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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


New year, new resolution,new target, new me
Its been a year im with Herbalife and many thing happened
I still not so sure why I am still with Herbalife, but one thing is WHY NOT?
Since I'm doing a great job helping out people that wanted to be help, helping people to be better
Although many people would say, that's not a job, get a job, you are a degree holder, go get a government job, etc..
I dont know what should I do, but I do know I like the way I am now
guess is because they cant really see I'm doing good with Herbalife
Therefore, here I am going to list down what I want in this year
Told someone I want to go Sipadan by June, Maldives by December
hmm..if I put enough effort I believe I can!!
I want to buy new sofa, new tv, new fridge, what else..
ok..which means  I have to get 5 to 6k each month.
so I am going to work damn hard, no more lazy.
I can do it. I must do it consistently!!!
Work Harder now, then only can Play Hard with no worries.
Say it, do it! Deal!