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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Irritating. Dont talk anymore.

Lately I can feel that is quite irritating and depressing when I keep listening to the same thing again and again.
I have bad respiration system and they suggesting not to eat spicy food, deep fried food and a lot.
But I love to eat, I live to eat.
Force me to dont eat is like 'Please kill me'
Of course I know is for my sake, for my own good.

Of course I dont want to get back the 'used to wear XL and fat' me
I want to maintain the one who lost 10kg and wearing M size me or even better.
If can be better, why not??!! Agree?

So thanks to those nag and nags.
I will try to be better.
Susah susah dulu, senang senang kemudian.

Dont hate those who talk about health with you, thanks them although it doesnt attract you.

People who want yoy good is the people who harsh to you.

Get more nutrition, drink more water, eat healthier, exercise.
Lose weight, lose fats then gain muscle!!
Then have a better and different body.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Lose weight and make friends

Last Saturday was Fiesta for Slim&Win Round 27
Total I have 5 contestants and all of them very good, give the commiment
Although not all can make it to the Party at least few did and they are so pretty.

From strangers to friends now all so happy.
Appreciate this relationship.
Kak Samsiah and Puiiy is Top 5 winner
Happy for them. They lost more than 3kg in a short period which they told me before this spend more than a year also cant lose 3kg!!

Their secret??
Beside than 80% Nutrition which included Herbalife shake, and also specialize whole day meal plan
They also do 20% Exercise which suitable for them.
All these are personalized.
So if you want to know more,
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