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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fat to Fit

So many talking about work out, about exercise, about gym, about getting fit!
Well, I cant be so outdated right? and Yes! I had joined the Fit Club at Damansara Utama for a month!
Gonna change from Fat to Fit
so question is, how about those who already fit? 
Then go from Fit to Fittest
there is never the best, only better than yesterday

Dear all, dont date me on Tuesday night because I going to exercise with a bunch of super lovely human
If want to find me then just go to Damansara Utama, I will be there from 7.30pm till 9.30pm
So what I am doing there for 2hours?
Well, I chit chat with friends over there, I burn about 1000calories there
is not really 2hours exercises, just I chit chat alot there haha

All the lovely human 

Some asked me, is it enough just an hour of exercise?
Hmm..it is enough for me as I had been doing 10minutes exercise daily at home so 1hour of hardcore *at least for me, it is* is enough

Their first time to FitClub

At the FitClub, I see a lot of people who really transformed!!! 
They look so much better than before
So if you looking for buddy to exercise together, join me, join us
why want to pay when there is a Free session =D 
If you around the corner, and got nothing to do, come and visit us
Our Ask Me How FitClub at Damansara Utama, same row with Baskin Robbins Ice-cream

My beloved mom. She look awesome? I want to be like that at her age  

Drop me an email if you interested: veronica-yap@hotmail.com
Follow me at 
Facebook : Veronica Yap Wai Ee
Instagram and Twitter : @Yapwaiee

Thats me after a month!

Friday, March 7, 2014

10mins easy exercise at home

Thanks to CNY I had put on some weight a little bit run out of shape
Now I really confirm those biscuits and food is so evil
So had been changing my breakfast and dinner to Herbalife shakes, having solid meal for lunch
Doing exercise just 10minutes daily
Which is very simple exercise
Drink plenty of water which our body needed, 6 liters, 4liters of teamix and 2liters of plain water
And..my work out is so simple
Crunches, side crunches, cycling in the air, plank,side plank
Well if you want to know more about it
Just pm me, my email is veronica-yap@hotmail.com
With this routine 2weeks I had lost 2.4kgs!
It really cool to have this. At least I still eat food hahaha
Cant wait to see my transformation.
My 3rd week is coming. Keep it up!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

女大十八变. Pretty!

People always say 'Dont worry, when she grow up eventually will be slim and pretty'
That is what people always tell my mom.
Because since little girl I am already very very fat.
By the age of 12, my weight reached 72kg!! Im only 156cm
Can you imagine how cute am I..
People always say I am chubby. Indeed, when I was still a kid.
When I go to Form 1, the word chubby should not exist anymore, FAT seems to be the correct description.

Start to lose some weight after join Scout
Thanks for all the walking from school back home.
Still, not pretty but not ugly just cute
I remember my weight always around 67kg 65kg
Then go to form6 put on weight again because Rovers no need marching so on, no hardcore training

Got into uni put some then lose some weight of course
Well, hostel..university life..one meal a day
Most of the time instant noodle, milo with crackers
Definately lack of nutrition so my weight dropped until 62kg

If you know me long enough for sure you wil remember how cute I was
Now, I am transforming
With great nutrition I lost 10kgs in 3months
Shape up my body, am able to wear M size pants now
I just feel better about myself

Now doing transformation
Taking care of my food
Doing exercise daily, just 10mins
80% nutrition, 20% exercise

I am willing to share more about my daily routine and meal
Drop me a msg or email at
Find me at Facebook, instagram, twitter also can

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vice versa

The world is round.
What goes around comes around.
What we did today, thats what we get tomorrow.

If you dont want that happen to you, dont do that to others.
This is fair. Dont complain. Dont blame.

Put you in their shoes, then you will know how it feel.
No matter how tough now, smile and go through it because the next moment might gonna change everything.