painful break up, divorce or loss of a loved one'
sound interesting or pity? it just a book I bought long time ago
is time to read and study about it
maybe I can practice what I read
guess it will be useful for everyone
If you want to know about it, ask me haha

well, if you dont know
I am doing my practical or people call it internship now
at Malacca..which organization? Penjara Sungai Udang.
YES..read again still the same PENJARA haha
a very good experience for me
many things many people I meet
and some stuff that happened
for example this morning, I wore a dress to work
and I have to go back which 1route take about 30-40minutes
just to change it and wear a pants
I just dont know what to say
embarrassing, ashamed of myself perhaps
what a new experience and another thing to adapt sigh.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


there are so many things I dont know
there are so many things other people dont know
but what I know is I want to do what I think can make me happy
what I know is I have to earn something I want 
things wont come easily
effort, hard work, sacrificing is needed in order to get something
there is no free lunch in this world
besides, no pain no gain
even if gained will not appreciate it too

but how much can we control when it is not only me who can decide
there are so many things have to consider when living in a community
when this place is not only for me but with others too

till now there are many things unknown for me
there are things that I cant decide because it involves others
as a future counselor
is time for me to counsel myself
is time for me to think 
I cant make decision
I dont want make decision

thought of the dayS