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Friday, March 20, 2015


We always look at others, pointing finger at others but we seldom look at the mirror and see what we had done.
Always ask and questioned others but never really sit down and ask ourselves 
Who am I?
How can I be a better person?

I had told myself I need a change
I need to change
Is my life, I should have not count on others rely on others, not anyone other than me myself

Indeed, I found out that I am not that independant as I thought I am
I am someone who need companionship
I cant have the feeling of being abandoned or neglected
And thats make me very annoying when I keep questioning others

People change when they grow
I had changed
I hope I changed for good
I dont feel me belong to me
Slowly I dont recognize who is the girl reflected on the mirror
Reflection shows only outlook
Deep inside, nobody knows

Reflection of me. Another side of me