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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Food I ate in Sabah

well..there's not much food I eat here..alwax d same..boring...sien..

everything is so salty for me..haih..
yet..there's something nice aso de..
b4 that..wana intro some frens..only bell is new fren..and same course wit me..


that's our t-shirt..and this our batik..nice?? ok le..they say thr's a big cockroach printed on it..

this is UMS stadium?? consider le..

and 1B got dessert..red bean paste al tat..and we often go a chinese restaurant..is wong kok copycat lo..haha..d food there not bad and mahal lo..

d food thr not bad le..

red bean..not bad le..

and..i had pizza..in 1B..sedap..kfc in KK..there's no thai chili sauce here..and i wont eat kfc so often because no thai sauce..

chicken soup..i wan mushroom soup lo..

tomyan duno wat..

look how cheesy izit..
nasi kerabu..in d library cafe..

a very delicous got hometown taste ginger fish fillet..sedap..at Tanjung Aru
wat else..here got kitchai ping..noe wats tat?? haha..is hakka translate..limau ice..hahah
here..sabahan chinese mostly are hakka..u can hear everybody speaking in hakka everywhere..

everything in sabah aso mahal..haih..
save $$$$$$$....!!!!

apa apa saje la..

well..since its been a long long time i din upload din post anything..
now..i'll vomit everything out...

1st- on9..kesian budak ni x dpt on9 slalu..
I cant on9 as I alwax did when I stil enjoyin my life in KL..
during those time in KL..I only cant on9 for week in a month mayb..
my days in Sabah..I can only on9 for week for d whole month..haih..kesian..kelian..
thus I cant on9 and blog and cant tell d whole world what i'm doing all these days..haih..
lets start now..b4 its too late..

Finally i step on d Kota Kinabalu street..on..last sunday I tink..
wana buy book..but end up..jux lepak-ing at KK..
check out where is Central Point (CP), Warisan Plaza izit..tink so..
Central Point is just like Sg.Wang..or last time d duno wat shopping center we went at JB..
den d 1Borneo I usually go is like..Pavilion mayb..high class mall lo..
den d bus station where we stop when reach KK is just lik Puduraya..lot bus thr le..d main bus station lo..and they got van called.. 'bus mini'..is a VAN..swt..
duno wat..haha

what else I wana burst out here..
got a lot of friends..but stil haven got a kaki yet..where are those fellar who can sot wit me..
cas&chloe got lot classes..different time..so we seldom meet up..yet stil meet up and sot while..luckily..
I brought along my blue nail color along..for sure..I use it la..but..
my course penyelaras say..we shud present our best appearance, professional appearance..
'lelaki..tolong warnakan kembali rambut kamu tu..HITAM..' omg..luckily din say bout gals..
once she said so..i hide my fingers..why..because..
quite nice hor..ahaha

I very very hardworking going church now..though i cant find any church I seen in KL..
but nvm le..stil d same rite? I duno..hahaha..I hope is d same..
I got lot assignment..but stil haven start doing it..
nex week gonna hand up dy..die rite..I hate that..
I duno how2 do and tat make me lazy to do it..
APA style la..this a that la..poster for assignment..wat the hell??!! gggrrrr...
now suppose doing my assignment..search what nervous system main componen..specific area in consultation..body tattoo in psychology point of view..my life span theories..so on la..lot more..
few pages website I've open..what's that..
msn..hotmail..facebook..tvboxnow..blog..yea..I'm hopeless..
btw..I joined sukan perahu = dragon boat and canoe..nice..
every saturday i can go to d nice beach and have fun..tats my ko-ko..
thanx god..evey weekend I can eat outside..right after church..at least I can hav some BABI food...haha

lets talk bout roommates..did I mention b4??
2sabahan, 1christian (kadazan) 1muslim (labuan)..1sarawakian chinese(christian)..
they're nice..al senior..al spks..haahaha..budak psiko..haha
i duno wat to spilt out dy..lot but..now..my brain..stuck..tat's all I tink..cincai le..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things I've done b4 UMS..

lately my post al bout UMS..how teruk is that damn uni..
and accidently ter-ingat I haven post many things I've done b4 my Ak5122 flight..

I know my uni stuff when I'm stil in Kampar..which means..17th June 09
so let me talk some bout Kampar trip during 17-19June 09
once v reach Kampar..got a uncle sambut our kedatangan..haha..ewei call him up for us..
den he fetch us to oldtown..we lepak thr for few hours..well..
lot pic but din upload..
nite got pasar malam..not bad le..very cheap for d lok lok

nex day..eat dinner..celeb syi's belated belated bday~~!! simple celebration..
and a day of walking touring in Utar..
19..ready bac KL lo..wait ewei bac from clas..
we reach oldtown earlier to buy things..and get some food..
at thr..I bought 2curry chic bread..1 on d 1st day and another on d last day..
not bad la..quite delicious aso..

so that's my 3days..actualy very panjang but I shot-kan...hehe..try check out those pic..

den I bac KL..tat nite..friday nite..yc with ewei syan they al..my baoz gang..few..some..at least got la..
hmm..thats al..den saturday sunday..
wat I did??
saturday..I settle something?? or stay home..nvm..haha
oh ya..go LowYat buy desktop..guess wat..my bro change everything when I'm going off Sabah..
sunday I go Puchong..look for aunties..most of them..man gu, keng gu, foong gu..
so..consider a farewell with them..

monday-wed..22-24 June 09
went Malacca A'Famosa Resort..
4 of us ni..munhoe,saibou,zakee&me..
haih...I tink u can imagine wheter I'm havin fun til d max not..
imagine d couple alwax stick 2gether..left me&zakee who busy-ing wit d camera..both of them jux hold their hands..walk here walk there..
me & zakee..camwhoring..U'll see d whole album is both of us..ahhahhhah

A'famosa..wat can we do thr..
waterworld..safari..cowboy..d fireworks at cowboy is nice..really nice..
waterworld..aiyoyo..teruk la..many closed down for renovate..
safari..ok lo..got lot animal..which rarely in zoo negara at setapak..
and I see OTTER..finally..hahahaha..from malacca to kampar or d other way round..haha

d room v got..nice..so so nice..is condominium..2rooms..
2double bed & 2 single bed..big huh..not bad..
I enjoy d room that we got..

wed noon bac KL..right after I reached KL..
I called up mom and ask her meet at JJ..wana buy something..
those my things..end up...buy boxer for bro..haih..nvm le..
nite..had a superb delicious dinner at DAIDOMON..at Great Eastern Mall..
with my kinddy colleagues..ms.low,ms.chai,ms.ong,oilai jie jie..haha
sedap la..delicious..u guys shud hav try..so so delicious..

so..after dinner..nite..suppose a nice farewell for me..
but..because I bac late..siewyue is so tired..
and they waited me for ages at TanChaOk..I'm so sorry for that..
so they went bac b4 I reach thr..and I actualy din go TanChaOk aso..ahha
ml,hui,syi,syan,leon come find me at MZ...they sos weet..so nice..
sudah malam buta stil find me..and leon got clas lo tml..haih..al aso got clas..kesian..
and tat make me love them more..

they gave me some doughts..and a book..and bottle..stars..paper..so on..
thanx lot..and that's my wed nite..end..

thursday...early morning wake..go skol..
a gathering & celebration for Pn.Caroline..how sweet al of us..that's wat she said..ahahha..
meanwhile..I bring my cert to endose as well..
so after d party al tat..I went maluri..settle my uni fee..
and I did my body check-up..
officially everything done..bac home pack my luggage

so nite..haha..prepare..ready for my MOS last nite..
same ppl aso..and my dear NEVIN was thr..
I tot he got duno wat quota..hahhah..but..me wo..ye going SABAH wei..sure out lo..
same to ej..3weeks straight go mos yet stil appear in front of my eyes..
terenz,wk,ej,oscar,nevin,jingle&bf,my beloved peggy..hehe..
miss those days wit u guys..
and guess wat..thr's a shot of me..ahhahha..in fb..check it out..thanx ej for tagging it..

friday..woke quite early to bac skol and take my endosed cert..
den go jj..buy sport shoe..bottle..some T-berkolar (mesti ada KOLAR)..which I dun hav where everybody alwax wear
settle everything..bac home pack my luggage..
last nite cant really pack cuz bz wit MOS..haha..
so pack pack den san&ml serbu my house wit Ho Bzai..
san help me pack..as she can agak I haven settle with my luggage..
ml..he jux lepak here lepak thr..din really help aso lo..
after ml&san..syi,syan&hui serbu..all help me..thanx guys..
and I rampas..or pinjam..or take or they hadiahkan some G-soft pens..eraser to me..thanx guys..love u guys..lot..
and syi come wit a Starbucks Java Chip..thanx..

so when time is here..foong gu arrived..
I go out from my lovely house..
my baoz escort me down to d red viva..they say bye..
simple bye..no hug and everything..mayb they noe im in hurry..

well..they got plan!!!!!
they go LCCT..and d most suprise is..KWEI INFRONT OF MY EYES~~!!
standing nex to me and say 'da kip' when I withdraw $$...
I really never expect they wil go LCCT because it really far..and d H1N1 thing..
but..I feel weird when at my house..why wana use my pc..den check bout map..
so I can agak they will go 'sung gei'..

but I really never expect kwei will b thr..really..so SUPRISE...!!!!!!
thanx kwei..thanx leon for fetchin her..and rush to LCCT..
and kwei's fren..thanx lot..it really mean lot to me..
so touched..my tears...jux 'doop' fell lidat..when kwei hand out 2letters from ewon&ewei..
so it means..every1..all..every single of d baoz wit me..
and they even bought a slice of cake..for my bday..
cuz they cant celeb wit me so..'earlier-bday' at LCCT McD..thanx guys..

so thats what I did b4 go in d plane..
my 1st time on plane..like mild roller coaster..
well..I think, I feel I've wrote this..but nvm la..
1more time with complete activities..my mos and everything.. ^^

Monday, July 6, 2009

Blur~~ pening.. @.@

well..this is 2nd blog for today..just now was so happy because thr's no class for today and tomorrow..
but now..I so scare..so worry whether I skip class not..
I really no idea..duno whether I skip not..
so now..I so so scare..but..wat2 do..bad gred den bad lo..
cant worry that much..

btw..my campus..BIGGER than Taman Midah lo..imagine that..
my hostel at west..school at west..aiyoyo..ask me walk..never~~!!
and..my roommates..3 of them aso seniors..
same school..psychology but only1 of them counselling....d others is industry&organization..
my toilet..aiyo..sumbat..
is lik a huge swimming pool..sunway lagoon lidat..or mayb sea for ants and insects..
when we bath..d water just stuck thr..so...
end up I stand between d jamban and bath...to prevent d water increase higher and float take place..
wat else I wana say..I also 4get..cincai le..after all..I got many time spend in this megalab..


classes should be start by today..but...
thanks to d SYSTEM DOWN thing..
english class for monday&tuesday is cancel..
meanwhile pyschology next week start because lecturers hav2 go duno where to check on seniors for their practical..think so..
so end up..now I'm on9-ing in megalab(insiede library)..which contains 500pc..whereby we can use up2 5hours..izit something I should be proud of??

so for today and tomorrow I'm free..but today..I wake and do lot of stuff..check on my schedule..
my tutorial and so on..so tired..letih nyer..
my hostel..I cant on9 lo..if wana on9 hav2 buy coupon..rm10 for 8hours ni ar~~!!!!
I'm gonna get a broadband asap..but $$$.sigh..haih..sigh..haih.. (T-T)
or is there anybody wana pay for me..so I can on9 and chat with u guys..anybody?? plx.. hehe..

I miss every1 in KL..
I miss chinese food...
I miss cars..my dear ml&leon's car..
I miss chatting in msn..
I miss my daughter -swissroll- & kaizai -dengdeng-
I miss my pillow..now I'm using d air pillow and hug Bzai ni..
I miss my bed..which is more tebal and nice2 sleep..

actually..not many thing I miss aso..
I just miss hanging with baobaoz...
drink with terenz they al..
just d ppl I miss..
movies and everything I can get in 1Borneo..it just I dont have kaki with me..haih..
nvm la..wana save lot $$ so I can get a broadband and update myself every moment..
till now..I stil waiting offer..some1 pay for my broadband..ahhahahah
it just ard rm100/month..come on..anybody?? haha..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

UMS system down!!!

hate ums~~!! useless ums megalab..omfg...!!!!!!!!!! very very geram...angry..pissed offf...~~!!!
nvm..sabar..sabar..4get it..dun so angry of those stupid fellars...
everybody wake damn early..go queue for courses registration..reach thr..everybody stuck at d door waiting it to open..
when it open..ask us Q..each school..they shud mention it earlier so others wont so miserable or wat..!!!
well...q for whole day...enter library..den say system down..please come bac after 2.30pm..
2.30pm reached..door open..again..q-ing prob..no q at al..jux seerbu~~~~
2nd went in..2nd floor..ready to register..again..system down..please bac home and do it ur own..!!
they shud tel us tat v can do it ourselves..damnit...hate it..i just hate it..
waste my time..whole day q-ing for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but..1 thing so so suprise~~!!
i met some1..long lost fellar..
BAHA..YES..BAHARUDDIN~~~..stil rmb? our form monitor durin f2...^^
he is 2nd yr student dy le..senior..bangga la dia..ahahahahaa...
hope can see him oftenly..rapatkan hubungan..ahahhahahah

and melvin foong..photographer from the agency i tink..not sure..
took my pic..ahahhha...i never capture by those photographer lo..i mean public la..
even school magazine aso less...so i kinda happy...hahah..perasan..apa nak buat..lol.. XD

this post jux cincai ni...some update..wana lepask geram because of..duno whose fault..kelam-kabut..
dun care le..i wana sleep le..99 world.. ^^