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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Labour Day.. 1st May
going camping at Tanjung Malim..
rover activity la..damn long din go camp dy..
kinda excited..hehe
but..kinda while din do any exercise and activity as well..
so..bit scare cant catch up later..
noe la..so fat..sure cant do many aktivit lasak den cant tahan...damn
anyway..I stil cant wait for d camp..hehe
so starting tml til sunday..u guys cant find me dy le..
I'm going camp..

and I wish 1st Kids Sport Day will go smoothly..
go well..everything run as they planned..
suppose go thr and visit my many many darlingssss...
but because of this camp I cant go..
so, I hope everything goes well..all of them enjoy d Sport Day..
ms.yap miss all of u guys er... T-T

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SIng k~~~!!!!

its been while I din sing dy la..
I wan sing ar~!!!!!
but everytime aso cant make it..
tis busy tat busy..
when Im workin they're damn free til can sing..
when I'm not working they're so busy til cant make it..
haih..why tis kind of thing happen wo..
I rily rily wana sing le..rily long long time din sing dy le..
I wan sing ar~~!!!!!!
alwax stay home make me wana sing more..damn..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Bday Eu Jin

sat, 25 April 2009

celeb EuJin 20th Bday at his house..
his bday on 28 April actualy..
it jux a small party lidat..wit few frens..
I tink he invited quit lot but they cant make it so nvm le..
bought a cake for him..SR Chocolate Indulgence..
hang out kinda gatherin lidat..simple celebration..

its been a while we din hang out together dy..
mayb all of us busy wit our own things..
yday was fun..met Danial, Jingle, Julian..those rily rily long time hilang diri fellar..
peiwern was thr too...she's cool..love hanging ard wit her..

sometimes it is so so so sad when
u like each other so much but cant b together because something is blocking ur way which no solution..
hate it..sad..pathetic..

last few adys worked in GreenPacket..
and work wit a lasy ass bitch..malay..
damn..she so lazy la..
I'm busy wit d registration and d visitor pass..
sometimes she jux sit thr msn, chating, facebook..
even got call aso duwan answer..mayb lambat jawab...damn..
she duno tat its very hard to get our line..damn..
when I surrounding by lotxxx ppl she cant ask and help me to call meh..
how come she can just sit thr and chatting ard..and look how busy was I..
and she alwax hilangkan diri..
wonder whr she go..
lunch took 1hour+..
morning late and reached dy she duno go whr..
she say pergi minum..
damn..almost 1hour took tat damn coffee meh!!!
she say nex week will change department..
she say sitting at d front desk very very stress wo..
I wonder how stress is she..
she jux do nothing and relax le..
summor alwax disappear..very stress meh..??!!
den how bout me..ggggrr...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GreenPacket * P1 w1max

well recently working in GreenPacket building..
GreenPacket at PJ..never heard of it..
well, so do I until I reach tat building I realize tat
it is P1 w1max company..sounds familiar..hehe..consider hq I tink..

as usual few days work aso receptionist lo..
but this time totally diferent wit d previous company..
d reception counter so 'lau pe'..'ba lia'..
and it seems boring for me..
mana la tau...damn damn DAMN BUSY~~!!!!!!!
OMG~~~ I can understand why d previous receptionist resigned..

its a big building wit many workers so it had lotsss call in..
those customer aso wil call in..gggrrr...
and d security thr aiyo..so mafan..
register dy den must hav a person inside d building escort them to d department they wana go..
so each of d visitor normaly will hav at least made a call to 1department...
damn damn mafan..and lot reseller come for training..
so they dun rily contact a person inside d office..and now..
who suppose to escort them up for traning..??!!
aiya..1 word can describe all... KA KA CAU CAU....

it rily so DAMN BUSY working thr..
escpecially today, though just 2nd day working..
but can u imagine..those visitor and contractor pass not enuf~~!! it means more than 100person in a time..damn..
den how u goin to register..? stupid security~~!!!

today ar..haih..
work alone during lunch hour..many call..many visitor..
I hav2 answer those damn call and registration as well..
how can I manage to do tat all by myself..??!!!

and I kena marah..scolded by a Datuk Siva I tink..
4get his damn name..
tat time I so busy and he wana find a person who only has his name and dun hav contact number..
and I hav no idea at all who tat Ronnie guy..so I ask him call bac later la..
mana tau he bebel dy..well..he hav d right to scold..to bebel..I cant say tat he is wrong..
but..plx la..call bac will die meh..aiyo..
summor I've told u tat he dun hav contact number..damn damn..
nvm le..work sure will face things lidat..

today I try to take bus bac home..tot mayb can save a lil..
but tat ce call and say today must take d timesheet..
she called after I get on d B112 from KL Sentral..
so I get down to Pasar Seni and try get another bus to her office..
after I press d bell and walk for few minutes..ce called again..
she say tml not my last day, fri is last day so tml stil can take it..
why dun she say earlier..haih haih..
den I waited for bus..for a DAMN LONG TIME...
no bus..end up I bought strawberry chocolate sundae & nugget from McD.. rm7.35
den take 62 metro balik.. rm 1.60
conclusion I spent more rm10 today..and time..
guess wat time I reached home.. 8.50pm ar~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
company shuttle bus depart at 6.30pm and 8.50pm ni I reach home..

bad day..bad luck..bad mood..haih..
now I realize this job rily stress..tension..tats wat d previous gal said..her resignation reason..

Friday, April 17, 2009


well..this is cool..

but its damn damn hilarious..thing that shudnt forget..so I jux post it..

and we can promote food as well...haha


this few days stay home..
boil Bleach..but d unluckily is once I finish load and ready to watch..
my stupid old damn pc hang~~!!!!
so I hav2 load again which I'm sick of it..
so change my target on boil dvd..hehe..

I wan eat sushi....!!!!
since d sushi king promotion ended..
why not lets hav a try at Sakae Sushi..
3pm-6pm..ard rm30/pax..buffet..
come come..lets go..any1 interested..??!!

2nd, I wan sing k~~!!!!
its been a long time I enter k-room..
but I noe lately they al got sing k activity,
so they dun rily wana join tat..
and everybody is complainng pk~~~

3rd, this is so sudenli..
I wana eat 'yau char kuai' with 'hong tau sui'...
duno why jux sudenli wana eat it..
den heard from susan tat hui wana eat 'guo chang' which remind me of tat..
and today is sweet guo chang..I wan eat la..haih..

so..this few days wat I've done..hmm..
nothing..eat slep watch..tats all..
oh ya..i swept and mop d floor..finally..hahaha

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thomson Reuters

2nd day workin and wil b d last day as well..
tis company is so so cold..
wat I mean is d air-cond and d ppl ard thr...
its so silent..lonely workin here...
even though is smaller company compare Mitsui..
but, Mitsui u can feel its warmer..
mayb they greet each other every morning..but here..
some of them is so lazy to smile..haih..

but 1thing I like here is..
thr's KitKat, drinks I can hav whenever I feel I want it..haha..
its time to hav a break with KitKat now..hehe.. xp
I tink tis time is d last time I blog wit company's pc.. ngek ngek..
nice view from top..


Sunday woke up so so early jux for scout
actualy is not rily scout stuff..
is gov stuff..they ask us help..
something bout eco-friendly at Planetarium..

we incharge of Treasure Hunt..
walao..m'sia is so so unfair..
d prizes is cash..and quite big amount..tats wat I feel..
d gov sure got subsidise..lot for them..
well..d planning..kinda teruk..haha
not so good..kelam-kabut is all I can say..thanx to Logesh for d trasure hunt part..
its been a long time din join any scout activity dy..
tis is a nice opportunity to meet peiyee, oli, edmund & nicholas.. ^^

normal rite..for tandas..

but..its a sharing toilet le~~!!omg..since when d gov so open minded

its rainin..we jux sit and nex min stand up and look for a better place..eat wit hand le..long time din do tat dy..

me&peiyee at d counter of Treasure Hunt



(we got tat white T for free..cheaplak)

Fast & Furious

last wed after pan mee at hang shen's mom thr..
we went movie at leisure mall..
Fast & Furious
its a damn damn damn nice show..u wont regret contribute to gsc fo this show

another show i watched last fri is..
He just not that into you
not bad..is a show bout love which is very true bout guys..
guys are bad..tats why peggy say someday she might b a lesbian..
and this show take 2hours..not bad..

sat had lunch wit ml & san
ampang yong tau foo..not bad..
after tat went JJ, maluri
I wana buy a blouse cuz my blouse looks..old..
but I cant find any nice blouse..
when I found it..out of size..damn..
so end up bac home with empthy hands..

oh..I bump wit waikit and shaowan
they're in car and saw me..so ngam..hehe...yau yuen

my sat not ended so simple..hehe
nite went out 'din-per' (dinner/supper) with ml at 118
plan Left4Dead after that..hahah
play til 3am lidat...damn
promise wana bac early cuz nex day got scout..
who noes..end up wit dim sum at Jalan Ipoh
lepak til 4am ar~~!!!!!
thanx to peggy cuz she miss me lot til duwan let me bac..
and supporting cast, ml & leon

btw..tat nite ewei so kesian..
haih..it make me wana study at kampar..haha
ewei got eye infection and it come so sudenli..
she she ask her damn housemate accompany but..
tat fellar..reject keep her company cuz wana study for monday test~~!! damn..hate her
luckily kwei is thr to help her..
if not..I rily duno wat wil happen to ewei..

my dear ewei..
plx do take k urself as thr's not alwax nice ppl wit u..
and to d damn housemate..
I hope that u dun get sick..
cuz if u fall sick, i'm sure my dear angel ewei will take k of u so good..
til den u wil feel very very shameful cuz u din reach out a hand when she ned it..
My blessing to u, damn housemate~~

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thomson Reuters

1st day working in Thomson Reuters..
an international company too..
as receptionist again for 2days..today and coming monday..
compare to Mitsui, this company..kinda small..
mayb they got another branch..dunno..
but d faci is better..thr's chocolate, drinks..haha..
because it is smaller..so I dont rily hav d privacy here..d boss jux behind of me..
and thr's no 'beep' sound when d boss come out..not lik Mitsui..haha

d work is much more to do..
courier..send and receive, answer call, mail..
at Mitsui, I only answering call and receive letters..
I've learn how2 send something at least..

and..I can on9 check mails, msn..haha
well..I can do tat at Mitsui too..
d monitor stil haven fix so I cant on9..
btw, I'm blogging wit office's pc..haha..

I wana hav a break with KitKat now..haha.. bye.. xp

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Old Memories

yday yik sent me few pics..
I was do suprise he send me those pics..
I had no idea I've took such pic..haha..
its a fact that i'm so cute, so adorable..since I'm a kid...haahah...
me & yik

da pak
jong*grandma*man gu*yoong gu*da pak liong

those mention + keng gu & gu jeong

this is few years ago..when man gu marry~~!!!! can c d bride..is my man gu..^^
look for me..hehe

Friday, April 3, 2009


1st, 2nd & 3rd April 2009

work in Grand Millennium Hotel Office Block
which is Mitsui & Co (Asia Pasific) as Receptionist..
this job..omg..kinda boring but ok aso la..
I stil prefer work in kindergarten though its much more tired working thr..
but at least..I can feel tat im doing something..
I miss each of every1 in 1st Kids...arrrggghhh..

btw..the toilet is damn damn high-tech..
mayb its an international company..or Japan..not sure bout it..
but..d toilet got a machine..i tink its popular in Japan..
it can wash ur buttock..dry it..haha..cool..

last day

my job..

2nd day

d toilet..wit a hightec stuff..hehe

3rd day
this few days go work aso wana make up..
my face..omg..teruk dy le..
but ok la..can wear leng leng go work..haha
but..if long term sure I'll borin cuz duno wat2 wear..haha

I wana find a job ar..an office job..any recommend...??


its been a long i din been to MOS
all of us busy with our works..studies..$$ prob..
d previous clubbing not tat nice..
cuz we went on Saturday..omg..all uncle auntie..cant tahan them er..
and its only 5 of us..just few of us..terenz, nevin, wk, peggy & me

this time same..5person..
MOS..tis time..drank lot..rily lot..
consider drunk..but not tat fun..
duno why..mayb d song..
mayb just a few of us going..
only terenz, oscar, brad(terenz's couz), peggy & me
after club den straight bac home cuz nex day got to work er...

after this time I dun rily hav d mood go club dy..
erm..mayb duwan drink tat much..kinda..duno how2 say..jelak dy..'yim jor'..

i'm waiting pics from Terenz le...~~!!!!

Qing Ming

bad things happen when Qing Ming ard d corner..
Fatt Chai's dad pass away cuz of cancer and virus infection..things lidat..

in jux 2weeks 1life had been taken away..bac to God..

he died on April Fool, 1st April 2009..same as 'kor kor' Leslie..
he is 63 tis year..kinda young rite..haih...ok le..better than he suffer here..

went to 'chor ye'..

met lotxx uncle auntie which kinda lost contact..
b4 daddy die, we alwax meet them..every forth night..
everything change, stop since daddy die..
we lost contact with them..we din find them dy..
and now..d feels change from siblings to strangers..

last time used to play wit kah mun they al..but now..we dun even say 'Hi'..sigh

yday saw them..mom was thr too..
talk chat with 'sai kei' uncle they al..
'sai kei' uncle rily is daddy buddies..
he say he got visit daddy and talks bout us..oh god..do he see us often..haha
anyway..I rily tink of daddy yday..
I so so miss daddy..damn miss him..
he left us for 12yrs dy le..so fast..and u wont realize time moving on..

tat day..went 'hang qing'..
bro din go..it rily pissed me off..I hate him cuz he din respect daddy..
anyway..these things make me miss daddy more..I so so miss him...
btw.. I've took lots pics during 'hang qing'..
daddy, popo& kungkung got new house wit 2new cars..and a dog name Fluffy..haha..
and as usual..we had party..haha..got 'siew yuk', roasted duck, etc..

Their new bungalow..
yik*2pak*Foong gu*ta pak liong

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Farewell to Ms.Yap

28th March 2009, Saturday
Earth Hour, 8.30pm-9.30pm

who is Ms.Yap..me lo..hehe

where am I during Earth Hour..
havin dinner with few Ms. at Pepper & Lunch in Pavillion

it was somekind a farewell for me..leavin 1st Kids..

I miss all of d children..
I miss each and everyone of them..
Stephen, Joelle, Chloe, Zong Qin, Boe E, Wei Ling, etc..
thanx to ms.chai, ms.low, ms.ong, ms.tan, oi lai jie jie..haha

31st March 2009

d primary kids celeb my 5months upcoming bday or farewell..
thanx to everybody..
its a memorable day b4 I leave 1st Kids.. thanx thanx thanx.. ^^

Aaron's 20th Bday

Aaron's bday celebration at Mu Jin Jang..a Korean Restaurant at Ampang
Serenjugahamida..*happy birthday*
Sarangheyo....means I love u..
Because we duno where to celeb so cincai la..haha..summor most of them haven try it..
It was 2nd visit..so for me..stil ok lo..
Aaron got his 1st Solo cake~~!!!!!!! congratzzz...haha
bought Amerinca Choc for him..which cost rm300..damn mahal tat 1/2kg cake from King's
not really pics we took..jux few ni..will upload once i got it..IM WAITING~~!!
Simple celebration from us..
# Aaron, Leon, Json, Tommy
* Annie, Yvonne, Veronica, Syan, Peggy

bought a bag & purse for him..d purse was a mistake..haha..
tat's why nex time dun ask me go buy it alone cuz I cant control myself..haha
after dinner we continue with a movie..
at Leisure Mall
Race To The Witch Mountain
nice show..not bad not bad..funny..cute..handsome..pretty..everything inside..haha..
after a nice show..kinda late but stil continue Left4Dead..hehe..addicted dy..wat2 do...
play til 5am ar..!! nex day stil wana go meet daddy, popo & kungkung lo..x tahan le..