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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Workshop by Gran Fiesta

have I ever told you that I am a sweet tooth?
I tends to hunt for desserts especially I have a good way in weight management

everybody talking about waffle or honey toast nowadays
the credit goes to The Workshop at Mount Austin, JB
you may need some patience to wait for the waffle
been there one time and ALOT people so I skipped the waiting
try again my luck the other night with the lady

lucky me got the peach waffle quite fast
I think they just tell you the estimated waiting time but it don't really take up that long

Peach waffle

the waffle serve with fresh fruits and ice cream
the portion of the ice-cream is just enough for it
some place, only one scoop and it cant fulfill my desire
The Workshop did that

tofu salad for you who on diet

the price is reasonable too
environment not bad if you wish to have some place to chill out and chat with friends
the staff and service is good too

I asked one of the waiter how long should I need to wait for the waffle
he told me around 30minutes, my lady is on her way so I guess by the time she is here just right
surprisingly, after 10minutes they serve the waffle and my lady not reach yet

I don't know what to do and ask if they can keep it first until my friend reach because I scare the ice-cream will melt by the time she reached
he told me 'is ok, let me replace a new one for you when your friend is here'
wao! I didn't mean to waste it or turn out to be a troublesome customer
I thought I can just keep it in the fridge
but they willing to make a new one for me just to make sure the food quality just nice when it serve to customers
Im a happy girl

I had a nice chat with liwei
she actually got some secrets or I shall say small dilemma to share
so I hear her out, found out that we all have dirty little secrets
we all want to be loved and in love with someone that make us feel excited and fun,
but we shall choose wisely, excitement love with dangerous guy doesn't last long compare to romantic rational love

lady like? felt im aging

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