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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My 21st Birthday

I am officially 21 years old~~~

I can enter all clubs now..
some of the clubs like Zouk is 21 and nicholas once told me
even the club stating 18 and above but if police is here..below 18 all naik kereta go for a walk..

so here now I declare
I am officially 21 years old
I can enter all clubs, I can enter casino..Genting, Sentosa here I come

always wondering whats my 21st Bday celebration
always think it will be lot lot people attend
friends, family, relatives...
friends got lot gang..high school, uni, primary or some other friends
always dream and plan about it..
well..how it end up..haha..hmm...

nothing much beside small celebration with friends
because many of them busy doing revision for exams
many of them busy with other stuffs..
so thanx for those who drop by for celebrating my simple 21st bday celebration..

6th September 2010, Tuesday nite
well..not that simple also lo..
my lovely baobaozz bought many food I love the most from 118
they bought taufofa tong yuen, lobak, chicken wing, hou chien
then I prepared some fries, some fishball those junk food
and of course my favourite Secret Recipe's cake
this time I get myself bday cake
I bought White-Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

who came that nite..hmm..
baobao got ewei, syan, aaron, json, leon (late), tommy ffk!!! ishk..
hoe, keat, teck li came too..
ling, choiei, ej, nevin, nicholas and weikidd
and my very very special guest peggy~~
we open webcam haha..miss her..
syi was there too..for a short moment..sorry gal because cant webcam with u..

too small la the photo..ishk..

can see peggy thr? haha..special celebration when she is with me..

baobao gave me a DKNY watch..
how they give me the present is bit funny..
leon hide my hp together with the watch
they called my hp then want me to find it but I really cant find it
it actually under the chair I sat..but I really no idea where is it..
and the ringtone change suddenly when ml calling haha..so funny
anyway..love the watch..thanx baobao~~


15 sept 2010
Hoi Tong Steamboat
2nd round, Allie's house

celebrated my birthday with family and relatives
though it not a very very grand celebration but at least we can gather and have a dinner
around 27 people for that dinner

man gu family-5ppl, keng gu family-5ppl, 2gu family-4ppl
irene's family-2ppl, allie, 4suk, 2pak, fei suk & gf
mom, bro & gf, sally & seng.

thanx mom because pay for us..
not all of course..she paid for me, bro & gf la..
thanx for all my cousins and relatives to come and celebrated for me
though I didnt make a big party but they stil come and give me angpao
my 2 lovely cousin sisters gave me presents too..
suk yu & suk dien made a 'feng che' for me..wish me Happy Bday and wish I back KL early haha..so cute..and there's Malaysia flag there haha..
oh..bro & gf bought me a bday cake..yummy..

my 21st Bday present ^^
I should buy something with the cash I received..some memorable thing..

this pendant is present from Lau's siblings..thanx lot..
it is a Z symbol but duno why Lily saw double E inside it so she bought it for me..^^

for youngsters of course there is 2nd round
eric they all wont let my 21st bday celebration end like that w/o getting me drunk
eric said it nite b4 we met..haha..
so we dropped by allie's house with some mixer and drink!!!!!

well..I drunk..I think so..
but instead of using the word drunk, I am high..haha..
so I am high not drunk..

our drinkss...haha..

sorry bro, I didnt take photo with u..sorry.. =x

that nite I overnight at eric's place because he will fetching me to airport next morning
now think back I feel bit bit guilty..
I didnt take much photos with mom
didnt really spend much time with her too..
send her back home then all of us left her alone at home kinda pity to her
now I feel bad for treating her that way..
she must be so lonely..
sorry mom, please forgive me.. =(
thanx for everything u done for me..
love you always though I didnt show it in action but I do love u
hope u can feel and know I will always love u..

Just Married

12 Sept 2010
Nikko Hotel
Sunday, 6pm

together here we celebrate Py Ong, our Mrs. Chong, daibou's wedding
wish she live happily ever after

such a beautiful bride

everybody look gorgeous that nite
almost 20ppl from our class.. U6A1
not all attend the dinner

daibou is so lucky and xing fu
because she can marry at this age..
most of us think 'is she pregnant?'
but I can confirm she is not!!!!
because when she wearing those dress those gown u cant see even a fat fat tummy haha

so who next??
I want to keep fit for pretty dress
I want to save money for angpao le..
who next who next haha..

btw, dress that I'm wearing that nite
look nice? long dress..
it doesnt belong to me...haha..
I cant afford it because it is so so exp!!!

and guess what..
I wore that dress to Ampang Oldtown for yc session
everybody there look at me..with weird eyesight..
they must be wondering why wear so kua for yc at Oldtown haha..

wearing such gorgeous long dress to Ampang Oldtown.. =x
can see my fake lashes..I love it so so much!!! haha..so dramatic haha

Friday, September 10, 2010

KL- eat again

reached KL on 2nd sept night
thanx benjamin fetching me back home
having 2weeks holiday break

lets talk about food again...hehe
KL Ramadhan Bazaar and KK Ramadhan Bazaar really got differences
KK is more to grilled fish soto so on, murtabak also taste differently
KL my hometown, as usual more on kuih, drinks, murtabak, rice...dont have grilled thing

went to eric's house
after a badminton session with his friends then we went bazaar
and get all the food I wish to eat so much!!!

nasi kerabu, murtabak, egg pudding, ayam percik, tauhu,

bought quite lot..
I miss the murtabak there because murtabak at KK is so so different and not delicious..
we bought fried mushroom, but we left it there so we paid for it but cant eat it

night before went to Mu Jin Jang with eric and michelle
nice dinner we got
I like to have korean food at mu jin jang, located at Ampang..

1 thing I love korean food is they give lot side dishes..sedap..

oh..I bump with leon and isabella there..
they just back from duno which island
and they goin zouk after dinner..
too bad I packed for eric's house.
if not I might join them..too bad

Ramadhan = Bazaar = Food = Fat

I love fasting month a lot..
beside library close earlier cant lepak there
others a lot of reasons make me love fasting month a lot!!!!!!

because lecturer will bit lazy and classes ended earlier
not much people rushing to cafe and no need fight for food
lot bazaar and delicious foods
and of course Raya holidaysss

heard friends saying that Indah Permai got big big bazaar but didnt get the chance to visit there last year
this year am 2nd year student..is a must to visit..
though many times say go go but end up raining or lazy or whatever that make our plan x jadi
though there were many obstacles but I still manage to give a visit at least once!!!

IP bazaar..here I come
went with kist..as he said the chicken is so delicious and cheap
so both us went there and bought lot food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

foods that we bought..yummy
oppss..the small bowl of soup vege is homemade thing haha..
kist cooked it..

caramel egg pudding I assume..
this not that delicious compare with what I taste at Pudu Ulu

this is the chicken that kist recommended..okok lo not bad..

this is the superb delicious grilled fish!!!! very very delicious..
best among all...

next super delicious food is the squid..this squid not bad lo..
inside the squid got some vege salad thing..not bad not bad ^^
the grilled lamb is not so delicious lo..kinda waste money bought that

this is what kist cooked..not bad la..
normal lo.. xp

ramadhan bazaar at IP finished
now continue with Damai haha..
there's a sang nyuk mee from Damai
not bad lo..
actually for me sang nyuk mee is just the same as pork mee..


this post is special dedicate to Bell~~~~
hahahaha...well..this is what we do during class when so so boring..
especially during wan anor's class..

this is only one of many ss photos..haha..

most interesting part of this blog..haha..well..
she always sms in class during lectures....
I caught u~~ haha..check it out...

gotcha~~ haha

girls in heels is actually killing themselves..haha..
and they wont have to care anything when wearing heels is so so suffer..

memang x payah jaga air muka haha


1 August 2010
Grand Borneo Ballroom, 1 Borneo

S.I.F.E Appreciation Dinner

this is a dinner special for our superb cool geng SIFE members
they are our UMS heroes and heroins who fight in the national cup id PWTC
they spent their holidays, their precious sem break didnt back hometown
because of SIFE National Cup

they worked hard for it
they had many suffer dayssss
they have to face so so many problemssss
but they go through all the obstacles
they fight with it and they won the 1st runner up

Casandra and Dayang were the MC that nite..pretty MC
fuiyien was the PA system thing person..she good in it..^^
others ar..Jancy is the boss...salute..
me and bell were the patung behind when ppl giving gift..haha

I borrowed Taira's coat..
it is so so nice..I love her coat
I borrow from her on that day..so rush
luckily I can get 1..thanx God..

back to dinner nite..
had delicious food over there..not bad..

Add Image

I think all of the girls were tired
wearing heels so on..end up
here the example...(below)

after everything end..after some photos session
we got 2nd round..
not all of us going for 2nd round
but it is a nite for SIFERs gather and have some chit chat

suppose going to a gay bar but its too late they are closing
end up we went Oldtown..
wondering KK where got 24hours Oldtown rite..
there is 1...inside airport..terminal 1 if not mistaken..MAS airport haha..

had some games that nite..
always the famous game, Truth or Dare
fuiyien chose Dare..there she kissing the mirror haha..

then we played the game 'key calling people'
well the key really calling the people's name..
it will be so so funny when a bunch of friends playing this

because UMS curfew is 11pm
we cant enter until 6am
lepak at the airport..Shazmi back KL
nothing to do so eat lo..
what else can I do there, together with cas, chloe and bell

the chicken hor fun is not nice..the hor fun is not ipoh hor fun!!!!