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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Work out + Eat clean = Healthy

Alright, I am so so happy and motivated when I browse instagram about
#healthy #eatclean #diet #fitness
haha browse those and then you will see what you want for your body

I am working out a program now
Let's share..currently my weight always at 51kg 
I am quite satisfied with it as I was 62kg last time
I just not so happy with my shape..I need to be more fit

Therefore, I am doing this daily
I hope my effort paid..
10 minutes plank daily.. 
as my speed, its more than 10minutes At least I didnt give up and doing this daily..

Let's do the transformation together!!
Let's be fit and get the result we want
I eat clean by replacing my breakfast and dinner to shake
yummy-licious chocolate shake
also others..which I love the most

Lost 8kgs in 3months which is a WOW for me haha
I am so so happy with my result and I am going to my next result

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

#WhatPubertyDidToMe -me lost weight & prettier-

Alright, lately lot people start the #WhatPubertyDidToMe so I want to share mine as well..
Since kid I am so cute and lot people likes me
They always say I am cute, hence I am labelled as cute since I the day i born
Used to be so proud of my 'cuteness' because people treat me nicely and likes me
I got lot of friends, a lot people hang out with me
They like to be friend with me as I am cute, friendly and happy go lucky type

So, I am so OK with myself. 
Now let me show you how cute was I

 So I am cute right? I am so lovely with this size at that age. Is normal for a kid. Many people like you know haha.

Then go to secondary school..still the same. People say I am cute. Suppose at this age, should be change from cute to pretty I guess, yet everybody still say I am 'cute'
of course they give compliment like that because I am 'cute' in that chubby look.

For many years, I did tried to lose weight with my own way
I diet, I eat much lesser, just 1meal per day
I exercise, not really serious exercise but I walk everyday from my lecture hall to my hostel

using my own way, I lost weight.. 3kgs in 3years!!
at least I lost weight and I am happy with that
still able to buy clothes, although is really very very hard to get a nice clothes especially pants
I only can put in XL size..and my butt and thigh look so so big.
I never wear shorts because my thigh is so obvious HUGE

this is me.. when I try to hard to lose weight whereby successfully lost 3kgs in 3years in the year of 2010 to 2012. still the same right? haha

and miracle happens!!
amazingly I get to know a real good way 
eat healthily, eat the right food at the right time
In 3days I lost 2kgs!!! and in 1month lost 6.5kgs!! 
my pants from XL to M

well..I am so much confidence now
where everybody starting to say I am pretty instead of I am cute 
not to say cute not good, but that chubby actually is obese
obese is not healthy, many sickness will be our best friends when we grow older.

This is me after use the happy easy way to slim down.
U can see the same dress, this picture actually took on end of year 2012, and the picture above was on May 2012. Here shown how obvious my butt and body shape up better 

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Monday, May 13, 2013


Slowly i dont have those feeling anymore
I dont feel the feeling I used to feel
I miss that feeling
I miss whatever happened that gives me the feel
Is this showing is time to let go?
Is this showing this is not what I want or what I need?
Im bored with everything
Im tired of being optimistic
Sorry, I need a break.

Friday, May 10, 2013


I cant stop myself keep digging the past
I cant stop myself from browsing those damn past
I hate to see it
But i hate myself more to go and see it
Its not easy for me to do what i am doing
Showing i can accept everything
But is myself who make me in this deep shit
I always believe i am special
I am different from others
And yes, this is killing me silently
Seems like i getting what i want
But is this what i need?
Hate myself when babbling at this hour