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Sunday, December 29, 2013

2days 1night at Port Dickson

A short runaway from the city and here we go, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
a place where there's nothing much to do, but it can be a relax local getaway
honestly, after been to Kota Kinabalu's island, there is no beach that can get my attention yet
I mean those that near to city of course, dont mention Sipadan, Lang Tengah all those
so Port Dickson, hmmm....beach.. well...sorry to say I'm not attracted to it haha!

Just wana go for a relaxing and short escape so PD is our choice that is the nearest 
waking up naturally not by the alarm clock just start my day nicely
first stop, breakfast at Hong Kee Dim Sum, Taman Connaught
my all time favorite breakfast. Of course after my Herbalife Healthy Breakfast

Just some of it. Not very expensive.
Start our journey at 12pm reach PD ard 2pm. 
Pass by a counter something like Port Dickson tourism center but closed. 
been Google tourism spot at PD but....nothing much so I thought try out luck at that information counter
and it CLOSED, well so relaxing those workers haha

check in our hotel
this is a most recommended place especially if u looking a place for team building
if you looking for sea view then this is not your choice, sorry
the design is special, nice, for team building I guess it will be fun!
there are lot activities there such as, paintball, horse riding, etc. Call up and ask =)

So I rented Tepee, which look like Red Indian Hut.
So special, but if you wish to have more privacy, dont think so haha as I can hear some noises from my 'neighbour' especially when I'm in the bathroom haha

Coincidentally both in Yellow
  It is quite hot during noon, guess is because of the design itself.
If you look for something new, something special this is the place.

Not very big but not too small. TV, water heater, water boiler, coffee is provided

Toiletries is provided too. So if you lazy bring it then is ok!

That's how it looks like. Tepee. Got BBQ also if u want
Few different type of room. Google it and choose the one u like =)
 So PD of course need to visit the beach rite, so dirty and we decided not to bath there, just walk along the seaside
There's Wellness Zone, we can try to open a booth there next time if with the Herbalife Gang haha

walk with me, shall you?

There are lot hawkers, a row of stalls..saw coconut shake and want to get it unfortunately, 
we didnt bring much money, after a slipper, a burger and fruit, few bucks left
so we can only have 1 drink
and when we decided to get it, we saw our favorite clams 'siham'
we only got rm5.70 hahaha when order food, have ask how much and count it
the feeling of no money, trust me, NO GOOD 
when want a drink ask how much ar air kosong? haha pity us
so thats our meal with rm5.30 in total haha

Go to PD Waterfront
I was wondering how it looks like, cause Google it and seems many things there
first thing catch my eyes, McD and Starbucks haha!
nothing special there, if you look for a city lifestyle can go there

Evening with love
 is dinner time, my all time waiting moment
as usual, did some research about what to eat or where to eat in PD
saw lot good review that restaurant, an excited feeling to go for it
unfortunately, after few times round or searching at the same place we cant find it where the address is correct
well, check again the blog or something it was years ago hahahaha!
obviously, it had closed down and change a new owner
it had changed to PD Restaurant

We ordered a vege, a dried Tong Poh meat, fried squid with salted egg and a sharkfin soup. Dont take so much of it as we need to protect them. 
Sharkfin soup..well..just bit only

Not very expensive and taste good
That's all for the day. Rest early and prepare for tomorrow =)

Breakfast is included which is very convenient although dont really taste good
because the resort is quite far from any restaurant or beach or shops
10 to 15mins drive. So plan your route nicely 
We passed by the Ostrich farm, considered we been there? haha

Next go to the Light House where we see from the photos, the view quite nice 
 grab ourselves an ice cream then start our long journey to the top!

How I wish it can be my shade

We are almost there!!
 The whole journey took 45mins, 20mins to go up and 15mins to come down
depends on your speed
be prepared to donate some blood for the beloved mosquitoes haha

quite excited when I see the Light House
where I finally reached the peak
walk a bit faster just to find the entrance and ta da.......look what it says

Have to ask permission??!! Forget it. 
Walking down all the way back to our car with a very fast speed because I had lost a lot of blood haha
Its been a wonderful getaway and we are heading back to KL before evening just to avoid the traffic jam

Google and lot people recommended this Curry Chicken Bun
is located at Lukut inside Lucky Seafood Restaurant. It is a corner shop, quite easy to find
Ordered a vege, taste good! Perhaps next time try to order some dishes.
Hardly finish this King bun

It just a simple relax trip, nothing much other than rest, eat, look around
runaway from city hectic life remind me of 
'take a rest for a longer walk'
indeed, I'm taking too many of rest hahaha 
December had been my holiday month starting with this, then Cameron and so on
so work from home is all I ever need
being a Herbalife Coach allowed me to do so
hence, I am so so grateful and proud to be a Herbalife Coach
helping people to lose or gain weight and maintain health make my job so fun! Love it!

If you wana know more about Herbalife, email me at

Friday, December 6, 2013

Diabetic no longer old people sickness

Diabetic is like a virus now. It used to be known as old people sick because people who had been diagnosed with diabetic and need to take medication to control it are elderly. But nowadays, the younger generation also had been diagnosed with diabetic and need to control by medication. It is normal rite for these cases. It not suppose to be normal. But why it had become a norm? Because of the food consumption I assume. 

It is no big deal having diabetic as long as we taking good of our diet and taking the medicine to control it. But if there is a choice, do you want to depend on the medication? slowly from  tablet into insulin? That will be a sad case. And we have to take care our diet so strictly. If we are born to have diabetic then we got no choice. But what about we create the disease? Yes, we created it. How? By food consumption, our lifestyle, our eating habit. 

Especially in Malaysia the food is so delicious and so many choices, yet most of it are carbohydrate, high sugar for example those kuih, rice, noodles, and a lot more. There is always public service announcement advice us to reduce our sugar level, reduce the rice. I did. I always ask for kurang manis for my limau ais but still manis. It is so sweet like im drinking a sugar syrup. 

Everybody know exercise is good for health. Everybody know exercise is needed, but how many really doing exercise? beside that finger exercise 'typing' in front of the computer. Maybe walking, walking to the office, taking public transport. We actually need more exercise. I never do exercise before this, but now, Im trying to do it a little bit at least 3 times in a week. A simply one will do.

Drinking plenty of water also important. What I mean is water not soft drinks, not coffee (especially 3 in 1, never), not juice, is plain water. Drink more water please. Eat clean, not to say totally cut down everything, cut down fats, cut down carbo, cut down this and that. We need each and every type of the vitamin and the categories. Just need it in the sufficient amount and quantity. We can never measure and prepare the meal ourselves in order to get what we need daily. It is not that easy like we prepare chicken salad we got the fiber, protein so on. 

Thus, let's make a change to body by changing our eating habit, our lifestyle. It is undeniable the delicious food always the harmful. Think again, we want eating happily in future or we want eat medicine like eating sweets in future? Making a change of habit is hard, but never want to change is harder in life. 

Start a change with a healthy breakfast. Herbalife nutrition is a good concept where I see it can help so many people. Dont expect to have a better life if we didnt lead a better habit. Ask me for more information a healthy breakfast.

Ahh..that's not my mom haha! That is my beloved Kak Wan. Met her at Larkin. Just because fate, she got to know us, she just simply believe it, magical things happened. By changing a breakfast ,leading healthy lifrstyle she is so happy, sharing her good result, her happiness to everybody, let's wait magical things happen around her. 

For more info, feel free to
Email me at veronica-yap@hotmail.com
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Too much

Most of the time u eat too much
Sometimes i talk too much
Most of the time i sleep too much
Everytime my laziness just way too much
What bother me most is im thinking too much
I dont know what im thinking it just an idea or what i wana do
I dont know what im thinking is really what happenning or just im thinking too much
I have no idea shall i proceed what in my mind or i ignore it
Too many times when that idea comes, when i had decided so, there is something you did or something happened make me stop from doing it
Too much consideration until i feel suffocated
Im no longer who i used to be
Im not the person whom i like to be anymore
Fine. Thats it. Im done.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Amazingly with Herbalife I can go to Bangkok!! Just because of Extravaganza, I can go to Bangkok with my mom. This Bangkok trip really awesome because I'm not only travel to 1 country, Thailand but 2 haha. First from Kuala Lumpur, I take bus to Johor Bahru. Had a half day trip there, bring mom to eat kuey teow kia (a  noodle soup) which is so famous at JB. Then of course rest a while. After that check in hotel and ready for tomorrow morning trip to Bangkok!

Early in the morning get ready and prepare ourselves. We will go to Singapore! wohoo... The airline, erm I had forgotten as this should be post half year back haha (sorry). Anyway, the airline really cool...the food is yummy-licious, the seat is ok, the best is which I never experience before with the previous low fare airline I fly with is there is a screen, or a monitor something for us to watch which channel we like, with the earphone. It is so cool!!! too bad im not sitting with mom, I wonder did she enjoy it. Hope she did.

The food, so delicious! We can order wine too. 

Wondering why I travel to Singapore for the flight? Just because I wana be with the gang haha! So my trip is
KL  >  JB  >  Singapore  >  Bangkok
I do enjoy it haha. Travelling is quite tired but I enjoy it. I love travel around, taking pictures, looking around. Importantly, open up my eyes and see the world, realizing how small potato am I, how big is this world. Sound sad haha lets make it another way. Looking at the world, the different cultural, the different places helps me to find out what can I do for others, what contribution I can give for others.

My gang. This is just a small part of it. Picture taken at Herbalife Thailand HQ

Well, the first day we arrived at Bangkok airport is getting ourselves a travel pack for our phone too! It is so not convenient without calling access or internet access. So there is some cheap deal at the airport arriving hall. You can choose any deal that suitable for your usage. So we got it and start our journey by check-in the hotel. We stay at Asia Hotel. Not bad the hotel. Near to the town and mall, the train just few minutes walking distance.
These are in the room but not free haha.
The room is spacious, and clean. 

So whenever go trip, go to have fun, dont bother much about diet, dont care about high calories because we have to enjoy the delicious and special local food, yet a Herbalife Healthy Breakfast still a must to keep us healthy and also maintain our weight and body for us to eat like nobody business haha! So morning of course a healthy breakfast, our herbalife aloe concentrate, teamix and shake. After that we will go to the cafe to enjoy our hotel breakfast!! Asking 'so much to eat, wont fat? wont double?' well this maybe will gain a  little bit weight and super full but I can enjoy the food. So have to beware of the quantity as well. The whole day I only gained 1kg, without Herbalife it will be dont know how many kg I gain haha.

The shake they prepared is just delicious!!

My breakfast set at hotel haha. Buffet.

So we go to Herbalife Asia biggest event which Extravaganza!! And of course we have our own leisure time. For dinner we get to choose where to eat. First night we walk along the street of our hotel and there are a lot of hawker. The food is cheap and delicious.For muslim is a bit hard to get non halal food. Need to find halal food. But not along the roadside because those are non halal. The pork satay, the sausages all just delicious. 

There is one special hawker and I love it. Is a pancake prepared by an Indian lady i guess. She is muslim so that is halal haha. The hawker is a bike with all her stuffs, her gas, her ingredients. Well those hawker are just moving stalls. The fruits also by bicycle. So special. Now get back with that pancake. There are various of flavors, you can choose which you prefer. I chose chocolate banana with egg. The taste is just amazing!! is a must try food!

Then there is this banana dessert, I dont really fancy it. I cant describe the taste, is like malays kuih those banana kerepek, sort of that. And there is also coconut ice-cream which is a must try desserts too. All those are just yummy..

Pancake. Banana dessert. Fried oyster egg. Pad Thai. Chicken rice. Wan Tan noodle.
Another night went to a restaurant near our hotel. Located behind of our hotel actually. Steak @ Smooooths the price is ok, reasonable and the taste is not bad. The smoothies is good! They have different of cuisine. If you have many people and many idea what to eat then can drop by this restaurant.

Hotel's buffet and pork leg by a restaurant.
 Now my post kinda upside down because I had forgotten which happened first haha. Anyway just let it be. Just remember those places will do. You can arrange your route later on haha.

Because some misunderstanding with a lady from Japan, whom also a Herbalife distributor, we have to meet up at Asiatique. This is  really a nice place. There have small shop lots selling clothes, bags, everything. There also have cafe and restaurant. And a very huge thing that captured my eyes! A giant ferries wheel!!!

i am from Malaysia

A huge attraction

Now, how we travel? There are few transportation in Bangkok which is very convenient. Taxi, tut tut cab, train. Taxi usually not by meter, they will set a price which is slightly bit expensive that the actual price of your distance. Of course is negotiable but dont too over, or else just ask them politely can it count by meter. 

Then another attraction is this Tut Tut cab where a very cute I dont call it a car is a bike, a huge bike haha. Dont like at it so small, a bike but it really fast. Bangkok is a heavy traffic place so if the traffic is heavy, or raining this ride, not recommendable because you dont want to stuck in the traffic inhaling those gas from the car or get wet cause by the rain. Driver will count the fare different. Sometimes depends on how many pax of u, sometimes depends on the distance. So do ask before get on the ride, usually, one ride, each pax wont around 50 baht. For the train, I had no experience it yet. When I try it,  i will share. 

Choose a nice decoration Tut Tut

Everybody know Bangkok is a shopping paradise. So we went to few mall, Platinum, Center World, Indra Square. I think Platinum Mall is really a must go mall for you who loves shopping. The things there are so cheap and nice. The quality is so so but reasonable at the price. Center World is a bit more pricey but of course, branded. Naraya is inside there. The biggest naraya. Everyone that goes in really come out with many bags haha.

My pretty mom

Lucky for us during our trip, there is a food festival and we can try so many different local food. Pad Thai, dessert and I really dont know the name. Mango sticky rice, salads, noodles and a lot.

Well, this trip really open up my mind as I see so many things. The food stall, those hawker, it is so easy to be found and people wont care much about the cleanliness haha..is a bit weird but so far so good, I dont have diarrhea haha.. 

I always want to go out of Malaysia, but I never really do it. Just because Herbalife I need to do it and no excuse for myself haha which is a good thing. Work trip I shall say but this is having fun more than work. Even if it is formal also having lots of fun. That's what Herbalife give me. That's the lifestyle. We work hard but we play harder. I cant wait for the next big event and it going to be Singapore!

Also because of Herbalife, own business no need to worry how many annual leaves I left, how many works waiting for me when I back to work, how am I going to apply for another trip or offday, just simply because I am the boss.

Feel free to ask me more about it. About Herbalife. About the business opportunity. About the weight management and about the nutrition. I am glad to help you. Leave a comment with email address, or just add my Facebook by searching veronica-yap@hotmail.com
This coke is cute right. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore

Guess where??

And yes! USS
owh..pity mr.Doidoi who cant join us.

Went to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) few months ago.
Its been a wonderful outing with kist's family
Celebrating Fathers' Day if not mistaken haha, June..yea..

Start the journey 
Universal remind me of my childhood, still prefer Disney but Universal not bad
if you like taking photos, please prepare a camera and enough memory space
there is so many places that can capture nice photos, nice setting

They just wana be muscular man haha

There is Far Far Away, yes, Shrek
There is Sesame Street, Transformer..
you wana know, you gotta go!

There's a new lost Pig
They selling a Turkey drumstick real big..the price, yea...quite expensive after converted. Better dont count so much or else a little bit hard to enjoy the fun.

The turkey thigh!!

That's my castle

I can spend a half day just by taking photos, and there are lot activities too, so a whole day for USS is a must, 2days also not bad.
Oh..be prepare to get wet, bring a raincoat or just buy there for an activity which might get wet.

At the entrance can get a map and plan your journey.
Our schedule is a little pack on that day so didnt really explore all
Do enjoy the setting and also enjoy the queue. To avoid 'human jam', go earlier or not during school holiday or public holiday.

Each theme got its own attraction, own ride.
A must go ride, Transformer. Really exciting!!

Space ride

the exciting roller coaster. kist doesnt like it! 

A fun happy day with the family :)

well, we doing this during weekday, is monday
for this day, some of them have to take leave, apply it from months ago
but for me, its a sudden decision.
Not because im not working, I just choose to work when I want to
just like Kist, he also.
we as a Herbalife Independent Distributor, we are our own boss
we choose when we want to work, how we want to work
this gives us freedom to spend more time with family
Be Your Own Boss (BYOB)

I started this international business so easy.
by getting good result, feel it and share with others.
and many people ask, own business? have to pay alot? massive modal?
well, not at all. or else, I cant do this business as I just graduated and owe PTPTN haha

want to know more? get some extra income without disturbing current job/studies?
email me at veronica-yap@hotmail.com
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