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Friday, February 4, 2011


22-23 Jan 2011
went Labuan for a 2D1N trip
just right before the launching of Green It program in KgE
it just a coincidence that kist ask want to join them not when I really need a vacation
so why not because this is so cool..

friday nite have to do lot things..preparation for the launching
so have to do until late nite and next day 6am have to go KF..
so didnt take enough rest..so my pimple pop out dy..so ugly~~!!

hmm..5ppl joining this trip
they actually want to buy chocolate for their mount climbing thing
and I kepoh go 8 only haha..and buy something of course..
if I going back for cny, liquor is a must as souvenir but since I didnt go back so only help nevin bought 1 bottle lo..

Labuan is just a small island I assume
because we kinda go all over the island I guess haha..

hmm...6am kist fetch me over to KF
then chris's friend fetch us to the terminal bus there..it just opposite DBKK building
somewhere near KK post office
bus ticket to Menumbok only rm15 max..we got rm10 if not mistaken
the situation just exactly like puduraya, everybody giving cheap price and pulling those customer..scary le..

once reach Menumbok we take speedboat to Labuan
only took us less than 30minutes to reach Labuan..around that time la
fast but costly..rm15 each
called up elaine once I reached Labuan..she kinda shock when I say I am there haha

5 of us went Labuan
kist, wendy, me, ruite and chris
well..obviously I am the youngest with so many seniors haha..no choice I just like to kepoh haha..

once we reached Labuan
first thing to do is rent a car and find a hotel
got a car start to find hotel lo..
find a cheap but nice hotel is most important
Victoria hotel we chose..not bad la..something very cute and antique I got from that hotel..

those oldies lift which can only see inside movie!!!
is those HK old lift..open the door and there's gate..that type haha
antique rite..special lo..I cant find it in Malacca the Bandaraya Bersejarah but Labuan haha..

hotel can only check in at 1pm
so we went for lunch first..hmm..that's my breakfast actually haha..
the price over there is same with KK here..not cheap not too expensive
taste normal lo..nothing special..I think Labuan only have 1 attraction so far..
duty free because cheap liquor cheap chocolates..that's all..

elaine called..and she going to meet up with me
miss her so much..and she bring along the sui zai bao henry haha
miss him lot too..didnt have much chance to meet up with them although same Uni
but..I am in KK and they are in Labuan haha..

she became our tour guide..
but this tour guide failed la..
she lead us the wrong direction and we 'long gai' till some 'san kala ' place haha

introducing the Labuan louya failed tour guide Elaine..haha.. =p

the first tourism spot that Elaine bring us..is some batu arang left over place haha..
really no idea why this is so special..hehe..

then next destination..Birdpark
hahaha..well..the park is just a small park haha..the bird there..
bit pity for me..but, nvm la..go there for a walk la..
we only have to pay rm2 each person for entrance fee..cheap rite..

you think the entrance so big inside sure quite big rite..
you are wrong...the size roughly the same with the entrance..not big pun haha..
but still have some different nice beautiful birds inside la..hehe..

only manage to visit these 2 place..
then we follow Henry and Elaine back UMSkal for a look..
that nite got APN=ang pao nite
which we call PAP=pesta angpao here

then we went to Surrender Park or Point *no idea hehe* to eat..
nothing special..just some satay, chicken wing and of course
here is so so famous with panggang thing..especially buntut ayam! haha
I personally dont really like it because..erm..oily and weird hehe but the taste not bad la..

some evening hi-tea with coconut and satay
this is so refreshing and yummy..
next to the beach..so summer rite =)
not cheap though but..
holiday sure will spend rite..so let it be..=)

nite we went UMSkal for their APN event thing..
hmm...there's no ticket required to go in..unlike UMSkk here..
have to buy ticket only can enter and see the performance everything..
its not so interesting and we are so so hungry we left early hehe and hunt for food

after dinner we wait for ruite's friends and also chris's friend to join us
we planning for clubbing haha..I assume it is cheap because duty free island rite
meet new friends there..
all also seniors haha..again I am the youngest haha
met chris's friend, michelle and ruite's friends, kalen and robert ^^

then we back to hotel and play something nice and fun haha
ruite bought a bottle of JD with only rm55! so cheap rite..
we drink and play..haha
end up the bed sheet is so so dirty!!!

wonder who sleep that bed that nite haha..
I assume everybody drunk rite..

pity chris he have to wake so so early and back KK all by himself..he got something to do..hmm
we manage to sleep late bit..I dont really have a good sleep since friday lo..pity hor..

packed out stuff and ready to check out..
ruite go church and its quite far from jetty but he manage to walk for such far distance le!! salute..geng er..
we took ferry back to Menumbok..
ferry is cheaper but..take lots time compare to speedboat..
reached KK from Menumbok and everything is late evening already
had a dinner before back KF..
tired tired trip but nice..
at least I visited Labuan, not only KK in Sabah hehe..

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