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Monday, March 29, 2010


I joined SIFE which a club or organization tat not so related to my course..
SIFE are more to business actualy..
but I do learn lot from tis..I make lot frens too..
last 3days went for a seminar..learned lot things..
how2 get sponsorship..d proper way..
how2 sell a product..and wat I learn is based on d real world not only theory..
based on experience..
d speaker from KL..he is so sporting..
he is muslim but I tink he is mamak..hmm...

guess wat..we went clubbing!!! ahahh
RazzMartaz..wit derrick, dalveen, shazmi(speaker), and d 4 of us, cas, chloe, bell, me..
bell alwax kinda mabuk mabuk..
when I told somebody Im goin clubbing or late nite they wil ask me take k dun drunk so on..
but now I tink they shud tel bell hahahha..cuz seems lik d chances I'm takin k ppl higher than I ned ppl take k me..hahaha
jk ni la bell..haha..but u rily hav2 take k wo.. XP

Bell's favourite -FOOD-

our 1st time know cheeteng and chris is on duno when dy
startin of tis sem..
we went to Lintas for Korean meal..dinner
not bad d food there...its been a long time I din had korean meal..
forget d name of restaurant dy..
but it located at Lintas..1st floor..I'll try survey d place and go again.. xp

KimChi Soup
d side dishes

is marinated prok duno wat haha..

last tues after psychotherapy class went 1b with seniors..
tis is 2nd time hang out wit seniors..they are not our direct seniors anyway..
for celebrating Bell's belated belated belated belated belated bday hahah...
participants were cheeteng, siangkist, ruite, me and bell
we went Fish&Co at 1B..
d fish and chips there not bad..d tartar sauce so delicious too..

yummy yummy fish and chips...
pink duno wat and insomnia quite nice ^^

Monday, March 22, 2010

Too last minute w/o good preparation is damn sux!!

today hand in d damn TITAS assign..I hate this kind of sub..
den I checked it and realize d 'reference' page is not available..
tats d consider most important part and they didnt put in it..
groupmate said they had printed it out..confirm..
mayb when take it for binding it left out..
haih..havin clas from 2pm-4pm
2.05 realize tat prob..so how
luckily v (me&bell) bring laptop out today..
faster save it in pendrive and go library print lo..
bell din convert to 03 wo..haih..
den ask somebody convert using their laptop lo..den who noe..
d stupid damn print department got lot damn virus..
when d ppl open d file everything deleted dy..no file..
luckily i got bit smart ask bell email me asap so i can print it..
hope everything is done nd hand up dy...
jux hate ppl when do last minute thing but din it properly..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


checking out old photos..
realize that..
I miss Baobaozz so much..
ewei, san , syan , peggy, kwei, ewon, ml, hui, leon, tommy
I miss party kakisss...
peggy of cuz, terenz, waikit, oscar, nevin, brad
its been a damn long time I din go clubbing, no party, and even no mamak!!!
alwax library, 1B, church..
I wan party
I wan wear cun cun go out
I wan drink
I wan maggi goreng, limau ais and gossip
I wan take lot of photoss
I wan a sudden pop out crazy plan
I wan L4D
I wan lepak at somebody house til late nite ni bac home slep
I wan sing k
I wan badminton, swim (tis is rare I noe haha)
I duwan assignments
I duwan discussions
I duwan presentations
I duwan classes
I duwan tutorials
guys, I just miss u all of u la..
wish u guys wit me and hav fun together..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Like Hell!!

lately im doing lot of things..
discussions, meetings, assignments etc..
final coming soon, assign deadline too..
I'm stil slamba...I had no idea wat I learned for past few months..
everyday attend classes but nothing I can rmb nothing I learned..
useless me..I just never concentrate in class?
I got listen but it jux cant stick in my mind..wat louya brain I had??

hate it...hate myself lot..
lot things happened too..
once make d decision u wil never look bac..
so I jux hav2 move forward..hope everything wil b fine
I'm jux a bad gal..
please forgive me of wat i done..
if I ever do something bad to u plx let me noe and forgive me wo..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday

tis shud be posted long time ago lo..
it was Miza, my roommate bday!!!
I wana post this long time ago but everytime cant upload pic so very damn no mood..
but I cant let it be rite..so just post it 1st den ni upload pic lo..

24 Jan 2010
we celebrated Miza 23 bday..
Qiqi blanja KFC cuz tis is her last year so she say wana blanja wo..
so I brought bac 5sets of KFC from 1B..is worth to walk a long way bac for them ^^
bought 2 cake as well..brownies & moist chocolate frm SR..yummy yummy

1 March 2010
celebrated Nancy Bday!!!!!!
tis time a bit special..
we rented car and go Gayang!!!!
we had a superb delicious dinner..
we ordered marjerin prawn, corn soup, yam ring, and vege!!!!
superb delicous la..!!!
v bought cakes too..from SR..
new york cheese and chocolate indulgence..

Happy Bday Nancy!!