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Saturday, January 17, 2009

FuCKinG Idi0t BaStarD !!!

today is my 1st day working at Isetan, KLCC..Is been a tiring day..damn tiring..fucking tired..stand whole day..for 10hours..damn damn damn fucking tired..I rily x tahan la..tot wana help mom duwan she so suffer..mana tau..I din help out much..she stil tat suffer..haha..too bad..

bac home..facing d fucking idiot bastard -y2j- = my bro..damn fucking asshole la him..morning I called him ask him to hang all those cloths..he say 'Eemm' (he is sleeping) ..den when nite mom called him again he say 'Got call meh..?!! where got~~!!' tat fucking asshole din even notice it..fine..so mom ask him hang it after d call, but when we reached home, he said, 'cloths haven wash yet~~!!!' padahal d cloths had been put in d bucket for 1nites~~!! he din notice tat..

when i reached home..he wana use d car..tot he goin out for yumcha wit his frens or wat..who noes..d pc is stil on, and tis is not d 1st time he left d house witout turn off d pc..I called and ask 'mana lu pergi?' and wat I get from him is, 'Wangsa Maju'..he is fetching his damn gf bac home..

I think he spend d whole day at home..tats why he din notice d bucket of cloths..and he wait mom just to send her bac..plx la..u dun hav car plx ask ur gf bac home earlier la..macam mana datang macam mana balik la..waste mom's petrol..not urs..d gf aso x tau fikir lo...wat time now and duwan bac home yet..shud bac home earlier if dun hav car~~!! fine..mayb I just hav d uneasy feeling bout 'them' cuz im so tired..mayb fetching her bac is wat a bf shud do..but..duno..duno wat can I say anymore..

we working outside so suffer..so tired and u hanging out wit ur fucking gf in d house looking d photos, movies mayb..and I rily wonder wat they doing in my house or d room when thr's nobody ard..!! stupid idiot bastard..I just hate him cuz he din rily tink bout mom..din rily tink how suffer is her how tough is her job being a mom and working outside..

anyway..I just hope tat tis stupid idiot fucking asshole know how tired are we..how tough working outside, being a mom..I duwana scold him or lecture him because he is grown up..and he shud tink of it..even I hope his gf tink bout it too..if she is a nice goof gf, she shouldnt gives trouble to her bf~~!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bad Day~~!!!

I did something which had made d whole world bad mood (tink so)..I think im over smart and busybody..omg..I duno ma..I tot I can help out..who noes wo..this is my fault..ok..I admit it and I accept if she wana scold me..she just angry and I tink it makes everyody (seniors) bad mood mayb of d complain..duno..and she seems scold d whole world..if wana scold or angry den scold on me la..why she seems lik hate every1..

If she rily cant control her temper..her eq damn sux..old lady..grr...if wana scold, wana melepaskan geram den come to me..dun make every1 suffer..I even can quit d job if u duwan see me..den I can lepas diri dy..good idea aso le..I no need work here dy and can go for a higher pay job den everybody happy lo..hahahah

I tought this week will be a happy week because I start my monday with a nice dimsum breakfast with nevin..den nite choiei called me because its been a long time we din chat dy..den tues end d date damn fast..mana tau..today wed..a sadday..it just d 2nd week of my job..if this prob cant settle, or mayb tat damn aunty cant 4giv it..I rily duno how am I gonna survive in this harsh situation..!!!!!!!!

anyway..dun care la..I sure can tahan it..sinz I aso dun rily fren yet with them..if I wana quit den it'll be nice..hahaha..if she continue her emo la..if everything ok den it'll be nice..hope everything is ok, go smooth..oh god..please make everything bac2 normal..haha...

Friday, January 9, 2009

1st Kids Kindergarten

I started my new job as a kindergarten helper on monday, 05 Jan 2008
1 word can describe my job



work from 7.30am til 6.00pm
is damn tiring job..d 1st 2days I reach home hav my dinner den went to sleep dy..cuz I x tahan..
my schedule.. >>

7.30am - reach thr wipe table prepare toys for 23budakzz
8.00am - budakz start their class, play toys with them, alwax go wee wee (wonder how many water they drank)
9.00am - hav2 keep those toys, wipe table again, prepare food for them, 'choo choo' train (toilet time)
9.40am - class time, everyday aso sing song, den colouring
10.30am - budakzz balik but not me, daycare time
11.00am - bath those budakzz
12.00pm - lunch time with those budakzz aso,
1.00pm - class time with 13budakzz
2.00pm - 'choo choo' train again before nap time,'tam' they sleep, i manage to sleep 30mins average
3.30pm - wake up, prepare tea for primary budakzz
4.00pm - class with primary budakzz, std 1,3,5,&6
5.30pm - wait their parents pick them up
6.15pm - balik..finally
this is wat I've done for the whole week..damn tired..because hav2 layan those budak..especially d 1st 2days when they stil not used to d environment..everyday cry cry cry~~~ wonder aren't they tired crying d whole day..morning and noon..
I am a teacher helper at d morning..a daycare helper at noon, known as 'lai ma'..a tuition teacher in d evenin..and a pig at nite when i reach home..haha..

but there is stil come cute budakzz in my class.. 4ceri..and some very very cute budakzz in daycare..
  • Chong Keng Wang : " I wan home~~wait mommy bac, daddy bac, bring ah wang home~~"
    # every minute repeat d same thing..aiyoyo..x tahan him la..he keep repeat d same thing, sudenli cry and repeat again his 'golden phrase' den he ok..he cry saying 'duwan sik fan' but he stil eat when u put near to his mouth..tis guys damn funny and bit handsome le..
  • ah Wang - watching Tom&Jerry..x tahan him dy..

  • Ng Wei Ling # she stick with me everytime..lik a daughter of mine..damn stuborn too..bit lik suk yu..when others kids stick with me she wil sad den jealous..wonder wat in her mind..

  • Joelle Soo # good gal..my favourite gal..she smart..mayb cuz she been thr since 3yrs old..listen to wat teacher said..understanding..pretty..

  • Chloe # good gal aso..small size cili padi..every morning will cry look for mommy but aftre while ok dy..quite talkative, same class with Joelle since 3epal..

  • Zhong Qin # a good bro..take k her sis al d time..but getting bit naughty now..yet a smart boy..once he said ' give me 5minutes ah~~ later gor gor come bac' ..he wana 'tam' his sis, he said so..

  • Rou2 & Zhong Qin
  • Xin Rou aka Rou Rou # alwax follw wat her gor gor do..she is a smart gal..3yrs old ni but she noe lot things..she wil sleep by herself..dont rily cry lot..mayb zhong qin is with her..

  • Constantine Nicholas duno wat # he got 3 nice name al in once..he is '7 sing zai'..quite smart..stubborn aso..alwax cry cry cry at d morning and 2days..now getting better and he so cute today..ppl ask him to sleep he say 'wait' showing d sign to d daycare teacher..he is just 3yrs old ar~~!!! btw, his dad kinda 'yeng'..hehe

  • Stephen Tee # he getting good..he dont cry on d 3rd day..wonder wat his parents did to brain wash him..haha..

  • Xiao Thong # naughty gal..but kinda smart..she noes how2 lie just to chec out her lil bro..alwax fight wit Wei Ling..and I do heard they say ' I duwan fren with u!! '

actually there are much more I can talk bout those budakzz..ming han & ming hui..damn talkative..Chuan Hng a slow slow boy..Yan Yi a quiet yet good gal..Veronica same name wit me..Abigail a fair gal..well, I just love them when they are cute and listen wat we said..hahahaahhahah

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bedtime Stories

went to watched at Cineleisure with Nevin & Peggy
I wish some1 can read me bedtime story b4 go to sleep..and of course i hope the story have happy ending and happen on me..If the 2kids, Patrick and Bobbi say some nice happy ending story for me den it'll b nice..I am happy with that..

and I found out a damn high class mamak..it consider a restaurant not mamak because..I think there's 2floor of it..with air-cond and lift service..aiyoyo..damansara..and d roti tisu damn long..need 3plate to put it on..

btw,..poor Nevin..kesian tat fellar..his car window had broke by some1..wonder what happen..duno which bastard did tat..to who did smash his glasss..watch out..thr's no blessing for u for the rest of ur life.. bad fellar..

Sunday nite..

1st day meet my colleage...haha..those teachers and helpers in 1st Kids Kindergarten..
I tink i'm d youngest..most of them are from d same church..so they can get along well..but me..kesian..if i'm from d church I tink, I wont hav d communication prob..anyway, I think I can get al9ong with them after a week..hope so..

seems thr's lot thing to do...is not tat easy..I hav2 flash bac al those song..I duno those budak song la..simple simple noe la..d rhymes but..d lyrics..haha..tak tau..
and 1more thing I hate d most..I hav2 reach thr b4 7.30..it just like going to skol everyday..hate it...I cant wake up so early la..and I lazy walk..take bus al those shit thing..haih.nvm..2months ni..I can tahan..sabar..~~!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


celebrate my new year eve with baobaoz...at ml's house, bbq..
though thr's not enuf charcoal but I think they stil have fun..I'll b more happy if thr's more charcoal cuz I can eat more lamb chop, tau foo pok, brinjal, tomato..oh god..I dun rily eat much that nite..

this bbq consider a gathering because I can see those long lost frens..chi yuen, jun fui, sara..Yoke fatt bring along his gf, kar kit bring hui hui, chi yuen just drop by while but his bf thr as well..many of us were there..unfortunately, leon, ewon and leye go paktor so din join us..too bad..if I got bf I also go with my bf..haha..

I've been standing nex to d bbq pit for whole nite..bbq-ing thr but eat less..haha..oh god..bit sick nex day..haha..that nite we countdown at ml's house..though cant rily see those beautiful firecrackers, but we can listen those loud sound..we countdown by ourself..haha..as usual, that crazy sot sot json, he act drunk..damn funny..and he even put some water in his mouth and puke it..others take it real and feel disgusting..haha..he is a good actor..me too..hahahhah.. annie also not bad..hehe

after bbq, countdown..everbody bac home..syi called..she too late..she should call 5minutes earlier den she got d chance talk to every1..too bad..thr were 5 of us who got nex round..we went to kinrara mamak, at sri petaling..sent ewei bac with new, light blue Myvi, belong to json's mom..haha..

that's how I end my life in 2008..with my frens..begining with a new chapter in 2009..
hope everything will be better this year..

1 Jan 2009

went MOS again..omg..it was damn empty when we go..mayb because many of them celebrate last nite..stil d same gang who went thr..but peggy bring along her couz..'sook kuan' (duno how2 spell it) ..and pei wern was thr too..she is a fun chicks..haha..

we dont rily drink much but stil enjoy I think..kinda less ppl..d dance floor u can move around.not lik usual damn crowded..cant even walk..well..d best thing is u wont feel hot and crowded yet bit boring..not used to it..

tis time our beloved ej stay with us whole nite..mayb thr's no gal..dunno..wk been missing most of the time..he went to look for 'mabel'..bad wk..wonder whether he got d cheating feel not.. XD ..we did something and it doesnt work..sorry bro..dun angry of that..4get it.. ^^

I tink that was d last nite i go 'pou'..I am no longer 'pou kar' after this..because I hav2 work..and everybody start working, study..so..I'm waiting for some special occasion..or friday is holiday so thurs we can hav fun..yeah..waiting for it.. ^^

btw..duno wy nevin alwax blanja us and pay everything for us..mamak, movie, laundry bar, mos (mixer)..terenz wonder whether he got cancer or wat shit, he wil die soon..so he wana b nice wit us..omg..nevin ar nevin..wonder why u alwax blanja us padhal u say u're pk dy..weirdo..