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Friday, October 21, 2011


this is the crucial most critical time for this sem so far..
I have so many many many things to do in limited time
previous sem I have no problem in doing assignment
yes, I will rush for it but not like what I'm facing now
at least I am clear of what I want to do and I can assume the time I need to do
but now, I dont think I can finish all my assignment on time

following week I have to hand in 4 assignments
I got 3 mid terms and busy with SIFE as well
and of course wont neglect church activities

so I am so busy with everything but time limited
and this moment when I am so sleepy
I wish somebody is here for me
somebody who work with me
somebody who can motivate me
somebody who can help me
somebody who can watch me doing my work
somebody who can make me not feeling so sleepy and tired
please pop out somebody
I need you..

Monday, October 3, 2011

My sociogram

got a homework from my course of families counseling
and we are assigned to draw our genogram and sociogram
I actually realize my family system have some problem
but I have no idea it so serious..
realize that me and mom although talk, but our relationship is kinda far
mom and bro's distance getting more far and far
maybe I cant see when they communicate (when I am away from home)

this is my sociogram

I just draw out what usually happen in my home..me facing laptop, bro facing his computer, mom back from work and facing tv while before she go to bed
that become our routine
I kinda ashamed of my family style..it is not a good family
and I think I might have some psychological problem too

people always say those who are cheerful actually people who are trying to hide the sadness so much
and people who cry is because they been so strong always
I am both perhaps, once a while I will cry like nobody business

is kinda sad when realize my family is not as happy as other family
it had been almost 1 month I back to KK and so far
I only hear mom voice for 3times I guess and each time is less than 10minutes
I have no intention to call her so does her..

I can be so nice to friends and my uncles and aunties but not my mom and brother
how would all this be different if dad is still with us?
how would things change by now..
oh gosh why everytime middle of the night then only I will post emo stuff

ok, is time to sleep..
assignment didnt do and losing time for nonsense stuff..hate it...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gaya Street again!

have u realize that my blog is full of food?
my friends keep complaining it's all about FOODS!
which annoyed them when they can only look at it but cant taste it
went to Gaya Street when saibou and puimun came Kota Kinabalu last month

I would like to suggest food that must try when visit Gaya Street..once again..

the special Kek Lapis -Layer Cake- which is traditional cake for Sarawakians

I like the peppermint flavor although it taste like toothpaste
I heart the cheese flavor too..
but it kinda oily so less consumption is better
and this is not cheap, each block around RM20 to RM 25 if not mistaken

oh, can try out the Kek Batik too
simple, combination of milo+sugar with marie biscuits
easy to make but I havent try it myself
maybe some of u can try and share with me =)

next, the mango 'lo mai chi' -mango glutinous rice-

traditional is use peanut as the filling
now creative and new innovation, they come out with mango
it is best to consume in cold or chilling condition
the mango is sweet, and is a small cube with some mango juice
once u bit.....-ppiikkksss- u can taste the sweetness and a bit sourness *depends on the mango*
it only RM7.50 per box consist of 6

here come my favorite breakfast at Gaya Street...
Laksa..should be curry laksa at Restaurant Yee Fung

I dont really like curry but I heart this
the taste is bit different from curry and they have delicious sambal belacan too

this is ngau chap -mixed beef- noodle
it consist of beef balls, tendon and something else
I only eat the meat and beef balls
I still prefer their curry laksa =)

what a long-delayed-post I got..