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Friday, October 10, 2014

Herbalife Nutrition is an International Business make Internatiional friends

Wonderful branding of Herbalife Nutrition
so many people looking for solution in finding balanced nutrition food to help them in weight loss or weight gain. Some looking for ways to get more energy and stamina.

Lucky me meet a lot of new friends because of Herbalife

Met Ayesha from Bangladesh at Sungei Wang roadshow. She been looking for ways to get more healthy and lose some weight

Met another few more new friends from Ikano Power Center roadshow
A lovely couple where Joy come from Sabah, the place I so in love with.
Joy always feel tired and have low immune system, and the boyfriend because of uncertain job and also lack of time, getting more chubby and fatigue, low energy
So I am glad to help this lovely couple to get a new level of energy 

During the roadshow went to get some snack and there I meet Zarina, a young girl who want to lose weight because going to get marry soon.
Happy for her.

And of course, Sri who also working there.
Because of her job, as usual, no fixed time for meal, stress, and no time for exercise
she had put on 5kg in a month.
She want to lose weight and want to lead a healthy active lifestyle so badly!!

All of them are so young, and no problem
because they know healthy is so important 
and lets walk along this healthy active lifestyle together!

Almost everyone of them change a new body by changing a Healthy Breakfast with rm8 a meal
last time you might think rm8 a meal is expensive, but now, rm8 some how is cheaper than a meal we had outside. 

And here I want to share a special friend whom we got to know each other from my blog!
Fiza from KK, the place i love again haha
she found me from my blog
She is the first person who reached me from my blog
well, I believe with her commitment, she will have very good result
She already lost 2kg is a very short period. Wonderful!!

If you want to be one of the happy young healthy person like us, 
whatsapp me at +601126265392
change a breakfast, change a body =D