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Sunday, June 20, 2010

It was FUN..

I just reached home and put my ass on d couch
open my lappy and blog it
just want to share my feeling now

went Genting Highlands yday nite..finally
YES, finally I can step d ground at Genting because I wana go badly
after Genting we heading to Midah Oldtown and chit chat till morning
what else DimSum of course as usual..Connaught

many things happen tonite
should I say yday nite..yea..yday nite
bit lazy to blog now because I need time
and now plan to go church
never been to church since back KL..
today is d day mayb..but I starting to feel sleepy
should I go?? or just stay home? how??
oh..I duno le..go church or stay home slep??

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lose Weight!!!!!

I wan lose weight!!!!!!!!!
wana keep fit ..
for many reasons..
dai bou's wedding
promises and bet with others
I can do it!!!!!!!!!!
I hope so..haha
I'm saying this for 5yrs..more than that I believe
I think when I post this nobody will believe hor..
and yday went out with wk, ling and ce for supper iskk..benci betul

hmm..my life nowadays like ghost
everyday wake at 2pm
then I wil start my day with lappy not food
open lappy and watch drama or whatever
on9 of course because streamyx is cool haha
then til nite..
if lucky some1 will call up and hang out while for dinner or yc
I duno that's lucky not because I have to spend >.<
or else I wil be staying home whole day

I didnt do any housechores le
I am so so so damn lazy
I got bunch of clothes waiting me to iron
it pilled up high like a moutain a hill

I should sweep d floor and mop it
I should wash and clean those mirror
and clothes which cant put in washing machine
but I'm doing nothing here
even lazy to update my blog haha
really LAZY huh.. ish ish..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Eurostar Barcelona

2 June 2010
come lets me bring u back to the past
(this happen because I am so lazy to update)
it was suppose to be a normal outing for lunch hair cut day
and we did that, me, janice and nicholas went out at noon...
yes~~ is NOON not nite because we usually hang out at nite..
we supposed to go for lunch and maybe a hair cut for nicholas
janice wana eat steam fish head at Maluri but its too late it closed..
so we drive back to Cochrane and our beloved school and get my stpm cert
SMK Cochrane isnt that bad because they still keep the cert
MBS had pass it back to the HQ half year ago..that is bad haha
I am happy back there and have a short walk
it had change lot..I mean A LOT!!!
they have CCTV inside the school..6 I guess
anf the parking lot, staircase, KH lab, Science lab..
it just so high-tech..amazing
since I left the school and it only 2years I think but it changed lot..
and they have more parking space because they expand it at the pondok there
somehow I stil prefer how it looks like before I say bye bye to high school stage haha..
SMK Cochrane..d 7th Floor school..
for ur information,
we still haven eat lo..
we have no idea where to eat so decided to go for hair cut first while think where to eat
nicholas took almost 2hours to finish his hair cut
I been sitting there with janice and watch Rainie Yang album repeat twice!!!
he got a special hairstyle..not bad..
oh, our lunch??
turn out to be dinner and it is steamboat at Yulek
steamboat again..nvm as long as we can eat!!!!
plan for a movie at Pavilion and a shopping before movie
so back home and pick something for janice to change because she wear very cincai haha
and she chose my brown dress not bad huh..
when we are on our way to Pavilion
I suggest why not clubbing since janice is in a nice dress (she said she doesnt have 1 thats why duwan go clubbing but now she wearing it ^^)
and they support my suggestion
so nicholas took a U-turn and we called up kf that plan changed
he is ok with it because we force him too haha
after changed and my make up done
I am bit regret with that suggestion and decision because I am poor..
they still on with that plan so I have to shut up..
when we reached Sunway I still pull back yet they won
end up Eurostar Barcelona here we go
I never been there
this is my 1st time there..
not a very happening club but the washroom is PRETTY
should I say HANDSOME too
it is UNISEX washroom
and it full or mirrorssss hahahahah
cant take any picture of it too bad..
go and find out urself.. ^^
ordered a tower of beer
I dont like beer..lots gas..just dont like it but it is cheaper no choice..
back quite late that nite
we went for dimsum at Sri Petaling before back home
janice enjoyed d nite
nest time will ask her go MOS
then she will know what is a happening club looks like haha

I'm busy errr..LAZY!!!!

well I am so lazy to post anything
I got lot HELL lot to post to share with everyone of u there
I wonder is there anyone there?? hmm..
I am doing nothing but I didnt update my blog
wonder why
and clearly the answer is LAZY!!! nothing else..
sorry for my super duper laziness inside me

I got a BBQ-Bday celebreation haven post
my 3d2n post at PD Malacca
clubbing with 3 other friends..
what else..no idea..

is there really anybody anyone following my blog??
may I know??
so if there isnt anyone who care I didnt update right? haha =p

I change these whole blog template thing today..
so girlie and lady rite..doesnt really my type but I will give it a try of course..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

HE answered my prayer

he heard my prayer
my prayer is answered
though bit late for me to find it out
though d ending is not d best
but at least what i ask is granted
even though it just a short moment
thanx GOD..

that's not d way!!!!

keeping me from d facts from d truth from what's going on because want to protect me want me happy all d moment is not the way when someday 1day I will know what's going on when I am to know everything the facts d truth and u thinks keeping me untold is good for me d best way for me and u're fucking wrong if u wan to keep it from me den u should keep it till I die and never ever let me know it hurt it damn fucking hurt lot when I noe d truth where things happen and I duno at all u tink I am tough a happy go lucky gal where I can bear with these things I can tel u I am not I cant accept things that I duno and suddenly pop out

I dun care anymore
Leave me alone
Dun let me noe anything just exactly what u did
I just want to be alone


once I sign in msn and a msg delivered to me
short and simple
read it and think it
tears drop
thinking and flash bac why such thing happen on me
again and again
people around me leave me 1by1
I pray..almost everynite but d result disappointed me
I am bit blur with d msg but I think what comes in my mind and that's d answer for those ques
life is grey..for now some people is I guess
I wonder how they face the situation how they go through with it
dont really believe it now

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

will it last..

yesterday found out a news..quite shocked me
some courages points should give her
though it freak me out but I so happy and excited to know that
wish I have the courages and d bravery as she had
hope what she having now will last forever
and it will be much better if she can have more than this haha

it almost 1year..
next month I am senior in UMS dy 2nd year student of SPKS
so fast 1year dy lo...just a blink of eye I am 2nd year senior dy lo
many things happen in just 1year
but I tend to forget it most of it because..my memory not good ma..hehe

yet there's something I wont forget of course
something I want to remember it
things that happening now
I like it..I love it
I like d situation now
of course if things get better why not
but now..I am satisfied with what I have
this is enough for me..cant ask for more dy
I wish this can continue will last for another year mayb
please dont stop it half way
I enjoy it..enjoying what I am facing now everyday
grateful and thankful for what I have..
thanx god...amen

Monday, June 7, 2010

Look Out Point at Look Out Point

Bday celebration for Ling & Evy
their 21st Bday..
1st of June in 2010
went Look Out Point again but this time at Look Out Point not Gasoline
before that..I have to work
at The Curve
which is a boring job because not much people there
and I'm selling dresses..which lesser ppl come in visit..

u can see how boring I am..I even read Harry Potter
it shows I am really very boring!!
ok..after a boring day
a nice fun nite will follow up
meet up with so many friends which didnt meet always..
choi ei*lingz*evy
pretty gal when turn 21.. ^^

that nite participants were..
munkeat, waikit, hangshen, danial, wailoon and his fren(4get his name), nicholas
evy, ling, choiei, and a long lost friend lisa
luckily I manage to get a shot with pretty Lisa
gal in red..is like CNY haha
ling's spec looks nice rite..hehe..love it..
after this I got next round again haha..
went for movie with puimun nicholas at Pavilion
lately watch lot movie in d cinema so it mean..
I spent lot at GSC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GSC worker should thanx me because I pay them indirectly.. Xp

hmm..feel my blog getting boring le..
izit because I'm getting lazy writing it??
how can I improve my blog?? any idea??

KL view-I miss it-

31 May 2010
Look Out Point, Gasoline
from here I can see d beautiful view of KL
maybe this is not the best but it wont be d worst
I can see KL Tower and KLCC from here and lots of lights from each and every house
it so nice..
havent found such place in Sabah yet
nice rite..
that nite went there with few friends ni
janice, nicholas and kf
long time didnt meet kf dy
he called up so we end up there hehe
chat quite lot
and I ate lot too
ishk ishk...hate going out and eat
everytime go out also eat eat eat
hate it..I so fat la..ishkk...
forget what drink is this haha..but too sweet for me

Gasoline table is so creative rite

after Gasoline stil bit early for us
because we went out late ard 11.30pm meet up
of course 1am stil early rite since we just met for few hours
so we got next plan..it will be Genting if we propose it earlier
but it already 2am I think so change plan

never try of it lo..
cigarette yes but duno and dun like it
shisha tried tat nite
conclusion..same as cigarette..
dun know and dun like it too..
I just not talented in sucking and inhaling hahaha

wai EE wei outing

26 May 2010, Mid Valley, The Gardens
hang out with eewei d hambaozz
well, we got a important mission for today outing
not just a gals' outing gossiping day
we have to get baobaozz present and iceberg present too
and a eating nonstop spreee...hahaha
hope somebody can pay for that instead I paying myself hehe


meet up wiith ewei then lunch at McD

both of us so poor and we have to buy so many presentss

aaron, kwei, hui, syi

and their 21st bday present will be more exp

so where we going to vomit such amount of $$$$
anyway we still have our way and some $$ to get them present
very lazy wana tell whole story of d day because I forget dy haha
I just wana share meal of d day..haha
The Gardens Gfloor got a restaurant Pastis
infront of Isetan entrance
d cake there is nice, cheap after 5pm
and they having promotion
after 7pm will have buy1free1 for dinner
got to have a try.. ^^

strawberry cake & tiramisu
whole day I just wait for eat only lo..
hi-tea so on haha..
just find excuses to eat haha..
Shilin Mee Sua..
I miss it so so much..

and I had porridge too..
at LouYao GuiGui I think..
not so sure d shop name hehe..
after shopping for them not myself
ewei meeting up her boy wo
she really swimming in love sea
she just happy and sweet when her boy coming and meet her up
of course I cant be light bulb so I am alone till mom pick me up
well is ewei dump me because of her boy..
went Starbucks and have a Strawberry bla bla bla..haha
nice drink..I love it
this seat..
ewei had d same seat after I left for few minutes
she say this is telepathy wo..

Wasabi is Sweet..Yes!!!

wasabi is sweet not hot??
some reason something some special case makes wasabi sweet
only some people know bout it hehe.. ^^

wao is been ages I didnt update my blog
almost a month I think
many things happened
as you know I'm having my holidayssssss
of course many plansssss going on

been watching korean drama Boys Before Flowers
is another silly stupid childish drama but sweet enough of course
when really boiling this drama I definately falling in love with them haha
they are so handsome..gosh...haha

and suddenly feel want to fall in love again
so this prove that drama will influences ur mind and wash ur brain!!! hahaha
I never appreciate when something good is infront of me
I let go and give up on it..so cant complain much
never had really falling in a very very very serious relationship
jealous for those who had it..and congratz for them too..
grab the chance and dont let go^^
hmm...you should know I'm mentioning who rite?? haha
good luck and all the best to you (who ever reading this actually..haha)

should have continue on what happened lately.. ^^