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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Party with Hennessy Artistry

24 September 2011
Party at White Room, KK Times Square
who was there?? anybody?? share with me if u were there

me with my new top and the shorts belong to Cas..no idea I can squeeze into it haha

Cas and Chloe got the passes so they ask me
they kinda force me to go so I just go
reach there around 10.30pm that night and the crowd is just so so
btw, it is so simple to get passes to attend the event
blogger just have to blog about it
others can just register on FB

Pretty Cas..so the theme is The Global Art of Mixing
hence they have this new mixer come with Apple, Citrus, Berry and Ginger
I can only try the berry and it taste great!

see the white wrist band on Chloe's wrist?
the white band is for bloggers..special rite..and they have a special area for blogger =)
located at upstairs, and u can see the dance floor from there

there are 3 booth by Hennessy
1st is the slashing game..like fruit ninja
u have to slash the fruit (citrus, berry, apple or ginger) shown and the top 5 scorers will win a special edition something

2nd is the drink mixing place
there will be pretty lady teaching u how to make a nice cup
1st, she will pour the special Hennesy, the put in ice follow up with the mixer u want..stir it up then u can get ur drink =)
I only manage to get 1 cup of berry because no more free flow!!! around 11pm they had stop the free flow so sad..

the place for drinks..Cas taking those bottle's picture but I busy body perasan there haha

and the last booth is a place where u can make ur own music
is a very special thing..I dont know what it name haha
each round thingy will make different sound
u can mix it and create ur own music
special rite..

see..special toy rite haha..

these are the pretties that went to the event
pauline, cas, veron, chloe

these are the people went there..got to meet some new friends ^^

chloe, cas and janice
I've edit this photo..I like
oh, in this pic, janice: smell my armpit~~ haha XD

lighting in the washroom is always the best for camwhoring haha
the washroom is bit small and crowded so just few shots

pheww..tired after 'burn calories' inside there

well, the whole party event thing just nice
a bit disappointed because there is no free flow whole night =(

oh oh...forget to mention..Dj Reeve is super super handsome!!! I love <3

ok, the night end with small simple supper at Foh Sang..
the famous popular porridge no more available seat so try out at another restaurant
the prawn noodle is not bad
the shop is some malay restaurant I think, is located at the corner of shop lot near Yong Tau Foo resturant

tired night but still have to remove make up, do thing and that
and I only go to bed at 4.30am around 5am!!! crazy life I got but occasionally I love it

Saturday, September 24, 2011


went to island and the best present I ever get is
it just the next day of my birthday and I got the present nicely haha

ok..is bit weird in the auntie pajamas but I just want to show the burn ok..
focus on that =p

so people calling me malay gal because the red turn black

and 1 week later means today..
see what I got..

dont freak out..

ta da~~~~ is not some skin disease I got..
is the skin peel off..ishkk

how am I going to Hennessy Artistry with this!!!!
oh yea..I'm going partayy to night..
is at White Room, KK Times Square..

come come..let's see who will I bump there =)

Friday, September 23, 2011

1 year

any changes within 1 year??
what had u done in the past 1 year??

lets compare this year me and last year me haha

this year me with Garrett the delicious popcorn!!!

and lets look back to last year me..

ok..I prefer the last year me..
look younger..of course everyone grow older each year
but, I look prettier last year rite with the nice hair...
now my hair like broom..ishk...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fire of Love

nice rite..
Love only will burn out with 2people
just like this..
2 lighters, 2 hands

2 lighters with the help by 2 hands
is a symbolic to 2 people giving out, sacrificing, doing something to make the love
if only 1 people..it cant burn a heart out I guess
unless some supernatural power or something

appreciate when you found another lighter, another hand that willing to burn a love out for you

actually I just randomly crap some because I like the photo

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I got lot trips to blog
cant find the right feel or time to blog yet
soon..I will blog about it..
be patient and wait for it k haha

this is my first trip once I reached KL
Langkawi island with eewei and simyi

delayed delayed postponed blog since May

then will be Baobao Genting trip on August

follow by JB-Singapore trip with cousin and uncles during Hari Raya week

and few Baobao after cousin and uncle left

then will be Sabah trip, last week with saibou, puimun and I am the tour guide

Mount Kinabalu view from Kundasang

the special Mosque on the water in Kota Kinabalu

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sem 5

12 Sept 2011
start new sem in UMS
now is my 3rd year, sem5..I'm senior now!! hehe

I've change new room, new roommies
I dont like..is ground floor
I hate..everybody pass by my house, can see my room, what I'm doing, what's inside my room
I hate!!!
and my place is super HOT
the fan is so far from my bed
I'm sweating when I sleeping yday nite

no longer can wear this jumpsuit
no longer sitting in car going out like this
even if I got car to go out I wont sit at this seat
driver's seat I will be sitting
no more jumpsuit
only long pants, long sleeve shirt maybe

things had change..
a lot change here
I miss everything..
guess last sem will be my best, most favorite sem of all

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here (Lyrics on Screen) NEW FULL SONG

I wish you were here
things just a little different here