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Monday, December 24, 2012

Body shape get better

I am so so happy!!!
I can wear horizontal line dress now
Erm..everybody can wear I know but not everybody look nice with it
And lot girls dont want wear horizontal line unless she is so so slim
And now..I dare to wear it
The best thing is...I wear S size for it..I got the body shape
It looks much better than last time haha
Chinese New Year next year wont so headache thinking what to wear.
Still remember last time buy dress or skirt must M or L size..
Sad part is my pants..is either L or XL but now i think manage to put on M size!!!
Happy happy!!!
Lose weight already and shape up my body is so happy and my slimming program not so suffer
If wana know more or look how fat am I last time.. Search me in facebook

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I am a person who willing to do anything to get what I want
If I cant get it, seldom let others to get it unless I dont like it anymore
Then I dont bother who pick it up
If that thing I love a lot and I know somebody wana own it..somehow I have the selfishness inside me
I will try to keep it with me eventhough I dont like it
I keep it just because I dont want other people own it
Such a bad attitude I got.

And lately im being nice trying to share what I owned, what I got
But realize sharing aint a good thing sometimes
And I dont understand why some people trying to reach thing that not belong to them

See..human is weird rite
Dont like it but never want to give people
Not belong to u but still try so hard to own it

Dear human,
Please be aware of ur abilities and do things u should and u can.
Dont try to do things that wrong and make u look stupid and dumb.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Slimming Program!!

Im on a slimming program for a month dy. Thats why I manage to lost 6.5kgs in 1 month only!!!
And importantly during my slimming program I am so healthy and so happy!!
I didnt eat less,no unbalance diet, still a normal meal which I didnt feel suffer sad or pity of myself hahaha
Just a slightly changes on my lifestyle but I can be pretty why not??!!
As people always say..

-There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman-

So I chose to be pretty woman although bit lazy but I serious during whole program so...no problem la hahaha

Below is the lunch I had just now..just 3hours ago.
I got add some oyster and some abalone slice too. Well not forget to mention my noodle is BIG which is add noodles hahaha!!!

And yes I look bit pretty because my face smaller dy not that chubby anymore..