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Friday, January 29, 2016


Time for food again~~

we are 食物的小孩 (food kids)
nice name rite? it obviously shows how we love to eat haha!

this time we have this sudden plan to try out GoGiGo, a new Korean BBQ and Steamboat buffet restaurant in Mount Austin
there is no reservation, so you need to go and queue earlier

the staircase is so nice, you wont mind to queue for an hour just to get your seat

the owner is a Korean Family, the daughter so so pretty~
and here I feel I look like the piggy hahaha

They have varieties of food
oh, its not halal. I assume you know when see the piggy rite? haha
they serve different flavor of marinated pork, chicken, fish
also have prawn, squid, not much choices of vegetables
 you can choose either to bbq or steamboat

they also prepared some well cook food too
there is korean rice cake, korean pancake, kimchi, some fried food like fish ball etc.
and most amazing part is there is different type of sauces too

we are given 2 pot, for bbq and steamboat
but we focus more on bbq because it just right infront of us and the steamboat pot is beside
so we kinda neglected it haha

we spent around one and half hour to eat
we can actually still can eat, but there are so many people waiting for their seats
we kinda embarrassing to sit there and let others see us eat

there is drinks, there is ice-cream for dessert
hmm, for me not bad..not much of my favorite
if you are a meat lover you can come to have a wonderful feast!

this is the address and details for it

29-01, Jalan Austin Height 8/1, Taman Mount Austin
Johor Bahru
Price less than rm30