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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I want trip!

in the middle of reading instead of studying for tomorrow's paper
and out of a sudden I wish to go for a trip
I want to sit in car and snap a lot of photos...
I want to have tonnes of photos with friends..
I want to sit inside car with nice outfit and my Gucci shade..
I want to bring Bzai out too!!

well..this is the photo that we took when we're on our way to Bukit Tinggi!!

I miss my necklace which it fell off at Gaya..
it was my 21st bday present..
am sorry and feel bad for my cousins..

I suppose to focus on my exams and books rite..
this is not the thing or place I should be..
but out of a sudden I wish to go for a trip so badly..

oh..another thing
I am broke...
officially broke..bought a gel eyeliner
should not have buy it because I should know I am not allowed to do so
but I had bought it and I am so so regret..
if not I can save up rm40 for this week meals..
now everyday I only can eat noodles or foods that I had bought previously
am so so poor..and trip pop out in my mind haha weirdo..I am..hehe

good luck in exam..
for me, myself, I and also others of course..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Final starting tomorrow

hahahaha.. such a serious title stating final exam starting tomorrow but a McD photo pop out..
today is Sunday, btw Happy Easter Day ^^

went McD at Likas, the Shell station there after church
plan to study there until evening because yesterday super hot
cant stand the hot hence have this crazy idea study at McD with free flow coke
but is too noisy there because today is Sunday..holiday..and kinda oily where our seat near the kitchen

no choice..change another destination to study..no more free flow coke~~
back UMS library and though it will be cold as usual
who know..ishk..super hot la..
there's no aircond at all!!! super hot..hotter than McD..
luckily it rain..if not I bet it will more hot than now..

tomorrow is the first day of my final..hmm..
spanish..kinda scary though..this sem what we learned kinda lesser compare previous sem
like nothing to read or I dont know which should I read..hmm..

anyway..hope everybody is prepared and ready for this challenge
not only spanish but the whole exam thingy
all the best to those who having exam ^^

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I wonder why called it Good Friday..
is a day that Jesus die for us..
a day that Jesus sacrifice himself..
a day that Jesus suffer a lot..
a day that Jesus being tortured..
people called it Good Friday because..
it suppose to be Holy Friday..but end up dont know how and why become Good Friday..
if Holy Friday still ok la..since is a holy day for Jesus sacrifice himself for us..
anyway..thanks Jesus because for His almighty love
thanks Jesus for sacrifice himself to redeem our sins..

now..back to my life here..

study week is NOT study week!!!!!!!!
end up with RELAX week
ishk!!!!!!!! hate it..
whole week I end up with sleep..hanging out..movies..assignment
and of course wasting money too!!!!
I am super poor now..my oh my...sad la..
today is Friday already and tomorrow will be Saturday and Sunday and
Monday is Spanish paper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so fast!!!!

hmm..found out a friend of mine had couple..wao wao wao
and that is so so super surprised me!!!
because my friend just out of a sudden say in a relationship..hmm
congratz anyway.. ^^

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

damn it

now i am so so depress with the damn assign..
really no idea who the hell and how to do the damn thing..
never had a problem in doing assign till this level
which will make me cry and depress...
ok..my knowledge is limited..my fault rite..
and now i cant say anything no more complaining and focus my work..
i wonder how they do it..i totally no idea how to do it...
cant just give it a damn because it is so important..
cant just say fuck it..who care because not only me..
after headache for whole day and night..and now have to face the same problem it..what the hell

Stupid Hacker

I wonder why there is people who so free got nothing to do and hack others account
yesterday suddenly my msn showed I signing in 2 different places
and the idiot is B*K* duno what..
after that tat bastard using my friend's account to tell me that he/she is hacker and asked me to listen to what he/she said
crazy!! I have the urge want to scold crazy or fuck off
but I didnt do it because I will never know what the bastard might be able to do if I scold..

and this morning I found out that 2 of my friends also having the same problem
that bastard hacked our account then change the password

I have lots of photos and files inside there..
and it is so so important because there's my assignment, my notes and everything which is kinda P&C
I wonder why so so wu liao..nothing to do..ishkk...hate it..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MAPS coming up next

went for Kg.E dinner last sunday
not bad with Indian costume hehe..
especially the color..I love..hehe

went for a hair dressing..
sarah's friend and it is so cheap..
I like too..make me looks better ^^

now week14..
many things have to hand in many things have to do
but I still nanti nanti..
lai lai han always click here and there..doing useless things
I am so so unproductive!!!

coming up next will be MAPS
school dinner and I am d ajk..
well..dont really think this MAPS will go smoothly and very good..
many things undone..and blur blur..anyway
hope everything will go well lo..

after MAPS will be study week
whole week...can I really study and focus and get a very good score
since I didnt do well in my midterm so on..
and I didnt focus in class at all haih..

hope my pointer wont drop this sem..
if decrease then my pointer will be so so sucks..hmm..
work hard please!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Experience

Korean & Japanese cuisine Buffet!!!

seldom have such promotion in here KK

KL got lot la..jogoya so on but KK..rare like extinction animal haha

went to D'Junction somewhere near Lidor

inside the building there the D'Junction building have lot restaurant..

Su Ra Sang is one of it..

selling things..become a small entrepreneur..

not bad rite..

is another PPIB subject..kinda wsting time subject

cheap rite for a buffet especially Korean & Japanese cuisine

but it got bit disappointment la..

it had limited choices..and..it takes time for them to prepare

so kinda wasting a lot of time when waiting them to prepare

anyway..nice experience too ^^

love the bulbogi, chawan mushi and of course ebi tempura!!!

what satisfied us most is the sashimi!!

we ordered a lot of sashimi... salmon and maguro sashimi..too bad butter fish out of stock dy.. temaki didnt ordered much.. for me is not that worth la but at least we can sapu lot sashimi ^^

had APK..another special experience

Montessori our company name

we sell popiah..fried popiah and to make it more creative more special we sell salad popiah...this cant be found here because I only tried it at KL pasar malam hehe so introducing the salad popiah here is not bad too..

fried popiah..made by my groupmate..

salad popiah..things that worth for a try

we gained profit from it..and to celebrate it we went KFC togetherwao..my leader is so so good..because we alck of money to buy d KFC combo thingyhe take out his money and pay for us..so nice rite..what a good leader..he have the leadership characteristic haha

nice job everyone... =)

Pameran Pendidikan Roadshow UMS 2011

1st and 2nd April 2011
UMS had a roadshow..educational roadshow..hmm..guess when it translated to english is like that haha

me and cas went there for 1 day only..
Saturday, 2nd April..
we went there as crew KKFM..
special hor haha..crew KKFM..dj le..hehe..

the pink is UMS and d black is KKFM..

had a great experience..
first time went roadshow which had to become emcee..
never try it..never try never know..
now I know is not easy to heat the crowd..

stunned for few times and totally no idea what to say!
man, cas, gie, niz, romy were there too..
of course the seniors romy&niz can do it very well..
but us..the newbies..omg..teruk..hmm..
nvm nvm..practice makes perfect!


now with us is our big big boss..KKFM dai lou haha..

well, we have to be there early morning lo..
oppss..I havent say where is the place rite hehe..
at Palm Square, Centre Point...
ms. said gather at BPK at 8am but I reached there at 8.30am haha
and there was no bus when I reached..a BPK worker closing the door...
scary scary and cas haven reach wo..
and she didnt pick my call..didnt reply my message..

I am so so worry because she no reply..
and I cant reach her..scare she got kidnapped when she walking to canselori
I keep trying to call her and reach her..
suspend rite..
seldom cas didnt pick up call nor reply..
and suddenly got a call and cas name appeared..
she asked..
'where are you?'
I didnt answer her question but I asked her
'you haven wake up ar?'

guess what her answer? hahahah
she just wake only la..aiyoyo..
so I ask her dont waste time and faster prepare get ready..
we going to fetch her..with pajero..not bus..

exciting rite..haha
for me it is because she make me worried and think what happened to her!!
anyway..reached CP early in the morning around 9.15am..
none of the shops open..nothing..

good for us who went for the morning shift..
the opening ceremony is on that morning
so NC was there so we can eat nice nice morning english style breakfast hehe

ate a lot especially with niz around..haha
he is my makan member hehe..

well..my camwhoring skill not bad ma..hehe

delicious breakfast!!
love the fruit tart, although creamy and fat
heart the caramel pudding..ms. said is easy to make..I'm waiting hehe
love the cheese sausage..super delicious

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Glad to have you

things not always go smoothly like what we expect what we imagine..
you always want happiness and stay away from sadness
but that is impossible we can avoid it forever..

sometimes when things go wrong..
when so so moody..
there's someone or somebody or something can cheer you up
and that is the precious thing that hardly find in the world..
when you found it..do appreciate it
never take it as granted..

you just make my life merrier..
you are so cool and special after all..
you will never give me the direct way to solve a problem
you will lead me and guide me..from there
I learn a lot..things that I should learn
and I know you more than before
I will never give up on you

thanx for staying by my side
thanx for keep me accompanying
although I cant see you, cant listen to you but I feel you
you never leave me when I need you the most
glad to have you  =)