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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life is Unpredictable

Life is unpredictable rite..
Life is just something we cant control..
everyday we following d same routine..wake eat work play slep wake eat work play slep and so on..
it doesnt seems interesting, its not exciting, d life is just so boring..
dont u tink so..
u tink life will be more fun with some sparks and something special..
well..I agree wit that too..my life is just simple boring following d same routine..
I once wana make a change for it..
but do ever tink that changes that we made might not d good 1 because life is unpredictable..
u NEVER know what will happen next day, even next moment..
things can change within a minute a second mayb..

I knew a thing that I shudnt know..
thing that make me tink that d world is so unfair..
life in unpredictable..
life is just miserable for me because I cant control it as it control by God mayb..
do u ever tink that u wil b dead in nex minute..??
what is d thing u wana do most..??
who would u spend ur time with..??
will u tell d person u love d most that u will leave him/her soon..??
things written up there was few days ago..and today 30April2010 11.23pm
I continue blogging tis unfinisih post..
life is really unpredictable..it may be good or bad..
when good things happen u never appreciate it and u wil never notice how nice it is..
when bad things happen, even a single minor mini small matter u wil realize it..human only see d -ve side rite
few days ago got a very very bad and tragic news..
I never thought it wil happen in my life..
I tot this kind of things only happen on screen..tv dramas..cuz it damn dramatic..
I rily duno how2 react for d news I heard..
blank..no idea what to say, what to do, what to respond..
today..tis moment..
receive another latest news..damn damn dramatic..
u wil never ever get d lucky guess wat happened..
even I myself aso hardly blif it..unbelievable..
but life is unpredictable..
what u predict might not come true, things u wish wont come true so on..
from now on..
I scare I will never dream again bout something nice??
I scare I wont predict and hope how wil my future be..

Sunday, April 25, 2010


today is Sunday
yesterday was Saturday
and tomorrow wil be Monday

well so wuliao rite posting that...
I read my blog..yes..i read wat I wrote last year..
I rily wuliao nothing to do til tis stage..d max level..
found out that it was much more exciting more interesting wat I wrote last time
mayb because at home using streamyx
mayb because with Baobao so on got lot activities
now at Sabah kinda boring
not kinda is VERY boring compare last time
because lesser frens that crazy wit me
because d transportation d biggest prob for us to go out
because here doesnt hav d change for part time and earn some extra pocket money

is been long time I din write out wat I feel..
here..nothing much..
everyday doin repeating d same thing I guess..
clas eat waiting bus room on9 slep
meet d frens aso same..not much
alwax bell cas chloe..
mayb now wit meetings sife and church lidat
stil boring same routine

when getting closer wit some1 rily can see d person attitude
and thats d time we can noe whether tis person can be best fren not
how to deal with a person u dun lik tat much??
how to face the person everyday??
how to sabar and tahan wat the person do??
we hav to change our attitude our perception or change the person's attitude and perception??
is there some ppl who cant be joking ard??
izit the person so serious everyday every moment and so sensitive??
well shud I say I so bad..
I cant accept ppl who hav diferent perception wit me??
or I shud say my eq is low because I cant be able to accept the person??

lately kinda miss mom and bro..
wondering how they doin..
few weeks ago found out that bro didnt bac home almost a week..
so it means mom stay alone almost a week alone..so lonely
when she is so so tired bac from work and wish somebody can share her feeling
but thr's nobody home to share wit her..how pathetic
when thirsty and found out that no water dy and hav2 boil herself
when she bac home feel hungry and nth2 eat or mayb hav2 cook herself
when so damn tired and reach home but see a dirty untidy house

anyway..i jux nth to do so simply blog something
kind many things happen aso but I share it wit frens most of it
so din rily blog bout it..
when I can share and express out wat I think and wat I felt, I feel better
so no ned to blog lo..wuliao rite..haih..
wat another boring day
shud study but instead of study keep on9 doin useless unmeaningful thing haih..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exam-1st week

1st week of exam really killing me for almost whole week..
not really whole week just few days..
4subjects in 1week..
2subjects in 1day..

well..I should have use my time wisely..
always say wil study wil study end up..
I face booking and not facing book..

facing book end up slep on it..

this digi broadband really killing me slowly lo..
day by day nite by nite always on9..

and today this morning now I should be at Luyang
doing something meaningful..
because of msn fb-ing so on
I slept at 2 or 3+ and I overslept
bell call me then only I wake
so embarassing and I feel bad
I am so unresponsible *sigh*
sorry guys..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food=Gain weight=Fat

16 April 2010, Friday, Rainy day
d last day of study week..
d last day of hand in ethics assign too..
d day kist, cheeteng, ruite came kg.e to wash clothes..
duno why they chose a rainy day to wash clothes weirdo..
since rent car so I aso kacau along lo..
1st sent me to ppib hand in assign
den v heading to Lintas..
thought can eat dim sum mana tau reach thr d cleaner mop lantai dy..
it from 8-2pm ni..so imagine how late were we..
so change to eat 'sang nyuk' mee..
wondering wats tat..d name kinda nice rite..
is actually only a normal pork me..!!! ahahhaah

tis is d sang nyuk mee

18 April 2010, Sunday, Sunny day
as usual went church and took lunch thr..
once I reached hostel Cas sms and ajak go 1B..
d temptation omg..hardly resist lo..
so after wash clothes so on I went thr..
without lappy, indigoes stay room
I only bring book and notes..
lepak-ing at Starbucks whole day..
with a nice ice-blended green tea..

green tea-too milky-not nice

dinner at 'KamTong'..
I over9 at Cas's place so I do studied for my final lo..
though n0t much but at least did revise..

19 April 2010, Monday, Hot day
woke up den prepare myself for Sushi King Bonanza!!!!!

d 1st day of bonanza.. total of d day rm100
hav lunch with bell, kist, hachee & ruite at 1B
jux a short lunch den get bac to Cas at Starbucks..
she waiting alone and studying..
so we meet her thr and study lo..
not bad got study bit..
tues havin 2papers so once bac hostel faster study dy lo..
no more lepak2..
and thanx god..my digi connection sucks so cant on9
mayb god hear my prayer ahhahah..so I can study quite lot..

20 April 2010, Tuesday, Exam day
1st day of exam..
2papers in a day.
system and theory in psychology and ethics for professional..
not bad overall..can answer yet cant..ahhha
1st paper d system kinda mati but ethics ok la...
after a tough half day..
went 1B again for sushi king bonanza part2 ahhaha..total rm44

BitBit 1st visit to Sushi King

wit cas, chloe & bell..
after bonanza veda blu peppermint choc & rum raisin
I stil tink baskin robin's better..

after ice-cream went multi-bake for choc mousse and strawberry cheese
it looks nice and delicious..see it..

Chocolate Mousse..tempting rite..

Strawberry Cheese seducing rite..

looks nice and delicious rite..but it taste sucks!!! not nice at all..yuckss..

oh ya..introduce a new fren today
her name is BitBit..
she is cas's fren..
she is cute..today is her 1st outing with us
definately she wil join us in d future ^^

She is cute huh..

hmmm..enjoy huh..
coming paper on thurs and fri..!!!!
please pray for me..
and wish me luck..ahhahah

pray for us!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhaah

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Movie Marathon!!!

wat lovely exciting day...
morning woke up late and rush out..
yday rush ethics assign til 5am..is AM..
and I actually face indigoes for whole day yet I stil cant finish it yday haih..
this morning got SIFE audition for National Cup at 9am
thought wana take a short nap and wake for my assign then go for audition
who knows..as usual sleep and overslept..haha

suppose wake at 7 but end up woke at 8am
so faster settle and prepare myself and rush to d audition erm..interview I consider..
luckily there's bus and d board is late so none of us late ^^
d audition I interview for programme runner post..
though I would like to try each and every1 of d post but cant so greedy ma..
so go for d programme runner lo..

after audition as usual never back hostel so early haha..
1B is our favourite place of course..haha
went 1B ard 1pm..had lunch..my beloved McD double cheeseburger ^^
decide go for movie..
I wana watch Clash of the Titans so badly...
mana tau bell suddenly say duwan wo, she dun like this kind of movie
she say wana watch How to Train Your Dragon
and she kinda insisit so 3 of us so good sure teman her lo..
so v went for dragon at 3.20pm, hall 6

the dragon name Night Fury a.k.a Toothless

because I damn wish2 watch titans so I suggest we goin for another slot after dragon
and cas agree and support me..hahaah
bell duwan watch at 1st end up wit us too..hahhah
so titans at 5.10pm in hall 5

nice action movie ^^

after movie end, suggest again for When in Rome because cas wish to watch it
chloe wish2 watch Haunted Room but den cas never wana watch tat
so end up v flip d coin either Rome or nothin..
coin or mayb God said Rome haaahha..
never waste time waitin we get another show at 7pm, hall 1

beth & nick *romantic love*

omg omg omg..d ppl at gsc aso noe us dy ahahaha
and we so syok lo..
I was like damn high and excited hahahah
its been a long time I din do such crazy thing dy ahhaha
ok la now..play hard dy so is time to study hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Small suprise do works ^^

the auntie me wit chocs and lappy

when I am going to start d damn assign
WanRou sms and ask where's my room and something she wana pass to me
so I wondering what she goin to giv me..didnt care much bout that I told her my room num
I got bit suprise when see her w/o books or notes because she is my direct senior
she goin to grad soon so I thought she wana pass some books or notes that she duwan to me
her hand only got a small plastic bag which inside it is Ferrero Rocher!!!!!!
a regular box of ferrero rocher which got 30pieces inside..omg omg..
I was bit suprise she just sudenli pass d chocolate to me
well, I kinda know who gives it to me
and I was write..william bought it and ask wanrou pass it to me
they were having dinner at cafe just now
thanx william.. ^^
I hav no idea why u bought tis yet I really happy to receive it
especially when I am struggling with d damn assign
it really sweet..thanx ^^

it remind me of my 4 gold flower lol.. XD
b4 stpm ewon pakat wit ewei, san and syan
ewon say drop by my house to study mana tau drop by is not ewon but 3 of them
they brought fruits and lunch
they say I shud eat more fruits..
I miss u guys la..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Susah-susah Dahulu, Senang-senang Kemudian

after rain thr's rainbow.. ^^
does it looks lik sakura?? ^^
last month consider musim kemarau..
no rain..almost for a month..
it really so damn hot for a whole month and luckily..
God hears d prayer..roommate alwax pray for rain..
and this few weeks there's rain..
and I found out a very nice thing..
either UMS or outside
along d road there's nice trees with nice beautiful flowers..
I never notice d road is so nice
but now I do..because is d season..
d blossom season I guess..
d flowers just lik sakura..
and from this I learn that
d hardship that we face now will not forever and we might get better things in d future ^^
I will capture and upload when got d chance..
Sabah really a beautiful place ^^

Monday, April 12, 2010

Study week~~!!!!!

begining of 12 April 2010 is d study week of d stupid final...
I suppose doin my assign for ethics..
instead of finding infor for d damn assign I watched drama fb-ing with snacks whole mornin..
and now I feel sleepy and wana slep..
I woke at 10am..now 1pm wana take afternon nap dy.so fast hor..
haih..whr can I get d motivation d feeling to do my assign or read for final..
whole sem I really no idea what the hell I doing..
I went for lectures yet I cant focuss and know nothing for my course this sem..
haih...what's in my mind til I cant focuss le..hmm..

yday wana enjoy to d max and play til damn tired so I can concentrate and focus on revision assign so on today..
but yday din rily play til max cux I kinda do nothing except a walk and movie..'being human'
not bad la d movie..got storyline and d msg is dun b bad..be nice in everything u do..
hmm..shud I go 1B later?? I mean now..cuz cas they al are there now..
but I lazy le...tonite goin for dinner aso wo..how le..

please somebody let me know where can I find d motivation to study la..
and..how2 let myself concentrate on my studies??
oh ya..anybody can do assign for me..implication of corruption to 1msia concept..anybody?? hmm...