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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

People changed

There are so many WHYs in our life
And these WHYs you cant find an answer because it is a mystery

when you are special, you will always in someone's mind
when you are nothing, you wont even pass by his mind
everyone will change
everything will change
question is,
do you keep onto the changes or u are still remain where you are?

you are nothing when you have no more value to use in
you are not important as you think you were
you are just someone who can help out but not anymore
you can be replace by anyone anytime
but do remember one thing
you are irreplaceable for your own life
you decide your life, you live your life
maybe you will miss those precious moment
it was the sweet memory that you gained, keep that in mind
don't hope for it when you knew it wont get to you
the best yet to come
don't sorrow for the past that wont relived today
getting prepare for the joy that will come tomorrow

I shall cut my hair short like this perhaps. Shall I?


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