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Monday, December 29, 2008


Its been while I din update d blog..hehe..busy ma..what to do.. Xp

20 Dec 08

A dinner at Sunway, Yuen Restaurant..steamboat buffet with baobaozz..
Kwei, Yan and Tommy din join us..but Laiyew joined..long time didnt contact her..
It just a simple dinner..suppose it was a nice day with lotxx photos..but..haih..I doesnt seems I got that chance..

23 Dec 08

Saibou Bday~~!!!!!!
went to Lowyat Redbox, lunch..well..
d suprise for her al busted..haih..too bad..and d celebration doesnt end up well..nvm..there is another chance next year.. ^^

24 Dec 08 X'mas Eve

Port Dickson with family..
Yoong gu bac KL so this is kinda family gathering, family trip..though not all d family members attend..at least some of us stil can attend and meet each other..
We stayed in a rm700 bungalow..at 10th mile thr..Teluk Lemang..SriMesra bungalow..huge house..with 5rooms..d house ar..bit eerie..because it too big and it looks like those haunted house..haha..
we had a bbq x'mas nite..seafood nite..haha..crabbie..fish..prawn (damn big, rm60/kg) ..chicken..lamb..'yuk kon' (daging salai) ..mushroom and some vege..my favourite - tau foo pok, brinjal, tomato, marshmallow.. yummy yummy..deliciousss...
that nite..Yap's family version 'the greed of heart'..haha..my aunts and uncles had some discussion and this make me sad when heard and realize there's lotxx prob between them..there is lotxx arguement behind a warm family..

Next day..Christmas..
morning we woke up and eat those food which left over..and packed up..go to a better beach..cuz d beach near our bungalow damn lousy la..teruk~~!!
we played there til evenin..2pak damn kesian..he got his own family but he cant hav fun with his family because of his damn wife..I wonder why his wife damn crazy..i'm sure his son, my couz..dun even noe who we are and whats our name..I'm sure bout tat..
reach man gu house at 10..got next round..go Terenz's house for drink..x'mas ma..haha..kf fetch me go..haih..tat nite..quite nice aso but something happen before d party end..damn~~!! so d party was nice but...haih..those who attend noe lo..
reach home ard 6am~~!!

26 Dec 08

shopping wit foong gu, eric & xuan at midvalley..d xmas theme is circus.d decoration thr not bad..i totally 4get i've date nevin peggy for rockband..haha..
so I ffk..danm bad le..cuz din inform them..yet..nite after while I just reached home, wk cal and ajak me for rockband..hehe..so..I stil can play it..hahahaha..
play til 4+am and go for a supper=breakfast at McD..it shud be a nice meal but tat damn mcD..d machine rosak so we thr's no Mcmuffin~!!!!! hate it..i've been dreaming to hav Mcmuffin but now machine rosak so I cant hav it...grrr....but Terenz can get a fish fillet & hashbrown for free..not bad not bad..hahahah
once again..reached home ard 6am..

27 Dec 08

chua's farewell..at his house..not many attend..mayb he din invite lot..but..it just so funny..its a farewell and I dun rily feel tats a farewell for him..whatever..haih..
we damn hungry but thr is just few chicken for us..because we late..we reached thr at 9+..too bad..because al of us damn hungry..so we went connaught KFC and ta pau to peggy's house..haha..supper again..after our delicious meal..we played wii..
omg..peggy duno how2 control d wii after played twice..haha..we played wii sport..not bad that game..I can play bowling..haha..it just d begining..mana tau..after few games..d guys beat me..sad..Terenz damn cute when he play..he just like a lil boy..haha..shouting ard and d way he play is juts..cute..haha
once again..I back home damn late..but it consider d earliest compare d other days..haha..ard 5+ I reached home...hahah

Friday, December 19, 2008

M.O.S~~ I Love It

damn busy day~!!!!!
ej said go langkawi on friday (it is a last last last minute plan which x jadi)

went out to bank withdraw $$ and d trip cancel..haih..too bad..I drop by at 'man gu' house..
they have book 7pm normal hour at Greenbox..I love to sing and for sure go for it lo..haha
mana tau..those stupid fellar confirm go mos when I sit inside d car..grr..when I reached cheras selatan thr..they keep sms calling me..til my hp no battery~~!!
I just started to eat and sing at 7.30pm then kf say will come fetch me at 9..aiyoyo..just ate a plate of some dish..sing few songs ni ar~~!! ggrrr...

because I'm greedy..thats why~~ I wan sing and I wan mos in d same time..I can get both but hav2 sacrifice bit..which I cant eat til I full..I cant sing every song I want..
I am so geng..always got next round..wonder how my aunts think bout me when they know I got next round at mos..haha..

rush back home take bath..change make up..I took half an hour ni..haha..pro..lol.. XD
we gather at terenz house..decide to go mos because wk & jingle will be there too..miss them..long time no see dy..
this time..its late..terenz speed and its raining..damn dangerous..but his skill..ok la..I am safe & blogging now..so nothing happen..haha..
btw, 'kuai lou' = nevin emo..he is d emo king of them all..hahaha..he just quarrel with his gf..haih..and it makes him damn moody..emo d whole nite..ajak take photos also duwan..jual mahal there.. Xp

met kit yee, amanda moo, poong, yong kar mun they all at mos..they dont really talk with me..nvm la..primary school..what u expect summor we're from diferent class..met sern yih they all too..but of course we duno each other..so just let it be..

1st time..VIP room..haha..though is VIP but stil lot ppl..crowded..we open 2bottle wodka..aiyo..this time I drink lotxx...~~!!!!
till I vomit..wonder how much I drink..hmm..its high..damn high..
d best nite ever..everybody (guys) looks emo when go in, end up all high..blur..haha..
oh ya..tat bad 'kuai lou' left me & peggy blur2 there and duwan come find us..he say he went out alone..keep sms ask him come dance floor..or come and save this 2 leng lui he aso din come..bad 'kuai lou' hmmph... (>.<) meet ej's fren..'kaili' something lidat..damn beautiful..leng lui..cun..jingle aso.. XD shit..lot crap here..'cheong wa duen suet' all of us having fun..d best nite ever..
camwhore..terenz aso...haha.. XD
reach home damn late..or it should be damn 'early'..around 6am..shit...luckily mom didnt notice that.. Xp
thats all..no more crap..haha..

check out those photos..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Single but not available yet

I prefer single life..
nobody kacau..
nobody cares who u goin out latte nite..
no need tink frens or bf more important..hahhaa..
no need tink I loves my frens more or bf more..because..I alwax loves my frens more than bf..I can confirm that~~!! (^.^)
so now I can plan and do whatever I wan..hehe..

btw..I cant sign in messenger~~!!!!!!!!!
I cant chat with u guys la..why??!!!!!!!
how come..
and I hardly visit some page due to duno wat security certificate...apa itu..??!!
somebody plx help..~~!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

After STPM~~!!

last day of STPM
4 dec 2008

start my plan..enjoy my life..haha..nothing else..just enjoy my life..hahahahahahah... XD

right after d last paper..makro ekonomi, I have my lunch at hs's mom thr..pan mee..I withdraw $$.because enjoy my life need lotxx $$..!!! grrr.. me, ewon & ce went JJ and had a walk..
many many things I wana buy..shoe, shirt, bag, cosmetic, dress, pants, lot more..

well those very boring..because it just inside my mind..lets share what I've done..more interesting..haha..

4 dec 2008
went clubbing with frenzz...at mos aka euphoria..I love mos~!!! hehe.. suppose a sad nite but end up I enjoying the few hours single life...hahaha..weird..haha..
same gang of course.. terenz, ej, oscar, nevin, peiggy, me.. others were terenz's college frens and ej's former schoolmate..lotxx ppl tat nite..crowded..but we stil have fun..we enjoyed our nite..our failure..for me & nevin..haha..

5 dec 2008
went JOGOYA for hi-tea..deliciouss~~!!! I wan more~~!!! haha..spent rm54 for d meal..cant really eat all d food there..too much la..and din really walk so often..just eat what my fren ordered or took for me..haha.. many join d meal..it can consider a gathering..ahaha..

- zakee - hoe - keat - teck li (lili) - kok how (how siu) - kah wai - lee ing (elaine) - may nyan (cas) - pei yee (chloe) - kai li - chooi yee - xue yi (sukiyi) - pohyee.O (dai bou) - yin yi - kit lay (ah kat) - siaw wei - may chen - pohyee.L (sai bou) - pui mun (mine) - ye (me) -
mc's sis ad her fren as well..

after Jogoya I meet ce, ev, ling and chua..mean while I drop by and met hs..I miss him lot..hehe..
den I fetch mom to duno whr..fetch ce bac home..things happen..end up I cut my hair~~!! go far far cut..went setapak~~!! just to find tat stupid bad Sam to cut my hair...hate him moved damn far~~!! but he stil a good stylist..that's why 'chan' til setapak and cut my hair..
but..my hair..so short~~!!!! is DAMN SHORT~~!!!! oh god...I duno how la..haih..but wat2 do..cut dy lo.no choice lo...just wait it long lo..wait half year la ye..haih ~~ ...

6 dec 2008
nothing much..BBQ with couz and 1aunt..haha..she is soo 'young'..haha..ok la..she stil very 'in' and mix around with us..hehe..

thanx to my dear beloved couz, eric..he say this BBQ is for celebrating I graduate..and jobless..haha.. graduate = jobless ...he just find an excuse lo..he is d 1 who wana make a nice BBQ and he 'borrow me cross d bridge'..!!! anyway..cincai la..I so good..I dont mind..haha..at least I can enjoy my BBQ..haahaaa

we had squid..beef..lamb..brinjal..fillet..sweet potato..tau foo pok (my favourite) ..chicken wing..sausage..prawn (by eric) .. cant really remember what we ate..forget it..hehe..

each of us pay rm27 this time..not bad not bad..haha..
* eric * leong * ken & his gf * lily * xuan * allie * yik * veronica *
others were those elders..2gu, ta gu lidat lo..and 2pak..hehe..but they din pay..^^

7 dec 2008
stay at man gu house..almost half day..d nite b4 over9 at her house..no choice..too late dy..many things allie 'kuasa' to me..haha..her boots..her laptop..but al those thing either I dont use it often or half rosak dy..hahhaah...
nite went Kelana Jaya foodcourt wit kf..lot food but I sick..so din eat much..dont have d appetize..

9 dec 2008
mom off..she dye my hair..aiyer..geram aso..tot d red will damn sharp lik last time..mana tau..!! it turn copper..just a lil color ni..not sharp at al!!! I wan a damn sharp color lo..it just highlight..if I noe it wil turn cipper..I wil dye d whole head...haih..geram..grr...forget it also la..haih..

nite went shopping with mom & ee wa...oh god..she bought shirts and I got nothing..I dont care...I wan shopping~~!!! I dont care...I want shopping~~!!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Suprise from Besties

November 15, 08 - Saturday -

Suprise which I never expect..
Ewon said wana come oer and study 2gether..
its damn weird because she wont go through such a long way
just to study with me..because its impossible..
I didnt expect she really will come but stil put a hope on her..
she say mayb will reach ard 2pm..

when d time is almost thr..
sudenli some1 knock d door..
heard some voices.. (if not I wont open the door)
once I opened..

I saw SUSAN~~~!!!
next is SOOK YAN & EWEI~~~!!!
d plan is suppose Sook Yan followed by Ewei mana tau that Ewei just come out..
so..mana Ewon..she lied..pakat with 3 of them!!!

they came visit me..
with 2packets of Pan Mee from Hang Shen's mom stall
and a packet of Apples and Grapes..
so touched..
my besties come & give me suprise b4 my STPM..
they give me encouragement..
they worry bout my unhealthy lifestyle.. (its true)
they worry I got masalah sembelit.. (i dun hav d prob)
they worry am I stress or too tension..
but they know I damn relax...they can see it..haha..

we ordered Pizza..delivery..nice..delicious..hehe..
we have a long chat..
its been a loooonnnngg time 4 of us didnt hang out..
we gossip.. (what usually gals do)
we make noise..
we laughed..
we played games.. (facebook)
exchange stories..
Ewei d 1 who is d most talkative..
she talks lot la..many many things she told us..
bout her training..
bout Carmen, Leon & Kit... hehe..

I feel glad..because I have bunch of Besties..
I feel happy because they cares me..
I feel touched of what they did for me..
I feel being love whenever with them..
Mu Jin Jang
A korean BBQ restaurant which Leon introduce..
went for a dinner there..after my Jimui balik rumah..with Leon, Aaron, Tommy Carmen & me..
Leon say wana blanja me..now is d time..finally d day had come..haha..Thanx Leon~~
Aaron Tommy & me had waited both of them for a long time..Leon said 8pm wait at Ampang Point..den sudenli say 8.30pm..guess what time he reach..9.00pm ar~~!!!! is TOO late..
luckily we damn smart..find d restaurant and wait him..not wait him at the Ampang Point bus stop there..wonder what we do if we wait there..
Korean meal..haven try b4..until yday..omg..duno d menu write what..haha..luckily theres some photos..and english describe it..yet..stil duno whats that..haha..d taste ok la..not bad..kimchi..bla bla bla..duno whats d name la..haha..anyway..nice dinner..
guys have next round..gaming is their favourite..so no ned so mafan..I ask Aaron fetch me to Terenz house as it is just around the corner..they have next round I aso got..haha..yc with EuJin they al..yday just 4 of us..me EuJin, Terenz & Nevin..others busy..haih.
wonder why I can mix around with so many guys..I stil can chat for 2hours with 3guys..while I always d only gal when yc...how can I tahan..??!! I also dunno..weird.. (wondering) because I can tolerate..?? my patience damn good..?? haha..mayb..yea..I thinks that is..haha..
Wai Ee is always the best..because she can had so many gang of friends..wakakaka..
but..when come in studies...
oppsss...too bad..malu la..dont say it here..hehe..

Monday, November 10, 2008

November Babies Birthday

aiya..bit boring to blog again for d same event..
after I've blog for Baobao..
but I hav2 add some special thing..because..this my personal feeling..haha..
This time really simple celebration..really very simple..
not all show up..
  1. Leon
  2. Aaron
  3. Tommy
  4. Chee Yun
  5. Json


  1. Yan
  2. Evonne
  3. Annie
  4. Veronica
  5. Janice

Susan & Ewei cant join us..too bad..I miss them..I've long time din see them dy lo..haih..miss them so so much..and..duno why..duno what happened..leon din ask kk..I duno..dun blame when kk upset..hehe..lai yew cant join us..next time lo..oh ya..I just found out that lai yew had moved to Subang..so far..haih..

Today we went for a movie at leisure mall.. -The Coffin- ..not bad..quite nice..quite scary but not really that scary actually..as usual...a horror movie with my crazy friends..we might laugh more than scream..happy more than scary..haha..because we always guess what happen next and make everything looks funny..hehe..weird gang..

After movie..ready for dinner..went to Puchong..Tak Fook Restaurant..CRABBIE here I come~~~ (wish to eat crab sinz 6months ago)

deliciooouuusss!!!! sedap!!!! ichiban!!!!!! ho chak!!!!!

  • 2kg salted egg + 2kg cheese = 4kg crabbie
  • lemon chicken
  • coconut prawn - curry
  • tau foo - specialty
  • yao mak
  • 12 man tao - dipped with CHEESE

total up for menu above is ... RM191.50..there were 10ppl..I think this meal not bad..wont expensive..its ok for me..its worth for me..hehe..not bad not bad..really 'peng leng zheng'..murah cantik sedap..cheap nice good.. haha..

and I just found out that this world is small..but..sometimes..when u're not about to meet den u cant meet..because...Friday nite..went to MidValley for movie with wh & his fren..Vampire loves U (think so) ..8.45pm.. and so ngam..Ewon watching d same movie same place same time with bh..she sat front 3rows..I sat d last row..but..unfortunately..we cant bump each other..

so..is destiny..even though me & ewon consider near..in a same room but we din notice din bump with each other..destiny..we seems so near but far as well..so near, so far..and I believe that..if it is urs, nobody can take it from u..u wont notice what u owned untill u lost it..

so I've to learn..learn appreciate what I have..appreciate every minute every second that I have..be grateful of time that I had spent, things that I've done with my frinds & family..

Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Day of Form6

today is d last day we go for class..
after today..
when ever we got to school..
it just for EXAM..STPM~~!!

we hav a booklet..U6A1 booklet..
luckily..all of my classmate had sign it..
except YeeLing because she absent..too bad

Teck Li (lily) - Kok How (dai lou) - Mun Keat & Mun Hoe (twins) - Chyi Piao - Wan Hoong - Wai Loon - Qin Zhan (ah boy) - Kae Chuen (leng zai) - Zakee (fried chicken) - Kah Wai (tvb lou)

Pui Mun - Wern Pei - Looi PY (sai bou) - Siaw Wei - May Chen - Yin Yi - Ong PY (dai bou) - Kit Lay (kat kat) - Sook Yen - Chooi Yee - Xue Yi (sukiyi) - Kai Li - Chee Leng - Qing Yi - Fung Yee - Bee Lian - Lee Ing - Pei Yee - May Nyan - Yi Xuan - Yi Hui - Seow Peng - Joanne - Yee Ling - Suk Guan - Nanthini - Nalini

1 & 1/2 year had passed..
being a member of U6A1 really great..
our class have lots of fun & laughter..
though sometimes seems like
there were many gangs in a class..
but we still can hang out 2gether..

many joys, laughters that my classmate give me..
each of the moments will become a part of my life..
without it..
my life wont complete..

once..a plan which made by me 'kat kat'..pmun..hehe..
only few of us knows bout it..
a character which i used for a certain time..
venessa..a nice name..haha..
hope I wont 4get this..

anyway..I just happy being a part of U6A1...~~!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Problems around me..
hate it..
many things I have to make desicion..
many things that I have to choose..
many things which I need to do but I cant do it..
STPM just around the corner
and I still relax here..
watching the time pass..
I hate myself..
hate being this way..
I've been ask myself..
Am I doing the right thing now..??
Am I made the right decision..??
can somebody answer me..??!!!
seems like there is nobody can help
I have to solve the problems by myself
destiny is in my hand
my life is control by me
none of them can decide what I want can I do and what should I do
I have to learn
I have to grow up
I'm 19 now
I'm not a kid anymore
stop being so childish
and do what should I do!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


26 October 2008
Puchong Utama

A small gathering for all of d relatives..organise by d younger generation..
Ben is d leader..can say so..haha
a BBQ for all of us..
most of us were there except Kuen because he have to work..
around 30ppl there..
  • Yik family - 3pax
  • Ben family - 6pax (include 2leng lui)
  • Eric family - 4pax
  • Veronica family - 3pax
  • Yoke Keng family - 5pax
  • Yoke Ching family - 5pax
  • Fook Sang, Fook Keong, Fook Sin - 3pax

for this BBQ we spent rm651 overall..food & beverages..included beerssss...at 1st d teenagers plan to cover all d expenses..but since there were beers..so d expenses is out of budget bit..so

THANKS to the elders who paid..thanks for sponsored d beers..

each of us paid rm50 for all...even elders paid rm50..thanks to

  • Yoke Ching
  • Yoke Keng
  • Fook Sang
  • Fook Keong
  • Fook Sin

teens..pandai pandai la siapa yang bayar..haha..thanks guys..

this BBQ not bad..we should organise this kind of gathering once a while..we gather and chat..meet every1..dont want our relationship to drift apart as we seldom meet each other after grandma passed away..

realize every1 of us are growing..d kids getting taller..my cousin getting mature..my aunt getting older..as time flies human change..hope all d changes is positive..Keng gu is so worry Earn..hope d bad things that we scare will never ever happen..

4suk is so humour..when every1 looking at him and ask how come d fire grow bigger suddenly and he look at d sky..he make a look full of '???'..im sure he ask d sky..'whats that??!!'...thats my uncle..old dy but stil so funny..

4suk plan to open a shop maybe..a shop that sell dessert or whatever..he ask Keng gu do it..I totally agree..but Keng gu not so because she not interested in it..I love what Keng gu cooked..when they talk bout this..it remind me when I was a kid..stay with them..I always eat what Keng gu cooked..love everything she cooked..soup that she boiled..noodles that she prepare for us..cake that we made together..

Stil remember after I moved out from Cheras Mas..I stil will back there often and Keng gu will prepare nice dinner for me..she will cook tofu because I love it..she will make something special for me to eat..I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH~~!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


for the 1st time I go shopping with a very ugly attire..
t-shirt, short pant, rm3.90 slipper..haha

so ugly la..

went The Curve with Choi Ei..
at 1st we plan to go market after fetch mom to work..
mom say no need so mafan wo..just buy those BBQ stuff at Tesco..
so we lepak at The Curve, Ikano, Cineleisure

Morning both of us had breakfast at Ikano - sausage bread, currypuff, XXL fried chicken, mee sua
noon we ate our lunch with mom at Ikea - salmon, meatball, fish & chips

whole day walk walk walk...window shopping at this 3 shopping mall..kinda tired..but it never stops us..
from being EVE model..haha..
we tried many many dresses..
we love all the dresses..
plan to buy it..haha..
after tried all those dresses we camwhore...haha
but terpaksa stop..
we had to go Tesco buy groceries..for BBQ...

plan to buy this red dress

rm200 for d red..mahal..?

same dress..

Friday, October 24, 2008

Toaster * Vitagen


Toaster available at U6A1...every1 is free to toast their bread..what u need to do is bring ur own bread and jam..this is what we did in class today..there were 18 students only..others..ponteng~~ for sing k maybe..

that toaster is Keat got on graduation..lucky draw..he is so lucky..so he contribute to our beloved class..haha..he keep it in class..inside the cupboard..haha..kaya also..later I want to buy peanut butter and keep as well..

saw d bread and kaya.. ngek ngek

prefect also lidat la..biasa la..haha


big bottle of Vitagen

went Vitagen Factory with budakzz..Rainbow KinderLand budakzz..
there were 5 'big budakz'..
  • veronica (me)
  • choi ei
  • chee yun
  • hui siang
  • chee shen
After school 5 of us rush to the kindergarten..meet other kids..
Start our journey..eat lunch 1st of course..MC DONALD..I'm Lovin It..Fillet-o-Fish 1set..yummy yummy..not really full...but at least I can eat what I wish for since fall sick last week..

Lunch done..heading towards Vitagen Factory..at PJ..but the driver..bring us 'long gai'..make a 'big round'..Finally reach Vitagen Factory around 3pm..its late..

we watched a video about Vitagen..after that we went to the factory where those products produce..I had an economis theory here :

firma Vitagen mengamalkan intensif buruh..pengangguran akan berkurang tetapi..pekerja yang diupah kebanyakannya buruh asing..bagaimana pun..pengangguran di Malaysia tetap wujud walaupun intensif buruh diamalkan..

haha...that's what can I conclude..haha..after visiting the factory we back to a room and have some refreshment..a bit kedekut..they give each of us 1bottle of Vitagen only..jelly also a small cup..anyway..maybe there is lot group like this so they have to cut budget..

At least..each of us got a pack of Vitagen back home..hehe..overall the trip is ok..not bad..it just bit funny when 5 'big' children join a bunch of 'small' children..

kids waiting for Vitagen

Monday, October 20, 2008


Pengakap Titiwangsa ke-19
Owl Scout Group

suddenly found out that I did not post any bout my lovely SCOUT CAMPFIRE~~!!!!
I've 4got when..
but for sure..
im totally proud of this batch..applause~~~!!!!!!!
they won for sport day..2nd (if not mistaken)
they won d NGO..2nd (if not mistaken) ...really 4get dy..
they manage to organize campfire and did a GOOD JOB....WELL DONE~~!!!
they had a good leader..
  • Edmund Lim - TL (leng zai) for year 2008
and of course his back up..whole committee..lazy mention their name..pandai pandai know la..haha
yet..our pemimpin also very important..which is
  • Oliver Lim - Rover H dai dai lou (Edmund bro..sebiji)

thanx to them our CAMPFIRE is so successful..I do proud of them..salute!!!!

this is what they had build for campfire!! cool..


Upper Six Arts One
U6A1 aka 6AA1
17 - 10 - 2008

Darul Putri

Upper6 & Form5

A very grand day (should be)
but..held d graduation at a very ugly stupid cheaplak place
is so humiliating..memalukan..men-sia sui-kan
for me..
this year graduation is just a normal occasion..
I didn't put much effort in

choosing my attire, set my hair, make up
its so simple
OL theme..most of us..
me..white blouse - black skirt - black panty hose - white shoe
simple and nice..haha..
some so over..well..they just being special..
traditional costume..
sari, cheong sam..nice..not bad..as mentioned.."special"
not much photos i took..
just few..


graduation had passed..
I really have to study..
there is no more excuse for me to lazy..
I must study
from now on~~~!!!!!!


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Promise myself will study hard after Raya holiday..
but after Raya..d whole week I busy chatting busy talking in class..
busy goin out as well..busy watching tv busy on9..sleeping d whole nite..

in a week i went to TS for 3times..
-tues with siawwei
-fri with waihow watched a stupid boring show *flying of dead living*
-sat wit ewon miko zakee edmund then waihow mok they al..watched *the house bunny* nice show..not bad..funny as well..

everyday stay in class chat chat talk talk gossip..
hate it..
others always study and prepare for STPM but I stil relax..enjoy my life..OMG..
I should do that..study~~!!!

friday class had a gathering at Tan Cha Ok..not bad..
actually..it stil d same inside class..got their own gang talking..
who know nite ce ewon bh pm go out yc..same place again..
is ce who need ewon they al to accompany her..haha..
meet an old fren ma..which bh's secondary school fren..haha

saturday went to BP's house for jamuan Hari Raya..
aiyo..stupid la..they use toilet water to serve us...
they make orange juice..those syrup mix with toilet water..yucks..
but if I dunno I stil will drink it..so nvm la..

after that went to TS meet ewon miko..
long time didnt meet miko..she getting leng lui..
and at least v talk more than last time..haha..

today is Sunday...
after today..
I MUST start new life..
is a MUST...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Port Dickson


4th October 2008


4th Raya

Yi Xuan Bday

PD here i come~~!!!!!!!!
after delayed for ages..finally...d day had come...BBQ at PD...wakakakkakak...

Participants :

  1. Eu Jin (who plan this and bought those groceries)

  2. Terenz (driver)

  3. Kin Fon (driver)

  4. Danial (the singer)

  5. Julian (the comedian)

  6. Oscar (the noisiest)

  7. Nevin (the mat salleh)

  8. Yuva (the big bro)

  9. Peggy (leng lui)

  10. Veronica (me ar..cute lo..lol)

oopss..my mappet..swiss roll aso followed.. (^.^)

can u see d sea.. (guess not)

Its only 2gals..totally different with baobao gang..which alwax gals more than guys..here..alwax guys more than gals..clubbing yumcha also guys more than gals..used to it dy..if Peggy din go..im the only gal mayb..Jingle sick so cant join us..

guess who..

We supposed gather at Ejin house 3pm but..haha..malaysian timing..4pm we left his house heading towards PD..reach there ard 6pm..we find a nice location to begin our dinner..d BBQ~~!!!!!

Ejin bought lamb (think so)..chicken wing..sausages (should get more)..drinks..pringles..twisties..well..it seems like not enough..but..all of us quite full..and all of it were MEAT...it shows we are carnivores..hahaha..

BBQ damn waste time..spent most of d time on d fire..checking out d meat whether cook not..dun even have much time to enjoy and play..but I did enjoyed this trip..though din really take photos..at least we got some nice shots..only me&peggy..haha..

Ard 10pm+ we clean up the place and prepare back KL..its been a tiring day..at 1st plan for 'go kart' but it closed..next time maybe..

When we're on d way back..a bad idea suddenly pop out in our mind..make d tissue wet and throw to Terenz's car..it was Julian idea..last time he did once to Ejin's car..duno what brain & mind he got til he can think out this stupid silly idea..haha..

After we throw d wet tissue (we failed..d tissue doesn't stick on d car) ..Terenz's car member -Oscar Julian Yuva Nevin - looked for tissue to revenge..they are so funny...they dont have tissue in car..they want to revenge so they took a plastic bag and full it with water and throw..omg..if u can imagine d look when they open d light searching for tissue..is DAMN FUNNY..haha..

We reach KL at 12am+..so so tired..some of them went yc..but i chose to back home my body is so sticky..covered by sand..smoke..oil..omg..cant stand it..

I love this trip so so much...go PD for BBQ~~!!! haha...love it..hope there is another trip like this..i wana eat seafood..lets plan for it...Kuala Selangor mayb...haha...

oh ya..that morning i went to Hafiz house(5B classmate) ..plan to meet up some old friends..but me&kf left quite early..we missed d chance..too bad..nvm..we'll have d chance someday..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

19th Birthday~~

Date : 30th September 2008
( after 15days only got celebration from u guys )
Venue : Fun OK ( balik rumah )

  • Tommy
  • Aaron
  • Json
  • Leon
  • HowL (evonne's boy)
  • Kang (howL's friend)

  • Veronica (me ME me)
  • Ee Wei
  • Susan
  • Sook Yan
  • Annie
  • Evonne
  • Peggy
  • Lee Yee
  • Janice
  • Qing Yi
  • Yen Lee

1st time went to Fun OK.. nice place..they really have the back to the own house feel..got washing machine as table..got garden..not bad not bad..

!st time HowL join the big family..he damn smart..he ask his fren out to accompany him..

I love my fren damn lot~~~!!!!Even though just a simple celebration..but..they know what I want the most...waakakaa..this year bday present from them is...$$$$$$$ CASH $$$$$$$$$$....and Bday card..YLee bought me a cup..

we chat lot..bout our relationship..our past..Long time din gather and chat..love this kind of feel..Finally..we know 017 dy..at least know some bout 017..haha..

After celebration..eat..cake al those thing..we had separated into 2groups..of course evonne janice they al 1group.. we ourselves 1group..

Leon Json Aaron Tommy me Peggy YLee continue the nite with a horror movie..4bia..at the special 'hou zhak'..Peggy house..d movie quite nice..not bad..at least is those ghost horror movie..not those stupid damn borin movie..haha..

This year bday quite special..got many presentss..er...not really la..but got simple celebration from all..my classmate bought me 1slice of NewYork cheese..wHow giv a bunch of lolipops (sweetz)..Nyuk auntie and 'da pak leong' give me rm50 each (but i paid d damn maxis dy) ..mom bought me a pant..Danial baked a chocolate cake for me (damn delicious) ..mooncake from waikitz..keychain from sHsen..a hp holder from cEi..i tink thats al..

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ending of Trial

Trial had gone..

during trial..


dun say la...

it just sux...bad..

when result is ready..
im sure
i will feel the fear..
scare to face my mom with the sux result...scare ar~~~!!!!

trial gone..
come holiday~!!!! yeah yeah..
my holiday plan..
penuh..as usual..haha

- monday suppose go shopping with ce ewon..but cancel..
so plan2 exercise with pmun (mine) pohyee (small)..
who knows..
i cant wake up..
my hp turn on silent and i cant hear d alarm..haha..and those callsss...sorry guys~~

- tues nite my best best frenzzz celebrate my super duper BELATED BIRTHDAY~~~ haha..
many were there..later post a special blog for it..haha

- wed go sunway ice skate..
oh god..i don't know how to play la..
oh..i meet william (1billion)
he change dy..leng zai dy mayb..hehe
its been a tiring day..
and i had a nice dinner at sushi king, midvalley..

- thurs going out with ewon ce siaw wei..
as d plan on monday postponed till this day..
v plan to go pavillion..

- friday i dont think i have plan..
rest at home
do all the household..

- saturday plan go PD..
this plan had been postponed for dunno how many ages..haha
hope this saturday work out lo..
but in d same time..
hong ( my couz ) bday..
what should I do..??
hope ej plan cant make it then I know what I can chose..haha

- sunday of course stay home prepare for school reopen lo..
iron my school U..
pack my bag after d exam tornado..haha

and everything go back d same when monday is here..
that's all d thing i do..haha..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ah Long School

This time..
my Ah Long school didn't ask for money..
I just don't agree with what my 'dearest' Principal..
She complain that we, student
didn't sing Negaraku which we did not respect the country..
I saw my 'beloved' TEACHERS did NOT SING as well..
they dont even open their mouth at all..
So, this is what she mean RESPECT..??!!
She want students to open their mouth and sing loudly
meanwhile her teachers just shut their mouth..?!!
Teachers is the one who should be the role model..
they should open their mouth and sing loudly before the students did..
oh ya,
I feel that Principal don't even really know how to sing school song..

Extra classes being held..
I wonder is the teachers volunter or being force by Principal..
I felt that Pn.How don't really want to teach us..
maybe because the attendance is poor..really poor..haha..
in fact,
does she ever wonder why some of them don't want to attend the class..
I can answer it..
for me,
Pn.How doesn't seems have the passion to teach us..
she ask us stay back on monday..
she teaches us at the 9th period..its only half an hour..
if u stay for half an hour..
many of them rather back home and study themselves
because what she teach sometimes quite blur..don't understand at all...
most important thing~~
I always wonder why she choose monday..
I personally think that..
because she can't back home at 12.30pm..
so she held the extra class until 1.00pm..
Teachers are not allowed to back home before 1.00pm..
so I think..
maybe thats the reason the extra class on monday and its only half an hour..

Graduation on 17 October 2008

The 'GAJAH' warned us for dresing code..
her theme is kebangsaan..she said no gown..
why Principal did not mention that no gown..?!!
she only said that no sleeveless and the skirt have to be long..
even Pn.Kassnina also encourage us to wear much more pretty..make up..set our hair..wear high heel..
she remind us that the bottom must longer that the jubah..that's all..

for this year graduation..
since we cant wear gown..
I'll wear OL..pants..white blouse..
nothing special..
because it doesn't look exciting for me..

Friday, September 5, 2008

19th Bday

Its kinda early for my celebration..
it did so..

1st September 2008..
actually is celebrating Jojo's Bday..her 16th bday..
and the whole family celebrate for me too
because we cut d same cake..chocolate indulgence..yuMmy YummY..

4th September 2008..
prepare for tuition..
after school
kit lay wish me 'Happy Birthday'..
I just feel weird..but nvm..
who knows..
my goood classmates..
* siaw wei * poh yee,L * pui mun (mine) * zakee *
bought a slice of New York Cheese for me~~~~ -SR-
thanks thanks~~ love u guys..
I still feel its bit weird celebrate so early..
11days more to my bday
but they bought a cake and sang Bday song for me..
anyway..thanks lot~~~ (^.^)
oh ya..
thanks kah wai for d wish..
hope u can greet 1 more time on 15 September...haha

wonder what presentSSsss will I receive this year...
what I want..??!! hmm...
I have no idea what I want for my bday this year
all of them are busy with their studies..exam..
when their exam end..
my trial reach.. *sob*
So, I think
there wont b any huge special celebration for me..
just a dinner for gathering will b nice enough..

my dear friends..
know what2 do la..
think and plan where we should have our dinner~~!!
or maybe lunch..anything la.. hehe..

Friday, August 29, 2008

HaPpY BirThDaY w3Rn p3i

29 August 2008 = July29 ( lunar calendar )

1st time celebrate WERN PEI birthday~~
her 19th for 30August but 20 for July29..
her bday on 30August but..for lunar calender..today is her bday as well..

since we cant celebrate with her tomorrow..
so we had a small suprise for our blur blur wern pei.. hehe.. (no offense)
wern pei had farewell with her club..
but..for those who smart like us..
we had our plan for it..haha..
with the help of our friend..chooi yee..

they heading ts kenny roger..
so we meet them there for d suprise celebration..

* siaw wei * may chen * poh yee,looi * pui mun,lew * ye * chooi yee* qing yi *

# zakee # kah wai # li xiang #

kae chuan..who lost contact with us..cant join us..

missed out d chance to have lunch together..haih..

those who participant in d suprise celebration..at ts..

our blur wern pei..haih..

still blur blur when she saw us..

she have no idea that we going to celebrate for her..

she thought her bday this year will be borin..but she is totally WRONG..~!!

we bought a cake for her..specially for her..

wern pei is vegetarian..

so the cake we bought is eggless..

and we had made a Bday card for her..
specially handmade..haha..

after give her d suprise celebration..
we go 2nd round..
at pudu 'sunshine'..yang guang..
not really special bout her celebration...
it full of wishes..our heart for her...hehe.. (^.^)



~~~~ HAPPY19th BIRTHDAY ~~~~

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SOt s0T again~~

23 August 2008
Saturday, nite
I went for tuition until 5.30pm
straight away rush to yp's house..
we went for a campfire at sjkc Naam Kheung
quite nice..unluckily..keep raining whole nite..
Rover H had won 1st for finger painting..wakaka..
I'm d one who help in color..hehe..
10.30pm rush back home to take bath..
rushing just because ej & kf waited me down there..
wonder what crazy plan we got..??!!
we went GENTING for yumcha~~!!!!
around 11.00pm+ we heading to terenz house..
then we start our journey to GENTING~~
ej so cool..
he brought along hot water, cold water and beer..
on the way,
we went petrol station..( petronas or 7-11 )
and bought many snacks..hehe.. (I'm d one who bought lot)
we got d wrong way ar~~!!!
ej miss out d turn so we had to take a big U-turn..
anyway..we reached GENTING also..
when we reach GOHTONG JAYA,
we had a small meal..
'lok lok'..
so delicious..damn NICE.. (^.^)
we reached GENTING when its around 1.00am
we had our drink in front of Highland hotel.. (think so)
noe wat..
my dear friends.. ej & terenz..
they took off their shirt and walk all the way back carpark..which is Themepark thr..
along the way..many ppl saw them..and they even pass by Oldtown lo..malu la..
wonder how come they so muka tembok..haha..
oh ya..terenz..I know u enjoy doing crazy stuff...haha..
please..dont always ajak me when u feel like doing crazy stuff..haha..
even though its kinda syok..^^
reach home around 5.00am..
this is d 1st time so crazy..
go GENTING for yc..
mom dont like what I did..
she kinda strict lately..
wonder why..
maybe she getting worry about me..
or she found out something dy!!! haha..(hope she not)
School reopen dy lo..
must be more hard working..
must study hard from now on..
because trial getting nearer..
same as my bday..
it just 2 or 3weeks from now on..haih..
must get at least 1A...if possible.. 2A lo..
target for economic and P.A..
hope I can get a good result..
no more play play dy la..
this is TRIAL ar..nt monthly test..
TRIAL shows how much had I prepared lo..haih..sad..

Friday, August 22, 2008




21082008, Thursday nite

Is a damn nice place!!!!

NO cigarette..for the 1st time went clubbing and back home without smell..

Dance floor is big..place damn special..

Is design..erm..round..2 or 3 floor..

1 thing not nice..d washroom..

It just a small room..fit 1person only..

How am i suppose to take photos with friends..?? (too bad)

and they got spray somekind of smoke..

So we have to chose d right place to dance..if not..

When the smoke come..

U cant see anything..totally..

WHITE..BLUR..!!! haha..

Peggy~~ u missed a damn nice place..too bad

My mission accomplish..( bring Nevin down to dance floor )

Nevin dont want I regret wo..so terpaksa follow my demand lo..

Thanx Nevin..haha..

Euphoria really a cool place..

Unfortunately..its far..

Sunway..from Cheras we sure spend some time go there..

My dear lovely couz..

I think u guys should go Euphoria and try..

It's really a damn NICE freaking COOL place.. (^.^)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


School holiday for A week~~!!!!

there's bunch tonnes of homework..
but as usual..d 'clever' 'smart' 'hardworking' me..
stil haven touch any of it..OMG~~!! there are LOTZZZ..
maybe that's my style..haha..
for the 1st time i drive Toyota Altis..
omg..damn cool..though just a short distance..
but..I feel good..*music*..haha

whole holiday I dont really go anywhere..
I stayed at Lily's house..for 2days..
Wednesday went Sunway Lagoon..I've made a tattoo..haha..
rm15 for fun.. Xp
Thursday will go clubbing..( waiting for it )
Saturday will attend a campfire at sjkc naam kheung..
Sunday stil dunno go where..but I think I'll be going out..^^

So..it's clearly showing that I dont put any available time in HOMEWORK~~
how am I suppose to finish my homework wo..haih..haih..

Anyway..work must be done..
I'll do my homework..
if not..some1 will scold me teribble..more scary than teacher..haha..

Monday, August 11, 2008


Welcome to U6A1..

let me introduce our 'beloved' teachers..

  1. Mrs. Ong - my form teacher..she always lecture us b4 d teaching begin..sometimes..She teach meaning of life & how2 bcome a better person more than accounts..

  2. Pn. Lee - the dedicated teacher..who will always teach & teach & teach with her mic..she got potential to bcome a hypnotherapist..haha...

  3. Pn. How - who always in hurry..the way she teach is weird where by she dont really know how2 get d answer...haha..

  4. Pn. SriVali - talks about politics sometimes and gives us work per day and thanks to her v can finish other subjects homework..lol..XD

  5. Pn. Caroline - she is so strict..sometimes..She encourage us SPEAK IN ENGLISH..always..and will guide us whenever there is NONSENSE and NO SUCH THING..hehe..

Those are my teachers..

We really hav2 appreciate their hardwork and try to fulfill their hope on us..

My dear friends..we hav2 GAMBATE~~!!

But...what we did is d other way round..haha..

play UNO in class


sleep in class..always..this is what KC's view..haha..

Today I've learnt lot new words..

U're not a sausage! - U're are nothing at all..

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world..

Grass is always greener.. - d others country moon is more round
My 1st Key - 10 August 2008
I've got a key which have a deep meaning..haha..( a key to open and lock the heart )
It's nice & costly as well..!! haha...thanx lo.. ^^
Hope this key really bring me luck.. XD especially in exam..STPM..