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Friday, August 26, 2011

Lavazza Cafe, Viva Home

went to Viva Home with mom
is her off day and I got my salary so treat her something nice
is my duty as a daughter sometimes

she never been to Viva Home
so brought her there and had dinner
went to Lavazza Cafe

is not my first time visit Lavazza Cafe but this it the first time at Viva Home
last time went to Lavazza Cafe somewhere near Taman Cheras Hartamas

the menu had changed

maybe is different menu because different outlet
had ordered the super delicious Alfredo spaghetti
mom's all time favorite..she love white sauce spaghetti

and we ordered stew lamb too
the taste not bad but I still think the spaghetti is the best ^^

there's mashed potatoes which taste so so..

both us sharing a drink, Berry Punch something..okok sweet sour my favorite..

and the total bill for that meal was rm60!!! bit expensive but once in a blue moon with mom, it is worth =)

Home Town Cheese Fondue!!

went to this Home Town Steamboat somewhere at Genting Klang
just a simple dinner where ewon mui came back KL secretly haha
want to eat steamboat and special cheese steamboat where json recommended long time ago!

ordered normal steamboat..
they have 3 different choices and the price is different
u can just order what u prefer and u can change some of the food if u dont like that
flexible a lot
we chose tomyam and chicken soup
tomyam is so so delicious =9

and our favorite cheese steamboat!!
actually is cheese fondue haha
wao wao...rm19.90 not very expensive and it kinda worth because delicious!!

us went..leon, ewon, json, me

cheese 'steamboat' with fried chicken fillet, fries, bread and cheese!!!

so we had our late dinner
then we chat bit so on
we spent around rm22 each if not mistaken
is not very expensive so consider OK
because the food taste good

this is a new creation from leon, tissue fondue haha
whenever he is there, the restaurant will loss in supplying tissue!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

做爱,不是一种游戏.. ?

女孩点头.. 男孩占有她的身体..


男孩不悦的表情.. 让女孩满脸的疑问..

抱着女孩.. 再女孩的耳边说:“我爱你”
只因为那一句.. 我爱你 ..
女孩还是忍着疼痛.. 没有叫出声..

同样的.. 男孩不满意,擅自离开..
女孩想叫住男孩.. 却毫无力气..


这时.. 女孩才明白..

“ 因为你不会叫,不能满足我,所以你不适合我.. 我们分手吧!”

女孩懂了.. 这次女孩真的明白了..
换来的却是一场.. Ending..


其中.. 竟然包括了那个男孩..
却还是做完了那一夜的 “工作”..


男人啊.. 男人..

我爱你.. 这三个字..

却因为你一句 “不能满足我” 而把她离弃..

说真的.. 女孩还没看清男孩时..


女人会因 男人长久的冷落 而对爱情失望..
也可以因 男人一句话 又对爱情充满希望..

this just a sharing from www.12sharing.com
very true about this post
girl always fell into some trap by man
girl willing to sacrifice everything for man
things that they precious most but man never understand that
people only will say
'she such a slut! she is stupid! she is idiot!'
but how many people really understand how much hopes and faiths she put into it
end up by getting such pathetic life forever and ever
guys, appreciate and RESPECT each and every single woman in this world

Rendezvous Steak House

12 Aug 2011

went to Rendezvous Steak House
located at Kampung Pandan roundabout
it just beside the road and there's other big restaurant beside it
like Golden Dragon Boat...

went there with Leon, Ewei and Nicholas
Leon want to go dont know what ice-cream house near ewon's house
but he failed to find the shop so end up we go the lousy rendezvous

this steak house once was our favorite but not now
the food and the service become poor
not that good anymore although the environment still acceptable

we ordered some food
and this is the first time I try out cheese fondue
we chose fish fillet and it was a wrong decision to make
should have choose chicken

and ewei ordered tomyam mihun
and they gave her some pot of tomyam soup
and another bowl of mihun
I thought it put together for her but it's not
and the design of that pot is so weird..
I had no idea how2 eat

see..she have to put the mihun inside the pot which took down from the fire thingy so weird

it looks nice and tempting rite?
but it only have the look..not good at all

although it is not expensive but I feel it's not worth
the cheese fondue with fish fillet only rm15.90 which is quite cheap
but the cheese pot is bit weird..
there's lot garlic..and when the fire keep burn the cheese d garlic smell get stronger and some bitter taste appeared..weird bit though..

hmm..for the steak
I think is not bad..
so so...can have a try
as the price is slightly cheaper compare others

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear God

When you carry a Bible, the devil gets headache
When you open it, he collapses
When he see's you reading it, he faint
When he see's u living it, he flees
And just when your're about to post this, he will try and discourage you
I just defeated him =)

got this from a friend

Those days

I miss everything..

back those days where we always hang out
stay at peggy's old house and drink
and play wii
and laugh
and mahjong etc

but now we all apart
busying with our own things
no longer hanging out together
drinking session
camwhoring together

I miss peggy a lot
didnt get the chance to hang out with her when she and I still at KL
I miss every1
everybody including waikit terence nevin hangshen eujin oscar.....etc...
it had been while we didnt hang out like we used to
long time didnt meet up and have some chit chat
though I know sometimes we dont really 'chat' much
but I miss those days
where u guys will drop by MZ and call me out

friendship will just fade like that when we grow older?
some Yes and some No
I hope..the friendship never stop
although it might not contact each other for while
I still wish we can hang out some other day
update each other once while
come out and hear u brag about yourself would be nice too

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rojak People Trip

23-24 July 2011
had a Rojak People Weekend Trip to Cameron Highland
it was a photo shooting trip

11 of us and there were 6 cool dslr
5 Nikon and 1 Canon haha
some taking digital camera and even hp's camera haha
and I am one of it who doesnt own a dslr, borrowed a lousy digital camera and taking a 5mp cybershot hp
kinda sad but I enjoying the whole trip because it is not about photo shooting after all

why called it Rojak People?
because it was suppose some cousins relatives bonding trip
but only 'elder' and adult cousins together with bit 'mature' aunt
including each partners so it become rojak haha mixed fruits

I bought Bzai for this trip..he looks happy because he keep smiling haha

we start our journey on saturday early morning
gather at Ben's house at 6am then we depart from Puchong to Bidor for breakfast
went to this famous chinese restaurant
Pun Chun Restaurant, 品珍
ate their famous duck drumstick noodle..it got some herbs taste not bad
well..this Pun Chun is actually selling those 'chicken little biscuit' 鸡仔并, 'sat kei ma' so on

I ordered soup instead of dry noodle..both taste good too.. but dry noodle got stronger herbs taste

after breakfast we heading to Cameron Highland!!!
erm, we had out breakfast ard 9am
we play all the way we go Cameron
first stop is at the waterfall
it just next to the road..everybody will just stop by there and snap snap snap

using my cybershot handphone hahaha others using dslr!!

we took group photo at the end of our tour of the place haha
to proof we have been there

first stop : waterfall

so these are the rojak peoples
3cars..proton, perodua and toyota
11 peoples..2couples..2 not cousins..1 aunt

first pit stop done and now heading the Lake House
well, they really pro in trip thingy
they had a plan or schedule for this trip
thanks to allie, benjamin, michelle =)

so this is the Lake and the House is opposite it

is very beautiful here
is a hotel and inside it just nice British style
not cheap..one night can spend up to rm600

ok..they had some tea time there and rm60 gone
just some Boh Tea!!! additional cup they will charge!! expensive rite

ok..group photo #2
nice feel rite..Kenji always be the photographer..pity him
but he took great photos!!

Allie took this for me..is not easy to take this shot
I like I like..is the theme of this lunar month haha..'ghost festival' u believe in that? i'm not

spirit of the ghost too strong? haha

ok..done with photo shooting..
we actually took some shot and the feel like some university
green field..lying down on it looking the skies haha
next looking for Brinchang, somewhere near our apartment we rent
lunch hunting before check in apartment

see..the 'men' discussing and looking for the next destination =)

didnt manage to a shot of our lunch
just normal lunch..ordered few dishes with rice
then we check in our apartment
it near Brinchang night market there..
another landmark is the Sam Poh Tong temple
the owner of the apartment says look for purple block..
and that is our apartment but she finally gave us the blue block instead purple
just opposite of it..
not bad..cheap!! rm200 with 3rooms
each room attached with bathroom..
the house can fit in 10 peoples
come with kitchen and the cooking utensils too

settle down everything..take shower so on and decided which room to conquer
we go for dinner!!!
at Cameron Highland dinner must be steamboat!!
went to this Cameron Organic Produce Sdn. Bhd restaurant
michelle said is recommended on the net from some blog or what
and not bad
oh wait..what so special about this steamboat is..
they using charcoal instead of gas!!!
special rite..

the tall blackie thingy is the place where the charcoal put..
if they smart enough or more creative + innovative..they can try to come out with some bbq thingy at the tall blackie part haha

there's rainbow after raining and when u feel harsh at certain moment remember rainbow with miracle happens

after dinner we continue our night at Brinchang night market
many things there..things I mean and attract me are foods haha
there's tonnes of strawberries!!! my heart <3
and there's some weird fruit I never seen
Buah Cinta..love fruit..it taste sour sweet just like love..that's what the auntie said
but what might happen is..love taste bitter too =(
then there's cameron apple haha..special rite..

top left: cameron apple, top right: honey, bottom: love fruit

us eating peppermint chocolate ice-cream in the cold weather..it feels good =9

ok dinner done..supper done
back to the blue apartment
allie and kenji they all bought 2 bottles of wine, red and white
had some drink there..didnt play much because they still have to drive next day
and I think all of us didnt sleep much

woke up early in the morning ate breakfast at the lousy restaurant
I had forget the name..it is not a recommended restaurant..food there so so only
check out and continue our journey!!
next will be the Sam Poh Tong temple near our apartment

there's quite lot to see in there..again Kenji the photographer =)

next pit stop..
Time Tunnel
it located along the roadside..many shops there..
strawberry farm are everywhere haha
there's entrance fee for Time Tunnel..only rm5
it kinda worth to pay a visit for those who had never visit this
many things u can found from there..
all your little childhood memories..u will so happy
feel young too perhaps haha

only rm5 each

and I wore like 60s that day!!

after Time Tunnel dropped by while at the market
some kind of market that sells everything!!
strawberries of course..corn..fried mushrooms...fried sweet potatoes ball etc
well the whole trip beside photo shooting is only EAT!! haha

continue to Boh Tea Valley or Garden haha
is where the tea plantation thingy
it kinda far and hard to go because there's only 1 way..and the road is small
only professional drive *not me* can go maybe haha
the road just beside the hill and there's no fence or thing to protect ur call fell down to the valley
scary rite..haha

amazing scenery that amazed Bzai =p

when we drive there the sky looks like windy and going to rain
but we still continue our journey and reached there
park our car and get down from it prepare to walk up the hill
it rain..we just stuck there before we can get up the hill to our destination =(
we gave up and off from there..with some disappointment
the rain stop when we half way out so we decided to turn back and continue our plan
yuhoo...nice nice..all of us happy ^^
is bit hard to find a space for U-turn but with the never give up spirit
we finally reached the place!!

they had beautiful scenery..
ordered some tea and pastries
not cheap..well, tourists spot sure kill us sometimes

only the carrot cake is eat-able others..not so..
the triangle thingy which looks like pie is actually scones..haha does it look like 1? haha

so group photo again
Of Course!!!
and this will be the last group photo
because we going down back to Ipoh for dinner before back to KL

beauties and the beasts? haha
oh oh..esther said why not edit a bit and make something so can cover people behind us
and due to her request..kenji did so and came out with...





funny rite..haha..and YES, definitely esther was right..we did succeed to cover people behind us!!

ok..this is my trip with my beloved cousins and friends
get to know some new friends from this
colin..and get some bonding session with cousins' gf
both name esther chin..what a coincidence haha

hence off from here
try to blog someday with another 1day trip or some fatty project next time


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fatty Project

I am fat!!!
fatty boom boom boom :(
always complaining fat fat gain weight but I still enjoying eating
that is the biggest problem I facing everyday, every hour, every minute, every second :p

last month after work went to Petaling Street
had dinner with joee before we back home
ate asam laksa
very delicious, it only rm5 with big big fish
the stall located somewhere near a market
it so complicated to say..it somewhere near to Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi
beside asam laksa, they also selling curry laksa too
the stall only open at night, late evening maybe

another day we back early
so we went to eat wantan noodle
this is a very famous wantan noodle
located at the other side of Petaling Street
infront of the shop there's an uncle selling chinese pancake
the shop name Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee
the roasted pork "char siew" is so delicious
and their noodle is the most famous item haha..qq noodle
below rm6 if not mistaken

I'm kinda in love with ChaTime
because of ChaTime's Redbean Milktea
I craving for redbean drinks
then I tried ChaTime's Matcha Tea thingy
I love <3 too although I prefer the redbean

a lot of shopping mall have Chatime now..
Sunway, Times Square, Mid Valley, IOI Boulevard
it's not too expensive yet not cheap :(

owh..1 more thing that make me feel that Sabah is so outdated
KFC selling egg tart!!!!!
I have no idea KFC selling egg tart until joee told me
Penang selling long time ago but Sabah..nope..
the egg tart cost rm1.80
not cheap..alsmost same price with Tong Kee egg tart which Tong Kee is well known of egg tart

is something like Portuguese tart..bit oily but delicious :)

fat huh...there's more to go!!!!
I want to diet now!!
fasting I should do yet I'm not doing it
sad..back to KK I will stop eating all of these
even if I want to eat also cant get it..
so back to KK I can start to proceed my diet plan haha :D

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


<3 Lolipop <3

every girl likes lollipop?
I only like lollipop when there is photo shooting
lollipop is too sweet not my type

every girl have their own fantasy and mine
simple..marry and relax
simple rite? but is very hard to find a man and marry
especially a good man, a man that you love

like lollipop,
it is nice and beautiful, pretty as it is so colorful
but the fact is..bad for health, for tooth too as it is too sweet
you want it desperately because it is so beautiful but when you had it
you start complaining it is too sweet, attract lot ants
dilemma rite

same as life
when you cant get it, you work super hard to get it, to own it
but once you get it, you started to neglect it
especially things that you got easily
things that you got easily, you wont appreciate it
owned it now, dump it aside next minute

a girl prefer lies or get to know the truth?
I myself prefer you tell me the truth before I found out..
or if you ever want to lie, do it nicely and dont ever let me find out
some guy being nice, honest tell the girl everything
and he might not know what he said, his honesty might hurt her feeling
he thought it will be the best to let her know the truth rather than lied to her
but is it better to keep the truth remain untold rather than hurt her feeling and give her disappointment?

dont ever gives hope when you cant do it!